World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2367
After Shen Xiang destroys in Law of Time the last giant runner, the space that all around spatial warping, he can by twisted sees Outer Sect to have the fuzzy shadows of many mountains. Outside is the mountain, then said the environment that we are at did occur to change?” Shen Xiang stands in same place, does not dare to move heedlessly, he can determine that Law of Time has been destroyed now. Naturally, later meets the rebirth, how as for that is a matter, Shen Xiang not to care at this time that he knows now temporarily defused the crisis. Ren Xin float in the air, is staring above these Undead God Clan and Evil Spirit Clan, his suddenly felt that a fluctuation of formidable strength, he looks to all around, is a fuzziness, the space is twisting, resembles the ripple in water like that. „Did Shen Xiang succeed?” Ren Xin opens the eye, the place that if successful, they were at also will definitely have very big change, the time that because they were at will draw back changes to the big Primal Chaos time, the big Primal Chaos time is definitely different from the present. On Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, Wu Zhi, Dai Donggong and Brother Huang Jintian look serious at this time, around them also has the fuzzy spatial warping phenomenon, they know that Shen Xiang started to take action, as for can succeed, that can only continue to wait. little rascal succeeded!” Long Xueyi startled shouted, she at this time just and Leng Youlan together, they shakes hand tightly, but actually cannot see the opposite party, at this time everyone likely is in an independent space. „Can you hear my words?” Lu Qilian shouted, she gave audiences a moment ago female sound transmission, but they have not actually heard, obviously is the space is fluctuating. Reason that will experience such fluctuation, because the spaces of two time are fusing, this fusion is marvelous, but actually does not injure the life. Can, we be all right!” Feng Yujie said. At this time they hand in hand, if two time fuse, were dispersed , the meeting can take care of mutually. Walks back and forth in Purple Yuan Sect above Xu Dazhong, he does not know that what happened, Star Law God Territory everyone is experiencing the same matter!

...... What's the matter? Have they used fierce secret method?” Evil Spirit Clan elder shouted. Space is having very big change, does not know what's the matter! Can they transmit us where?” Some people replied. At this time no one dares to disperse, but four big God Clan on Great Heaven Star also already knows must have such matter, before Shen Xiang, makes Lu Qilian pass on to them, making them be mentally prepared. Shen Xiang only knows that can two time are fusing, but the success he not be truly indefinite finally, after all such matter first occurrence, moreover he touches the stone to cross river is successful. How long also does not know, Shen Xiang discovered that all around gradually clear, very light and lively delicate fragrance greets the nostrils to come, why also does not know, making exhausted him full of energy. „Is this Primal Chaos is wild?” Shen Xiang saw clearly all around, he in one piece is in the forest of lofty tree. Sister Qilian!” Shen Xiang puts out the pass on message jade symbol immediately, subpoenaed to Lu Qilian, but had not responded. Law of Space had the change! Before these pass on message jade symbols base on, Law of Space of that time refines, therefore has not used now!” Shen Xiang used Law of Space strength to carry on teleport, he thought that he should be able teleport to arrive at the upper air, has not thought that was only takeoffs one zhang (3.33 m). Spatial strength also increased, this big Primal Chaos time various aspects are very strong!” Shen Xiang cannot feel thinks the air/Qi of familiar Spiritual God, in light breeze that but here blows, is containing very pure energy. Must a bit faster find them!” Shen Xiang strengthens the output of space power, teleport arrives at the upper air, only sees airborne to have a troop person.

These people are......” Shen Xiang see that troop person to fire into Ren Xin. He understands immediately, they already not on that Great Heaven Star, otherwise protects Great Heaven Star formation unable vanish from sight. After two time fuse, they also arrived at a new world, is the world that the big Primal Chaos time is at! The Legend big Primal Chaos time is a very huge world, finally the explosion split, forms many big small world, concentrates the massive stars, had Star Law God Territory. in other words, this big Primal Chaos time, is huger than entire Star Law God Territory! Must know that Star Law God Territory has the innumerable stars, if adds completely, that is very huge, Shen Xiang thinks that thinks to shock. Lets the big brother, to come!” Shen Xiang displays to transfer the technique, transfers Ren Xin, then teleport leaves. If before, he used a few tricks to be so relaxed, but he thought that now has consumed a big Demigod strength, the world space of this big Primal Chaos time was too strong. I succeeded!” Shen Xiang brings Ren Xin to a big tree, enters in tree hole. How did not know my parents they now!” Ren Xin sighed: Hope can a bit faster see them!” They are away from us is very very far...... This big Primal Chaos time, is Star Law God Territory and many world fuses, we in the Great Heaven Star position, but they in Eternal Heaven Star, Teleportation Formation are unuseful, we must find them to be very difficult.” Shen Xiang said: But this is also good, at least they now do not use facing that group of fellows.” Before Shen Xiang, made Hundred Flowers Village prepare, some of they many formidable formation plate, if met the attack of Evil Spirit Clan and Undead God Clan, can resist the period of time.

How should we handle now?” Ren Xin asked that although he had the good strength, but faced Evil Spirit Clan they actually appears too small and weak. Cannot hit them, we can only hide!” Shen Xiang said: Now earth core did not have, can you should unable to go to earth core...... you to could attempt, look relate on earth core Spiritual God!” I will go at this time.” The Ren Xin nod said. Afterward, Shen Xiang is bringing Ren Xin, in huge ancient forest , rushes to the position that Nine Heavens Sect is. Although returned to the big Primal Chaos time, but Shen Xiang acts according to the beforehand memory, had actually found Nine Heavens Sect, he lets Ren Xin stay here, then goes to Hundred Flowers Village. Construction of Nine Heavens Sect also, but in also some giant trees, Great Heaven Star in the big Primal Chaos time unexpectedly is big woods. Shen Xiang does not know where at this time Undead God Clan and Evil Spirit Clan went, he only cares about the Hundred Flowers Village safety! More than two double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang in dashing about wildly of going all out, he had not thought that oneself hurry along two double-hour, unexpectedly consumes the larger part Divine Power. If before, he went to Hundred Flowers Village from Nine Heavens Sect, but went suddenly, but now cannot, his teleport distance very be each time limited.