World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 201
Although Shen Xiang in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, but also left a position to him here, at this time he sees a adorable delightful female and a maturity graceful bearing female is in the garden, secretly cannot help but surprised. Rourou, you how here?” Zhu Rong asked hastily. Eldest sister, here probably is the residence of man, your women cannot come in casually!” The Yun Xiaodao complexion is not that attractive, moreover once for a while is shooting a look at Zhu Rourou. Yun Suyi caresses the sound that flatters to say with that gently: Do not be worried that I accompany Rourou to come to here to have a look at you.” Shen Xiang held the waist of Zhu Rong, asked in a low voice: What's all this about? Your family younger sister and Xiaodao anything relationship.” Good, I do not want to acknowledge that little rascal Yun is my brother-in-law, but I must confess to you now.” Zhu Rong is resigned-looking, Yun Xiaodao also heaved a deep sigh. Shen Xiang suddenly wants to smile very much, but bears: Said that they already subscribed, why do you also want to introduce your younger sister to me?” If you settle on Rourou, she did not need to marry little rascal Yun, how to say again you were stronger than little rascal Yun time.” Zhu Rong whispered. Shen Xiang he he smiles: Xiaodao, your wife is good, you will be why dejected!” Is good, but thinks that must shout this pig is a brother-in-law, I am not feeling well!” Yun Xiaodao low snort|hum said. little rascal Yun, you must politely call me for the elder brother!” Zhu Rong is not feeling well very much: I married you younger sister, you occupied completely convenient! Shouted that I am also what kind of!” Father can marry your younger sister is your good fortune!” Yun Xiaodao loudly said. On your this monkey type, my younger sister can marry you favors you.” Zhu Rong also shouts.

Quick, they also quarrelled. cough cough!” Zhu Rourou of distant place coughed lightly: Xiaodao, what have you complied with my?” In the expression is bringing a severity, making Yun Xiaodao immediately peaceful. Shen Xiang suddenly discovers this Zhu Rourou, although named Rourou, but very possible not to be gentle, because he hears Yun Xiaodao to complain all day own wife is with raw hate is severe, thinks of here, Shen Xiang grinned to smile. A Shen Xiang palm pats in carrying on the back of Yun Xiaodao, said with a smile: Married did not ask me to go, your really insufficient brothers!” He did not call especially your, this idiot unexpectedly also planned to conceal you for a lifetime, Ha Ha......” Zhu Rong laughed: „ Junior Brother Shen your news is not quick, Zhu family and Yun Jia unite the matter of marriage you not to know. Zhu Rourou and Yun Suyi walked, Shen Xiang or first time short distance visits them, Zhu Rourou looks like gentle delightful adorable, Yun Suyi maturity caresses flatters, stature fiery, has the striking contrast with Zhu Rourou. Big Brother Shen, hello! I often listen to Xiaodao to mention you, but he said that you have been very busy, has not led me to see you!” Zhu Rourou said with a smile. Shen Xiang laughed, has put out two grains of Building Foundation Dan, a grain has given Xiaodao, a grain has given Zhu Rourou, said: Your marriage time I really have the matter in the body, cannot go, this gives your gift.” Zhu Rong two illumination, call out in alarm immediately said: Junior Brother Shen, you were too polite!” Was saying puts out a hand to take Zhu Rourou Building Foundation Dan, but was actually opened his hand by a Yun Xiaodao palm of the hand. Yun Suyi already heard Yun Xiaodao mentioned Big Brother Shen was a very natural person, she has not thought that unexpectedly can be so natural, got rid is Building Foundation Dan, but also not mattering of face, she remembers Yun Xiaodao marriage time, most precious gift also ten ten thousand crystal stones, her suddenly understands why Yun Xiaodao always makes her find the way to marry Shen Xiang. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rourou are also very surprised, they know that Shen Xiang won three grains of Building Foundation Dan from Lu Family there, but also had no need such naturally! Zhu Rong asked: I marry can have this gift?”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally has!” Ha Ha, I must marry inferior to be good.” Zhu Rong just said that was trampled a foot by Yun Xiaodao. Let Shen Xiang think what is very interesting, after Xu Weilong comes, does not dare to look at Yun Suyi, did not speak. But Yun Suyi actually once for a while looks at Xu Weilong with an unusual look. We walked first!” Yun Suyi draws Zhu Rourou to leave, atmosphere becomes moderate. Oh, has the woman not to be feeling well, said that words must be timid to act.” Yun Xiaodao said with a sigh. Zhu Rong said with an evil smile: You have discovered that the little rascal Yun big sister had a liking for squinted dragon unexpectedly, Ha Ha......” Xu Weilong stared Zhu Rong one, indifferently said: This is my charm, do not think that I will only be disliked, some of my also people love!” This saying makes Shen Xiang they laugh loudly immediately! Snort, said the fart woman, we must chat our great undertaking first!” Yun Xiaodao thinks, if must shout Xu Weilong for the brother-in-law, makes him not be feeling well extremely. He married Zhu Rourou to be so long, has not shouted a Zhu Rong brother-in-law, for all that but in the heart will always have the shadow. little rascal Yun, I promised you not to tell Junior Brother Shen before, but Junior Brother Shen he knew now, therefore I did not need to help you be conservatively secret again.” Zhu Rong haughty said with a smile, Shen Xiang could see Yun Xiaodao to let Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong kept this secret, has paid very big price. As for? Does not have the rude and unreasonable point wife, moreover is the Old Zhu younger sister.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Is because she is the Old Zhu younger sister, I am not feeling well.” Yun Xiaodao closes the door, their four had said that must establish a fierce influence.

At this time Zhu Rong also becomes serious: I investigate some Lu Family astonishing things, I think that Extreme Martial Sect should also know, but this does not have anything for them.” „The Lu Family fiercest person not by Lu Shang that you kill, but is one enters the devil path sects fellow, because this to Lu Family is the ignominious matter, therefore they to the outside have said that Lu Shang is their Lu Family is strongest, but that Lu Shang is killed by Junior Brother Shen now.” The Shen Xiang forehead tightens, said: Previous time I and Lu Zhengnan contend in martial arts, martial arts that Lu Zhengnan uses is evil, is this their Lu Family that Devil Path disciple teaches?” Has the possibility very much, then Lu Family and that Devil Path disciple have the communication, but this cannot pose the threat to Extreme Martial Sect, moreover Extreme Martial Sect does not have the evidence to prove that Lu Family and devil path sects have relationship.” Xu Weilong said. Colludes with devil path sects, this is righteous path sects is intolerable! I will go to Medicine King Mountain to investigate, Lu Family and my matter did not have!” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, coldly said. I temporarily can only find five good Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer now, from the investigation, these five people is very honest, is usually uncommunicative . Moreover the family background is poor, was looked down upon by some gentle disciples frequently, their conduct attitudes are very good, the strength is good, is also among the best in Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, before No. 200 Martial Courtyard.” Xu Weilong said. Shen Xiang nodded: We look is this person, first gathers to come here them, observes a period of time, the trustworthy words cultivate again vigorously.”