World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2366

Shen Xiang opens large formation that all formation plate have composed! Ren Xin outside this stone chamber induces immediately crazy in the stone chamber that emerges Shen Xiang to be at to the earth core massive energies, he has also frightened one, he has not thought before consumption energy unexpectedly are so many. Naturally does not know in time formation inside Shen Xiang that at this time he in a very special time space, he in this inside time progress can say is the same to outside, but changes time actually different, is mysterious, consumes very many energies every time, and stimulates very formidable time strength. Shen Xiang closes the eye, induces this inside time strength, if he wants connects together this time and big Primal Chaos time, he must first touch Law of Time, then can through the understanding Law of Time carry on. This is also most difficult, can say any possibility, Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant has not said this means time, said that is very difficult to realize to obtain. A day passed by, Shen Xiang does not have what harvest, but this formation has actually consumed very many earth core energies. Words this way, should unable to support for one year, hoping him to be able quickly, if successful, this Great Heaven Star death also value.” The Ren Xin heart said that then leaves earth core, arrives on Great Heaven Star. He has complied with Shen Xiang, must protect on good this, Shen Xiang told this above to have many his friend and family member person. Time day-by-day past, suddenly on the past one month! In this month, before the Great Heaven Star above life can induce obtains this Great Heaven Star the air/Qi of Spiritual God not, was so rich, was dropping. Only then a small number know that Shen Xiang creates in earth core. Xu Youqing is looking that Xue Xianxian they refine formation plate, they also refine Teleportation Formation now, but is the refinement protects formation and killing formation. If Shen Xiang has succeeded, they will go to the big Primal Chaos time, they do not know that time has any fearful thing, but they actually need to be ready actually to face. suddenly, a fearful aura raids, Xu Youqing one startled, the complexion becomes serious: They came! Heavenly Dao God Realm Undead God Clan and Evil Spirit Clan!”

Xu Youqing extinguished with Shen Xiang has killed that three batch of Undead God Clan, therefore she is familiar with this aura, but other all at once breath, is that Evil Spirit Clan. You open protect formation, I have a look!” Xu Youqing said that suddenly disappears. Youqing, you are careful!” Xue Xianxian to airborne shouted, Xu Youqing is also being the Shen Xiang beloved woman, if the accident sentiment, Shen Xiang will be definitely sad. ...... Xu Youqing arrives at the upper air, only place above sees to have a troop person, is using very formidable strength to shell this day star large formation! This large formation afterward they had been improved by Liu Meng'er, becomes more formidable, what after all use is earth core strength is maintaining, has strong defensive power! Now but faces is comes Zitian Dao God super expert! Xu Youqing saw Ren Xin. Lets the big brother?” Xu Youqing asked. Yes, you are the Shen Xiang's wife!” Ren Xin nodded: Here and danger(ous), you get down, they can break through not long!” How long needs probably?” Xu Youqing hastily asked. Quickest three days!” Ren Xin said: You are ready that runs away, this group of fellows it seems like discovered that this Great Heaven Star, this time they had not gone to other day of stars, has not gone to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains!”

Can call Shen Xiang?” Xu Youqing knows that Ren Xin strength, cultivates existence of Dao Body, has stepped into Heavenly Dao Realm 1st level Dao Body Realm! Asked him to come out not to help matters, if large formation were broken through, I can also support a period of time to make you escape!” Ren Xin said that he has completed to come to understand. Xu Youqing looks that in the sky that crowd shelled the large formation person unceasingly, in the heart sighs, returned to Hundred Flowers Village, but also a little time, she only hopes that Shen Xiang can succeed. ...... Days of Shen Xiang in more than ten time formation later, immerses in a very unusual condition, he returned to the childhood probably, why he does not know, he from experiences the beforehand matter probably newly, probably returned. No, this is I have experienced!” Shen Xiang awakens suddenly, afterward appears in a piece of white space, has many runners in this inside, these runners rotate time, presents very many pictures, above has mysterious spirit pattern. These runners are representing time , to promote one to rotate!” Shen Xiang carefully is observing this tens of thousands of runners, time that he can see many pass, when he even can see Nine Spirit Kings to create the world of Nine Heaven process in the past, can see the Nine Firmaments God Emperor die time. „The biggest that runner should be the first time, after the Primal Chaos uncultivated land, but finally this is the time that we are at!” Shen Xiang walks, traces that arrangement in the giant runner of rearmost position. This runner had ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high, Shen Xiang moves, strength of body drained massively, only remaining a little! It seems like I in revolution Law of Time, I must change the principle now, the energy of needing is bigger!” Shen Xiang is exclaiming in surprise, then eats up Divine Pill, resumes own consumption. „The big Primal Chaos time is initial time, is unable to destroy! If ruins here other time runners, only stayed behind our time, then we were away from the big Primal Chaos time is very near.” Shen Xiang looks at other runners, then puts out World Creation God Furnace. Hopes this thing to be useful!” Shen Xiang releases the produce fire flame from World Creation God Furnace, burns down other runners, but does not have what effect.

Is my strength is insufficient!” Shen Xiang has closed the eye, is inducing outside earth core energy, after inducing, he starts to absorb. At this time he also perceived that the World Creation God Furnace internal flame became very fierce, he will release, was hitting to a runner bang. One group of flame fall on that runner, sees only that runner to burn instantaneously. Possible, so long as preserved last runner that's alright!” Shen Xiang is not worried about anything, these runners passed in any case, burns down to also prevent Undead God Clan and Evil Spirit Clan runs up to other time to hide. So long as all has experienced time ruins completely, they do not have the place to go, everybody must stay in the big Primal Chaos time. Quick, Shen Xiang has burnt down other runners, only remaining finally this, although does not have other runners to lead, but is still actually revolving. What's the matter? Haven't I in Law of Time, I succeeded?” Shen Xiang looked at all around. He thinks that is staring at the final that runner, knits the brows: Can ruin this runner? Right, so long as the runner exists, Law of Time will continue to revolve, our time time also, then can continue to move forward!” These runners are only the time lines, even if has ruined, the world that we are at will not have anything to affect, but the time returns to the beginning, but the beginning is the big Primal Chaos time.” Shen Xiang thinks of here, suddenly one startled: „The big Primal Chaos time has existed, because big Primal Chaos does not have Law of Time! After our these time are only Heavenly Dao strength grows Law of Time, from the big Primal Chaos time develop!” Destruction!” The Shen Xiang bang extinguishes last runner, all around sees only to twist immediately: Succeeded! We will soon go to the big Primal Chaos time, this is the true time, the time that we were at before is Heavenly Dao accidentally grows......”