World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 205
Real, I stayed here for two months, hears Devil Yang Clan these person and Proud Sword Sect's person talks! However I listen to Valley Master to mention, Proud Sword Sect resembled internal strife many years, with should be the north head who Devil Yang Clan collaborated, but does not have the evidence now, therefore Valley Master cannot get rid.” Leng Youlan said. Shen Xiang looked at this by some caves of stone illumination, said: Youlan, you stayed here for two months, is not really easy!” This has anything, compared with me , in Danger Zone practice the difference was far.” A Leng Youlan face does not care said that afterward cracks into a chuckle: Elder brother, you surely do not have me to be fierce now, I am the True Martial Realm 4th Stage strength, moreover is Ice-Fire Divine Veins! However Valley Master to protect me, to the outside what said is Ice-Fire Heaven Veins.” Shen Xiang one startled, Su Meiyao then Bai Youyou also exclaims in surprise again and again, Leng Youlan unexpectedly is Ice-Fire Divine Veins! No wonder will promote that quickly. Shen Xiang put out Earth Core Divine Fruit fruit pulp to give Leng Youlan, Leng Youlan also immodestly ate. Youlan, the words cannot say that absolutely, although I now am True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, but if hits, Hehe.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. After Leng Youlan eats up that Earth Core Divine Fruit, frowned, Yanran said with a smile immediately: Brother, this is good thing!” She has closed the eye, took a deep breath, opens the eye slightly. Shen Xiang stares, even if Elder Dan Gu Dongchen these Nirvana Realm, at least must build up for several days, but she handled all of a sudden! Youlan, do not build up one?” Shen Xiang asked. With, is only my Ice-Fire True Qi is very special, can build up, then integrates my body!” Leng Youlan gave Shen Xiang but actually one glass of that type of fragrant liquor.

Brother, you said you compared with me, or do we hit what kind of?” Leng Youlan is gripping tightly the jade fist, face excitedly said, Shen Xiang does not have to think the younger sister who one recognize so is unexpectedly militant. Now is not anxious, I was arranged to solve the matter to here, waits for the matter to handle, I lead you to go to Extreme Martial Sect to play!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, that formidable younger sisters here, Shen Xiang suddenly thought with ease. Um, even if when the time comes is Valley Master stops, I must go Extreme Martial Sect with you!” Leng Youlan said excitedly. Your Valley Master are female?” Shen Xiang asked. Female, but I have not seen her appearance, she is the same with your Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Dan, all day is bringing the mask, I go to the Extreme Martial Sect's time, is Elder Dan recommends me to her, then she led me to come Icewind Valley, she was very good to me, she was probably good with Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress relationship, previous time was that Empress sends Building Foundation Dan. Elder brother, has not thought that your fiancee unexpectedly is Xue Xianxian.” Leng Youlan said finally, the sound was sour. The Shen Xiang hollow laugh, he is thinking Elder Dan and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire Empress Liu Meng'er and Icewind Valley Valley Master, the Danxiang Taoyuan Dean matter. These four person three were Big Shot of side influence, Elder Dan in Extreme Martial Sect is also big Big Shot, moreover was the females, besides Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Liu Meng'er, other three was mystical, moreover among them has the close intercourse probably. That mineral lode of Extreme Martial Sect mining by the Devil Yang Clan disciple sieging, your Extreme Martial Sect's person is very strong, had not been captured to the present, Devil Yang Clan does not dare extremely, they to know that angers the Extreme Martial Sect's fate! I continuously here and socializing of Devil Yang Clan, butchers several once for a while.” Leng Youlan said that she has not thought unexpectedly will meet Shen Xiang here. Brother, if must settle this matter smoothly, without the True Martial Realm 6th Stage above strength is incorrect, you True Martial Realm 2nd Stage were sent, this what's the matter? You have other companions not to arrive!” The Leng Youlan complexion asked seriously. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: „A fellow wants to kill my,......” he told Leng Youlan the matter simply, naturally, his devour matter had not said.

Elder brother you are really sinister!” Leng Youlan exclaims: By that True Martial Realm 5th Stage that you kill, should be in them one of the leads, I had seen before.” Shen Xiang smelly fart said very much: Lu Shang this True Martial Realm 9th Stage was killed by me, trivial True Martial Realm 5th Stage is anything!” That did not keep a promise, you were to rely on lightning strength, moreover very danger(ous)!” The Leng Youlan tender sound track, at this time her the pair of beautiful pupil full is fighting intent, wishes one could to get one with own brother. Shen Xiang smiles not to speak, he touches the Leng Youlan's cheek, said: I planned that enters mineral lode to solve these fellows, do you follow not to go with me together?” Leng Youlan is staring at Shen Xiang that handsome face, cannot help but extends the white hands to trace, she cracks into a chuckle: If were others says, I will certainly scold him am an idiot, courts death! However the brother does not fear death, my this younger sister cannot certainly show weakness!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Didn't you fear really?” Did not fear that now walks! I already want to rush to the world with the elder brother! This is my desire.” Leng Youlan carries the big sword that must walk. Goes ahead, Shen Xiang left the cave with Leng Youlan, walks into a mountain scene forest with her, cautious and solemn is walking, at this time Leng Youlan is excited, can be she longs for with Shen Xiang together. Youlan, I planned Icewind Valley looks your, has not thought that can run into you here, I am very happy! I have wanted to contact with you, but actually cannot relate.” Shen Xiang whispered.

I was being closed by Valley Master, she is very severe to me, if not this, I will not be young formidable, she must make my a bit faster adolescence get up, can deal with big storm that soon arrives , will otherwise be when the time comes easy to be killed!” Leng Youlan said. big storm! Shen Xiang suddenly has thought three realms great war that Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao mentioned! Thinks of here, Shen Xiang whole body cold sweat, because the Extreme Martial Sect present momentous change may prepare for that big storm very much, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming possibly know. Every other hundred thousand year, three realms will connect together, forms passage, when the time comes is great war! Um, Youlan you must diligently practice, that big storm very be more terrorist, Extreme Martial Sect present started to prepare for that big storm! I will give you again some Building Foundation Dan.” The Shen Xiang sound said heavily. Does not use, Building Foundation Dan to my use was not very big, I cultivated the speed quickly not because of Building Foundation Dan, because of my Divine Veins and my practice place as well as that brutal way, the elder brother you left itself to use!” Since Leng Youlan her very grateful Shen Xiang to her help, continuously she is thinking how should repay Shen Xiang, but actually does not know how should repay, because Shen Xiang can say that anything does not lack, is in itself a 4th Stage alchemy master.