World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2368
Shen Xiang to position that Hundred Flowers Village is very familiar, but after he arrived here, has not actually seen Hundred Flowers Village! What's the matter?” Shen Xiang back and forth ran several, he did not remember incorrectly, Hundred Flowers Village should here. This makes him worry immediately that he worried had problems to cause Hundred Flowers Village to vanish! Do not be worried that we are all right!” Shen Xiang suddenly hears Lu Qilian sound transmission, this makes him feel relieved immediately. You where? How can't I see Hundred Flowers Village?” Shen Xiang asked. We used formation to go into hiding, before Evil Spirit Clan just had flown from above!” Lu Qilian said: Your does if wanted come in?” Shen Xiang wants to go to have a look their, but after thinking, said: I do not go, I must run one to be good everywhere, how did not know other four big God Clan.” Although that four big God Clan beforehand knows, but they do not have Hundred Flowers Village that formation defense, Shen Xiang somewhat is worried about them. He according to remembering, runs in this forest, he first goes to Dragon God Clan, because he is most familiar with Dragon God Clan. The place that Dragon God Clan is at is also in the forest, some constructions also fuse by and some trees, this is because two time fusions create. Dragon God Clan and nothing, that Evil Spirit Clan and Undead God Clan have not discovered them. Other three clans do not have matter, they had contacted with us before, has not thought thing that our past Old Ancestor kept, now suddenly was useful.” Dragon God Clan long said with a smile, sees only in his hand to have together looks like very ancient sapphire. That is good, I do not go to their there now! Now has not known that this big Primal Chaos time has any danger(ous), therefore you should better not to run all over the place! I investigate the investigation first.” Shen Xiang said.

Good! Our four clans and Nine Heavens Sect, Hundred Flowers Village will strengthen the relation!” Dragon God Clan long said that he also understands now their situations, this was in the past that powerful big Primal Chaos time, their strengths were here small and weak. Shen Xiang has used anti- strength, oneself also become transparent, he flies the upper air, he wants to try to fly the deep space, after may arrive at certain altitude, was hard to come up again. My present is strength insufficient? What barrier limit has to fly deep space?” overlook of Shen Xiang from the upper air gets down, everywhere is that tall old tree, this is the ancient woods that piece of few people come , the beasts are not common. Shen Xiang also stayed in the upper air a period of time, his bird has not seen. „Isn't this place the good place? Why except for the trees, didn't have other lives?” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks here deathly stillness, but these old trees are long that well, explained that here Life Force is very good. He uses the Dao Heart Eye young, observed around, discovered here, only then a white energy, he does not know that is anything, but here does not have the air/Qi of Five Elements he is familiar with. What is that?” Shen Xiang sees the front to present many red luminous spots with Dao Heart Eye suddenly, he thinks slightly, suddenly in great surprise. Is Evil Spirit Clan, they toward a direction rapid traverse!” In Shen Xiang heart startled [say / way], afterward followed. Heavenly Dao God Realm above Undead God Clan learns Evil Spirit Clan anti- strength, therefore can also use the anti- strength stealth, at this time they are hiding any thing probably. Shen Xiang sees Evil Spirit Clan they to run away, suddenly understood! In this giant forest definitely has some strength, this strength breeds the formidable life, may be formidable wild divine beast, this place is this divine beast domain, therefore does not have other beasts to dare to approach. This is only my guess, hopes to think with me is different.” Shen Xiang starts to worry that picks up the speed to pursue, he wants to confirm that such whether suspects with him.

Soon, he approached front that crowd of Evil Spirit Clan, he has not discovered anything all the way! This forest has been very peaceful, does not have what big sound. Fortunately, they are are not hiding any formidable fellow, but is hurrying along!” Shen Xiang relaxed, if here has the formidable fellow, definitely will make here danger(ous) heavily. Shen Xiang continues with them, he must determine that this group of fellows are far away from this forest, only by doing so, this forest will become safe. He tracks several double-hour, day gradually was dark, Evil Spirit Clan has not stopped, speed run in upper air...... For ten or more days, Shen Xiang departed the forest with Evil Spirit Clan and Undead God Clan, arrives at stretch of bleak place of being infertile, here is every large or small stone, the quality of soil also is very everywhere bad, like is the deathtrap. „Do they want to go where?” Shen Xiang with their more than ten days, but they have not stopped. All the way, he is also curious. Also passed for several days, is on that bleak places, this big Primal Chaos time is really vast, their high-speed flight is so long, in two regions, here did not have Shen Xiang to imagine danger(ous) that they have not met the beasts. At noon, scorching sun overhead, here sunlight is probably more intense, Shen Xiang was exposed to the sun black, especially noon time, even if he uses anti- strength, but also thought one were exposed to the sun very sorely. Had any thing to come!” Shen Xiang hastily lands on the ground, hides behind a stone, although he has used anti- strength, but must hide, this will not be easy to be discovered. unexpectedly is you, how do you come to here?” The old sound asked together, his sound filled surprisedly.

Shen Xiang goes into hiding as far as possible oneself, he used Divine Soul to look quietly, what discovered was white robe old man. Heavenly Dao Spiritual God, Ha Ha...... We arrived here, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang saw Evil Spirit Clan to come at this time, what that laughed wildly was red clothed old man. In the Shen Xiang heart in great surprise, that suddenly arrived here white robe old man, unexpectedly is Heavenly Dao Spiritual God. „Didn't this goods die?” Shen Xiang suddenly understood: This goods have not died, but has deceived all people, on other Spiritual God tribal groups here with Heavenly Dao God Realm all ran up to comes!” Evil Spirit Clan red clothed old man shouted: Kills this fellow quickly, although does not know how we come here, but to us is actually the good matter, how did not know Heavenly Dao Hell now, if Heavenly Dao Hell inside brothers also came out, that was too good.” Heavenly Dao Spiritual God sees red light to dodge together, then the body emits a white light, on vanish from sight. Unexpectedly ran away, we pursue! This is the big Primal Chaos time, we will have ancient all Shen who the opportunity cuts to kill the big Primal Chaos time here.” red clothed old man that Evil Spirit Clan takes the lead is laughing wildly, then pursued fast. Shen Xiang sees their speeds now, in heart secret worrying, he before with this crowd of Evil Spirit Clan was really too danger(ous), this was can destroy various Heavenly Dao God Realm clans and many principle Spiritual God evil tribal group!