World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 202
Extreme Martial Sect has reorganized similarly, therefore the disciples must live in this, many disciples start to receive the duty, starts to struggle for that rich reward. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they do not lack the resources now, they are thinking how should be able to attain the title of gold medal disciple fast, is one group of dead beats. Shen Xiang lives in Extreme Dan King Courtyard in the evening, the words that daytime has free time, will always come to here to look for Yun Xiaodao they to boast. Today, Shen Xiang enters small hall, actually sees manner auspicious white hair old man here, Shen Xiang remembers that this old man and with these elder together, should be Elder Courtyard inside elder. I am responsible for the allocating task Elder Tan.” That old man introduced oneself with a smile, Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong they also in hall. What matter does Elder Tan have?” Shen Xiang asked that some Extreme Martial Sect's young elders were quite many, was the strength is quite strong, the rank quite old person, the disciple saw that these elders do not need to salute generally, many elders did not have what rack. Duty must give you to do.” The Elder Tan complexion becomes somewhat serious: This duty, only then you can be competent, because only then you can go to that place fast.” Shen Xiang nodded, he has Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, can hurry along fast. Just received the news, our Extreme Martial Sect's disciple was attacked by Devil Path Martial Artist in the place of Proud Sword Sect border, these Devil Path Martial Artist are not very strong, about True Martial Realm 2nd Stage 3rd Stage.” Elder Tan said. The Shen Xiang doubts asked: Doesn't have Proud Sword Sect there? Let them not help good?” Elder Tan shakes the head: Proud Sword Sect is always arrogant, does not help the bystander be also few and other sect has the intercourse, moreover they consider oneself as aloof from worldly affairs, has thought one are Chenwu Mainland strongest sect, but has been suppressed by Extreme Martial Sect, they will not get rid.”

Shen Xiang has also heard, but has not thought that Proud Sword Sect so will be unreasonable, he nodded: This matter gives me!” This is six levels of duties, you carefully!” Elder Tan has taken a paper, above is drawing the detailed map, moreover some detailed materials, are helpful to Shen Xiang. After Elder Tan leaves, Xu Weilong whispered: Shen Xiang you have been careful, I remember this surnamed Tan and that Lu Shang relationship is good.” Zhu Rong nodded: „It looks like this Elder Tan is good, but he and Lu Family very nearly walks.” Shen Xiang frowns tightly, said: I will be more careful.” Leaves Extreme Martial Sect, Shen Xiang west the Tianmen City Middle East strolls strolls, to the evening, he checked into a hotel, after disguise change appearance, very early in the morning leaves Tianmen City, he accompanied to go to Danxiang Taoyuan's martial artist to leave with one crowd. Hides the good whereabouts, Shen Xiang not to fear that was attacked him by some powerful martial artist, now also nobody discovers him, he followed for three days that group of people, has been far away from Extreme Martial Sect, is separated from the team in a city, enters in mountain forest again. Going to Proud Sword Sect needs to pass through Taoyuan Mainland, don't you see Hua Xiangyue this Little Fairy?” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly. „, I planned a bit faster to solve the matter!” Shen Xiang leaps to looking airborne, back emits pair of huge fire wings, then flies in the direction that Danxiang Taoyuan is. He the speed that uses Vermillion Bird Fire Wings to fly is fast, moreover he flies very high, such comes nobody to sneak attack him, going out time he must be discrete, because he deeply offended True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect, that in Free Immortal Sea of overseas.

Divine Sword Province is Proud Sword Sect jurisdiction place, here locally born martial artist with the sword, the sword in their eyes is noblest weapon, therefore these regard as low status weapon with the people of spear|gun by them with the blade. Shen Xiang flew for ten days, crosses Taoyuan Mainland, first time sets foot on the Divine Sword Province land, here is the same with other states, fills rich Spirit Qi, mountain forest is also the same beauty, place that he must go to the place of Divine Sword Province edge, there approaches the ice wind polar region, in the Proud Sword Sect's border. Ices the wind polar region also to call Icewind Province, is a Chenwu Nine Province smallest state . Moreover the environment is bad, the person is few, almost nobody in inside, some are only Icewind Valley this sect, for all that but mysterious Icewind Valley is very powerful. If the matter completes quickly, I can go to Icewind Valley to have a look at Youlan!” Shen Xiang thinks very much this sworn sister, in his mind that is a maturity elegantly beautiful white hair beautiful woman, since the distinction, he again not with the Leng Youlan relation. During the flight, Shen Xiang thought that was getting more and more cold, he knows that he arrived at the Proud Sword Sect's border, here the city, the place of distant place outside the city has piece of crystal stones mineral lode, because that is the Extreme Martial Sect disciple discovered that therefore Extreme Martial Sect can mine for 20 years there, this is also lets Proud Sword Sect to the matter that Extreme Martial Sect takes to heart. mineral lode is very big, mines for dozens years is not the issue, Extreme Martial Sect was also very sincere, has not mined quietly, but told Proud Sword Sect, stipulated according to Chenwu Mainland's that Extreme Martial Sect can mine for 20 years there. Now Extreme Martial Sect had been attacked by Devil Path Martial Artist there, Proud Sword Sect will not get rid, they only meet to rejoice in other people's misfortune. Shen Xiang arrived at that named Frost Sword City the city, here each martial artist is bringing a sword in behind or the waist, this is the Divine Sword Province since ancient times tradition, Shen Xiang, for is unremarkable, already made a sword to hang in the waist. Here is very cold, if will be strength quite strong martial artist will not fear severely cold, they can use the vigorous True Qi resistance cold air invasion body, will therefore put on thin person very much, majority will be strength good martial artist. Shen Xiang puts on now very thick, he worried that Elder Tan colludes with Lu Family, makes him come to here intentionally, then ambushes he, therefore his first matter is inquires, has a look at Extreme Martial Sect by the matter that Devil Path Martial Artist besieges whether is true.

The inferior hotel is Yunlong's promiscuous place, Shen Xiang arrived here, after calling several dishes, hit to enjoy three crystal stones to give Xiaoer (waiter), then started to ask about some Xiaoer (waiter) matters. little brother, I am the person in outer city, just arrived here, I want to ask whether nearby this has Devil Path Martial Artist?” Shen Xiang asked. crystal stones to Yu Xiaoer is not a small income, even if Shen Xiang must ask that now his ancestor 18 generations of matters are not difficult. Xiaoer (waiter) is a thin person, has a smiling face inborn, at this time smiles happily: Customer, you have not to know that although has Devil Path Martial Artist, but they do not dare to understand our Divine Sword Province person, but why does not know, this month had Devil Path Martial Artist to rob mineral lode outside city frequently, Extreme Martial Sect died several disciples.” Regarding this matter, City Lord's Mansion has not managed, Proud Sword Sect has not managed, they originally on unusual envious hatred Extreme Martial Sect. However the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples are good, comes to the city the time, hitting that gives enjoys many, although said that he mines in Divine Sword Province, but also is only 20 years, when the time comes Proud Sword Sect takes over control, but can also pick dozens years! If not Extreme Martial Sect discovered that their fart does not have, because of this, this city talented person are also many.” Shen Xiang could see that Proud Sword Sect is not popular, he can see the roadside to have the people of many going begging in the city, this will be will definitely not have the matter that in Extreme Martial Province.