World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2370
Shen Xiang has drunk several, somewhat cannot bear, at this time he is only the small mouth is also drinking, sees a Yu Yan large bowl large bowl toward the mouth but actually, in his heart admires secretly, if this type of liquor the average person drinks, definitely will toss about dead. Brother, it seems like before you, has not drunk this type of liquor!” Yu Yan sees the Shen Xiang's appearance, Ha Ha said with a smile: Has not done right by, the brother I am now poor, temporarily cannot afford the nice wine, can only put in great inconvenience you.” Big brother Yu, aren't you child of the Patriarch? So to be how down and out?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he has drunk half bowl encouragingly, almost spurted produce fire. Yu Yan sighed: Also is not because I do not make every effort to succeed, do not look at my this, actually I in my brother, am most disappointing one, they have their enterprise and influence, is only my person single-handedly, this blames me usually to idle about.” Big brother Yu, what do you come this Fire Dao God Realm to make? Comes to here to play?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally is not, I come to here am make money.” Yu Yan said. Money?” Shen Xiang has not thought this big Primal Chaos time use unexpectedly is also the money. „Won't you link this thing not to see?” Yu Yan puts out a very thin white jade piece, looks like and paper is equally thin, above writes some writing. Shen Xiang recognizes these writing, some that although is familiar with him are not quite same, but can recognize, after all the writing of his time, was evolved by this high antiquity. „Is this ten?” Shen Xiang said. Ha Ha...... Brother, it seems like you have not seen this thing , did you stay in the remote mountain before?” Yu Yan said while loudly laughing: Good, this is ten jade coin, generally makes with this jade piece, specifically one group of people are responsible, is hard to copy very much.” Shen Xiang receives to trace, immediately felt this light jade piece interior has an unusual aura, he does not know that is any strength, moreover on this jade coin also many spirit pattern.

This is thing difficult to gain?” Shen Xiang asked. Rare very! We have food and drink here, is only two ten jade coin, if goes to the quite good hotel, at most is several hundred jade coin.” Yu Yan said: Brother, but you do not need to be worried that depending on your usually, lives hand to mouth to eat absolutely is not the issue.” Shen Xiang other places have not been able to go, later is staying in this big Primal Chaos time, to mix here, this jade coin definitely the more better. How many this jade coin one is most greatly?” Shen Xiang gives back to Yu Yan jade coin in hand. Biggest hundred thousand! My these years also only have two.” Yu Yan said with a smile. At the big brother Yu wealth, what level here is?” Shen Xiang has not strolled here, he worried that this time does not have pills anything, then his alchemy cannot gain anything. Very disappointing level, you have a look at opposite that to sell the weapon shop...... The boss in this shop, 1 million, was much better compared with me.” Yu Yan self-ridiculed that smiles. This is jade coin very important here?” Shen Xiang looked at that weapon shop, although looks like quite crude, the person but who passes and out are many, pours is also very lively. Regarding me is quite important! In the tribe, the age like me, must rely on one's own effort to revive generally, cannot depend upon the tribe to mix! But if we want become stronger, to result in depend upon ourselves to fight are good, for example buys good weapon and clothes, or buys pills, needs to use jade coin.” Yu Yan said. Hears Yu Yan to mention pills, in the Shen Xiang heart secretly rejoices, he thought that he must base here absolutely is not the issue, he is the alchemy master. pills? Expensive?” Shen Xiang pursues asks, Yu Yan has treated as brat that him has never seen the world in any case, therefore does not dislike his these issues.

Ordinary is too not expensive, ten jade coin and hundred jade coin are quite common! Naturally, what is quite expensive is these is very difficult to refine, but is herbs deficient pill, these pill sell to 100,000 are very normal. I had bought several grains before, the use is quite big.” Yu Yan said. Shen Xiang knows, before here pills equivalent affirmation and him , the difference in Star Law God Territory, he also well understands now. Afterward, Shen Xiang inquired carefully Yu Yan has the matter about pills, here pill is divided into four types, Heaven Dan, King Dan, Emperor Pill and Heavenly Dao Divine Pill these four equivalents, each equivalent also has the division of low-grade. Shen Xiang has not seen here Heaven Dan, he does not know that is equal to any Divine Pill, he thinks that should want high. Brother, do you want to study alchemy? This actually good making money way, but alchemy needs the extremely high talent! You came this Fire Dao God Realm also to be come to the place, here was rich in the famous alchemy master on Fire Dao God Realm, the skilled person who because here used the flame were most.” Yu Yan said that he drinks that type of shoddy liquor, probably is drinks water to be the same, one bowl of another bowls. I have this idea!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Does big brother Yu, how you usually make money?” „The comparison that I make money is humble, is helps others work, I now was a little poor, therefore comes this Fire Dao God Realm to look for a matter to do.” Yu Yan said: Brother, we bid good-bye here, I then must be quite busy, cannot lead you to play here.” Yu Yan is straightforward, puts out thousand jade coin to give Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang just came, suddenly definitely cannot gain these jade coin, Yu Yan is so natural, he has not rejected, after all 1000 regarding Yu Yan are not anything. Many thanks big brother Yu, will meet next time again, I asked you to drink this Fire Dao God Realm good wine.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. You spoke to keep a promise, brother I, but the unusual nice wine, will meet next time again, I may, no matter you did have to gain jade coin, I entangled to decide you.” Yu Yan is laughing.

Yu Yan has paid the tip, then hurriedly walked. The person who Shen Xiang just contacted this big Primal Chaos time, has very good impression, can run into Yu Yan such good person. Must go to a pills shop to have a look here pills.” Shen Xiang on street through inquiring, quick had found a pills shop. The writing of this time he knew that sees the signboard of that pills shop, he walked. Person are really many!” Shen Xiang goes in looks, between in that three including the big store front of together are the person, business unexpectedly of this pills shop is so good, making Shen Xiang quite surprised. This customer, you are buy pills?” old man hastily of smiling walks the inquiry to say. Um, aren't they?” Shen Xiang has referred to that group of people. They naturally are not, they are try to eat pills, not only can eat low-grade and middle-grade Heaven Dan, but can also obtain five ten jade coin.” That old man said with a smile. Has this good deed?” Shen Xiang is surprised blurted out.