World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2364

The difficult problem that now faces how induces Law of Time, then links wildly the time and Primal Chaos of this time! During Wu Zhi they are lost in thought now, this truly is a difficult problem! They are also clear, Heavenly Dao God Realm above Undead God Clan will arrive quickly, therefore they must a bit faster complete, otherwise when the time comes Heavenly Dao God Realm Undead God Clan and Evil Spirit Clan join up, quick can break through entire Star Law God Territory! Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains also will be taken when the time comes, the words that the seal relieves, will also come out in inside these formidable Evil Spirit by the seal, when the time comes they will have no place to hide. How can induce to existence of Law of Time?” The Shen Xiang congealing eyebrow said: Fellow elders, do you have to hear the matter in this aspect?” Shen Xiang asked. Dai Donggong and Wu Zhi they shook the head, their where has heard, if knows, they already told Shen Xiang. Sees them to shake the head, Shen Xiang sighed, because this does not know Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant that Dai Donggong they do not know is also very normal. Xu Youqing suddenly said: husband, can try through formation, Xianxian can't they reverse the time through formation? You ask them to ask that looks!” Through formation! Shen Xiang at present one bright, the understanding time strength aspect, Liu Meng'er they truly is skilled, after all they have refined time formation, moreover is quite profound that. I go to Great Heaven Star, these days should not have any danger(ous), if there is a sudden attack, you must contact with me as soon as possible.” Shen Xiang said. Now looks like Star Law God Territory is peaceful, Dai Donggong they have seized Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, their overall strengths were also very formidable in Star Law God Territory, only then comes Zitian Dao God expert to them to pose the threat.

Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains had been occupied by Purple Yuan Sect, now they were attacked by Dai Donggong, Purple Yuan Sect did not have what action, Shen Xiang already and Purple Yuan Sect Dean reaches an agreement! Many people are feeling strange this matter, but they do not know that Purple Yuan Sect Dean Xu Dazhong, is the Shen Xiang's father-in-law. ...... Shen Xiang arrived at Great Heaven Star, he looks for Jiu Canghai first, tells Jiu Canghai the matter that their side has, destroys the plan of Law of Time. Jiu Canghai good and bad also creates world of Nine Heaven this formidable world, therefore Shen Xiang will come to ask for advice to him, having a look at him to have any good means. During listens to the Shen Xiang's detailed description, Jiu Canghai to be lost in thought that he said: Law of Time is various Power of Law is most profound, I created world of Nine Heaven in the past time, is muddleheaded has Law of Time to attach above.” Jiu Canghai said: Although there are time formation these things, but the people to Law of Time are very unreadable.” Law of Time, if destroys, then the time must make a fresh start to calculate, does not know when the time comes we still do exist!” Shen Xiang has not thought such matter, because Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant told him, only then this means. Can try, facing Heavenly Dao God Realm above Evil Spirit Clan, we do not have strength to counterattack , can only so, at the worst perish together.” Jiu Canghai said. Shen Xiang also a little harvests from Jiu Canghai there, is Jiu Canghai tells him, in time formation these spirit pattern, through sensing Great Dao naturally carve to draw, the inheritance is remote, definitely is time Spiritual God can sense, therefore could succeed from time formation.

This was the breach that Shen Xiang can think at present only, he went to Hundred Flowers Village immediately! Liu Meng'er they are still refining the Teleportation Formation plate, this is goes to be faster to the Star Law God Territory center for later Great Heaven Star. Xianxian, do not make this!” Shen Xiang arrives at the house that they are, enters a stone chamber, sees them to refine formation plate, stops hastily. Dongfang Jing asked hastily: Brother, why? We must refine!” You refined, later could not use mostly.” Shen Xiang said that if links this time and Primal Chaos wild time, when the time comes the environment definitely will have very big change, not like the present. What matter is? Youqing? You are making her pass anxiously, is makes her work as the goon!” Dongfang Xinyue said with a smile tenderly, they and Xu Youqing chatted very much come, because Xu Youqing is also skilled in formation anything, moreover understood that cursed spirit pattern. spirit pattern that Liu Meng'er they to cursing and so on is interested, therefore they consulted many Xu Youqing to have about cursing the formation matter. Shen Xiang makes Xu Youqing come out from Hidden Jade Ring, then subpoenaed to Lu Qilian also has Feng Yujie, making them come, matter about reversal time, must make them know that was good. Lu Qilian and Feng Yujie arrived quickly, with has Long Huishan, Jiu Hanrou, Lian Fei and Xiao Yulan that they come together, they are here are quite strong, usually is also the female who grasps the general orientation. After they arrive, Shen Xiang also grasps the time to say the crisis that the present they face, this has about Heavenly Dao God Realm above Evil Spirit Clan and Undead God Clan, as well as under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains the matter of seal.

Our Undead God Clan turned into this unexpectedly!” Lian Fei cannot believe that she frowns tightly: If that destroys Law of Time, we can also disappear?” This I and brothers Canghai have discussed that because Law of Time is born in the Primal Chaos wild time, we return to that time also time the beginning, therefore we destroy Law of Time, will not affect our existence, because we were wild in Primal Chaos this not by the time that Law of Time affects.” Shen Xiang said: Naturally, how the present difficult problem must do!” What then we do need to make now?” Jiu Hanrou asked that Shen Xiang was so formidable, felt so weak, they knew themselves unable to help, but actually wants to strive. Now first informs four big God Clan they, making them not stop the promotion strength the footsteps, if the success, goes to be wild to that Primal Chaos really is also very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang said: At present, I planned that they give a try with Xianxian, can induce Law of Time from time formation.” Lu Qilian they nodded, then each one is busy own, especially the Feng Yujie their these alchemy females, need to refine many pill to be good at this time, what world the Primal Chaos uncultivated land is, no one knows, but can determine that can survive there need very formidable strength. Meng'er, can you refine fiercer time formation, in other words display peak time formation strength, I thought that this process definitely will stimulate very formidable time strength, this will definitely alarm Law of Time.” Shen Xiang said. This actually any difficult matter! But needs very big energy to maintain......” Xue Xianxian saying: If in world of Nine Heaven, we can use earth core, but here can earth core use?” Here earth core was being controlled by Ren Xin, Shen Xiang thought one and this Ren Xin is friendship a little, he thinks this should not any issue.