World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2369

Shen Xiang knows that wrests away Heavenly Dao God Realm Evil Spirit Clan and Undead God Clan is very strong, but he does not have that concept, now sees them to display formidable strength, unavoidably has a lingering fear, if before him, with time was discovered that the consequence is dreadful.

After seeing Evil Spirit Clan is far away, Shen Xiang returns to Nine Heavens Sect, told four big God Clan and Nine Heavens Sect this matter, finally arrived at Hundred Flowers Village. He stayed for several days in Hundred Flowers Village, then went to Nine Heavens Sect and own old friend has said a hello, then started to start. Nine Heavens Sect and Hundred Flowers Village now were safe, Shen Xiang also felt relieved to leave, experiences this big Primal Chaos time. Ren Xin also leaves here, he must seek for his parents, but he with Shen Xiang together, oneself casually had not actually determined that a direction, then left. Shen Xiang alone starts off, he also casually sets a direction. Three months later, Shen Xiang makes a long and wearisome journey, has been far away from that forest that Nine Heavens Sect is, he thought that is beforehand Great Heaven Star, his three months also already left, now should in other day of stars. But here does not have the day star, only then very vast earth, he is strange to here. Night also has the stars and moon, these are permanent exist?” Shen Xiang lies down on a piece of prairie at this time, looks at the sky the stars. Looks that his suddenly sees airborne to have a dot of rapid traverse, seems like one group of flame! Is a person is flying!” Shen Xiang sits immediately, carefully looks: This fellow is releasing flame strength in within the body unceasingly, making the flame spurt up, then promotes own speed.” That dot also flashes past, the speed such as the light is common, if not for Shen Xiang the eyesight is good, is unable catch to obtain.

He who the plan rested, sets out to pursue that dot immediately. Before he also thinks that in this big Primal Chaos time had formidable ancient beast, but these three months, his wool has not seen one. Saw a quite formidable humanity rarely a moment ago, therefore he appears very excited, immediately pursues. Does not know is the good person, if can run into a good person, I can understand this big Primal Chaos time as soon as possible.” In the Shen Xiang heart is hopeful, this is full of the mysterious color time after all, all sources from here. He thought that mysterious Heaven Refining Technique, perhaps is this time creates! The Shen Xiang's speed is not slow, can overtake in the sky that group of flames! Naturally, this is he uses in the space teleport situation, if he does not use, cannot overtake, this makes his strength to that person have an approximate understanding. Dawn, Shen Xiang was very tired, although he before hurried along for three months, but he little used space power, dashed about wildly in the ground, or used Divine Power to fly in the sky. Now to pursue that person, he has to use space power! His mother, present I, unexpectedly also tired to become Gou!” Shen Xiang suddenly stopped , to continue again, he well consumes light all Divine Power. He must retain some Divine Power, to help encountering the sudden situation, therefore he gave up! When he stops wipes away sweat, sky that group of flame suddenly crash . Moreover the position that is at toward him falls! „Did he discover me?” Shen Xiang is vigilant immediately, when he wants to use anti- strength, that group of flame suddenly turn into a lightning to hit in the ground.

Shen Xiang hastily moves aside, but he has not actually induced to any striking power. Ha Ha...... Was frightened! You pursue me to the dawn, for what?” A middle-aged person laughs. Shen Xiang relaxed, are carefully massive this middle-aged person, the skin is being black, on the face has many beards, the hair is somewhat chaotic, the clothes somewhat are also dirty, could see that he does not pay great attention to the fringe, at this time he with a smile massive Shen Xiang. Little brother, where person are you?” The middle-aged people said with a smile, have patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, but also has pinched his shoulder bone: Is very good!” Big brother, I am...... I from very far place, here get lost, because last night saw big brother in the air to fly, therefore my big brother you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile difficultly, this middle-aged person gave people a very straightforward feeling. actually is this! Your luck is good, can run into me here, if you again blind ignorant runs all over the place for several days, must go to very fearful place.” The middle-aged person has patted the Shen Xiang shoulder: I lead you to go to Fire Dao God Realm, there gathers cultivates Fire Dao cultivating.” The middle-aged people said: I also cultivate Fire Dao...... The little brother you looks like probably also!” Shen Xiang nodded: Yes!” Shen Xiang is dashing about wildly in the ground with the middle-aged person, at the same time chats. This middle-aged person named Yu Yan, is a Fire Dao tribe Patriarch son, with his words, he was a young aristocrat. Yu Yan is just about to go to Fire Dao God Realm now, so-called Fire Dao God Realm, is this region dozens Fire Dao tribe jointly constructions big city, these tribes have their domain in this Fire Dao God Realm. Then they join up to develop this Fire Dao God Realm, attracts other people to come Fire Dao God Realm, like this they can gain huge benefit. Little brother, you usually must walk, you look at you, that powerful Fire Dao God Realm does not know! In this barbarian uncultivated land, Fire Dao God Realm is quite famous, various formidable Fire Dao cultivating here! Even if not cultivate Fire Dao, toward here facing set.” Yu Yan said with a smile.

Big brother Yu, for serveral days, did you have to think that what strange event had?” Shen Xiang asked that their time, besides Star Law God Territory, world of Nine Heaven, as well as other Great World fused came to here, he thought that the person on this barbarian uncultivated land must know. Strange event? What strange event?” Yu Yan asked. Does not have...... Nothing!” Shen Xiang has not thought that this inside person has not perceived unexpectedly. Star Law God Territory is so vast, person that many, but after covering this big Primal Chaos time, has not actually caused the person detection of this place! Only can explain that this big Primal Chaos time was really too vast, even if suddenly were many many people not to bring to the attention. Shen Xiang ran for three days with Yu Yan, finally arrived at that Fire Dao God Realm. Here is quite obsolete except for the construction, Shen Xiang thought that is different from these big cities, even does not have the big city of his time to be abundant. Shen Xiang has seen construction thousand ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high has, but here most is also only ten multi-layered big stone brick builds tall buildings. The Yu Yan manner is quite natural, moreover is straightforward, after arriving at this Fire Dao God Realm, Shen Xiang is going to an obsolete small tavern to drink on pulling. Shen Xiang does not know that is any liquor, only thought that this has ten eight Godhead fleshly body, was made the whole body to be scalding hot by that type of strong liquor, the throat must get angry likely such!