World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 203
Shen Xiang strolled in Frost Sword City, he has bought a map, the map is some Frost Sword City nearby mountain ranges, he compared that Elder Tan to give his, unexpectedly discovered that the route had very big difference, although can go to that mineral lode, but road actually different, Elder Tan gave his road of that map to be farther, moreover must circle very far group, map that he bought, on was near, moreover a main road. It seems like this Elder Tan wants to be cloudy really I!” In the Shen Xiang heart is sneering secretly. beat somebody at their own game, goes on road to butcher these person of ambushes.” Shen Xiang went out of Frost Sword City, gives his route of that map to walk according to Elder Tan. Entered in a forest, here truly alley, Shen Xiang could see that this alley just opened, this makes him affirm that Elder Tan is devil path sects is in cahoots to come to be cloudy he. A Lu Family strongest fellow in devil path sects, that person gives back to Lu Zhengnan to pass on merit laws, therefore Lu Family has come and devil path sects has the intercourse, joins up to plan his words, is not impossible. Shen Xiang has not walked following that alley, but in the nearby of alley, is going forward discretely, simultaneously makes Long Xueyi pay attention to the surrounding situation. The small half of the day passed, Long Xueyi suddenly shouted lightly: Induces to all at once the breath, although this fellow has restrained, but I can perceive to obtain, is one compared with you many fellows.” Shen Xiang one startled, asked: What strength? Where?” Should be True Martial Realm 5th Stage this, his formidable is mainly that True Qi, was Extreme Yang to just True Qi, moreover was bringing very strong hostility.” Long Xueyi said: This fellow hides in underground, should be the person who is good at assassinating.” True Martial Realm 5th Stage, sneak attacks the Shen Xiang's words, truly very danger(ous). Should be Devil Yang Clan Devil Yang True Qi, Devil Yang Clan in devil path sects, the status is the same with Extreme Martial Sect, is in devil path sects very formidable sect, devil path sects, although has many conflicts with righteous path sects, but actually little wrests away righteous path sects mineral lode like, can the Devil Province resources be depleting?” The Bai Youyou doubts said.

Although Devil Province area is not small, but there has several large-scale devil path sects, with other small sect, they, although is Devil Path that walks, but requests is very high to the resources. Kills does not kill?” Shen Xiang was inquiring Su Meiyao their opinion. Does not kill, his Devour!” Bai Youyou gloomy and cold smiles, making Shen Xiang tremble suddenly, with Engulfing Devil Art Devour, moreover devour True Martial Realm 5th Stage. Your present physique is very good, moreover within the body can hold massive True Qi, was not worried that will be exploded the body!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang nodded, he is True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, the strength actually presses up to True Martial Realm 4th Stage now, differs with True Martial Realm is not very big, can use Engulfing Devil Art, moreover here is place of wilderness, does not have other people, the opposite party the devil path sects evil person, uses the Engulfing Devil Art good object. Although Engulfing Devil Art must not exposed to light, but can use do not waste!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang nodded, cautious and solemn walks in the direction that Long Xueyi refers, he jump on the tree, is not exuding slightly the sound gently. That Devil Yang Clan disciple hides under the place, is mainly depends upon the sense of hearing to judge whether some people approach, words of Shen Xiang on tree, that person is unable to hear. Was, he lay down there, but above was covering lightly soil, you should be able a claw to puncture.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang released Divine Sense, quick had discovered had a person to be buried in the below of that alley, True Qi in within the body was vigorous, moreover was active, that True Qi was also ready to make trouble, likely was being ready fierce tiger.

On the Shen Xiang's palm presented transparent True Qi to wind around, this was Profound Aura Finger, moreover used Universe True Qi, he simultaneously revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, completely restrained the aura, leapt gently, from airborne fell, talent straight toward the ground, the five fingers gathered, was similar to a pointed cone, aims the place that person lay down to puncture. The place that Shen Xiang aims is that person True Qi most vigorous place, is the dantian of that person, let alone is that soft soil, even if the stiff sheet iron, his five Profound Aura Finger can penetrate easily, if no very fierce spirit tool, that person ironclad will be pierced. Time that the Shen Xiang's palm punctures, that ground moved slightly, that person has realized probably, but actually late one step, because Shen Xiang can feel after own hand penetration soil, touches to a boiling hot thing. That is vigorous True Qi, Shen Xiang immediately revolution Engulfing Devil Art, that True Qi emerges in his body from the meridians of his arm tyrannically vigorously immediately, he absorbs the speed very rapidness, but that person also flushed the ground to brave, but his abdomen had actually been inserted a palm by Shen Xiang This is an appearance ordinary middle-aged person, on his face full is the pain and fear, he only felt that True Qi in own dantian drains unceasingly, meanwhile tingling pain strength emerges his body, paralysis his nerve, making his whole body be incapable. You...... You are Shen Xiang!” That person has squeezed out these characters from the gap between teeth. Shen Xiang had not replied that suppresses with single-hearted devotion is entering that tyrannical True Qi of his within the body, but that person thinks quickly that he ambushed the matter here already to be looked by Shen Xiang. Why you know!” That person asked difficultly, he did not think clearly, he is self-confident to the skill that oneself went into hiding. Shen Xiang had still not replied that True Qi of crazy extraction this person, that person of body gradually is also withered, but has not actually died. Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Tan the matter that collaborated in I knew, I obtained your strength, I will make you die to understand that I already know here people will ambush I, therefore my beat somebody at their own game.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer.

A hate of that person of face, but in the look reveals envying, he envies that type to absorb others True Qi martial arts, this is devil path sects yearns. You, since likes hiding in the ground, you well are hiding!” Shen Xiang laughs, a palm rumbles to kill that person, burns down the ashes him, finally covers earth. devour True Martial Realm 5th Stage True Qi, Shen Xiang a bit faster found a place to digest, although True Qi are more, but after building up, actually can only obtain about 34% tenths, because these True Qi inside impurities are many, Shen Xiang must build up many times, after will become very pure, can integrate in that five beast image. Three days pass by, Shen Xiang wakes up, his each beast image shone 15 grains of true element grains, but actually completely shines 17 grains now, altogether increased ten grains, although his devour that person True Qi is vigorous, but integrated within the body by him finally are not many. After waking up, he continued to walk toward the place that mineral lode was, walked more than half double-hour, his suddenly heard very familiar sound. Is the Youlan sound!” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, quickens pace.