World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 206
Shen Xiang and Leng Youlan hide in the forest, looks at a city wall on outside distant place wilderness, because that crystal stones mineral lode is important, therefore Extreme Martial Sect with is thick that mine and high city wall encircles, will protect. Shen Xiang has not thought unexpectedly in the remote forested mountain also to build this, he can see under that city gate to have many tents, has many people to walk back and forth outside the tent, this Devil Yang Clan bill was also too big, unexpectedly dares to pitch camp under that city gate directly! Devil Yang Clan person altogether more than 100, because in them has strength quite strong True Martial Realm martial artist, therefore they so will be bold!” Leng Youlan said that she closely is holding Shen Xiang's, her suddenly somewhat was worried that Shen Xiang such suddenly rush over, that is very danger(ous). Youlan, does not need to be worried my.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I have not been worried about you, I feared that you act unreasonably.” Leng Youlan stayed here for two months, had known about these Devil Yang Clan people, if not the Devil Yang Clan person is too strong, she already killed, but believes in her heart that Shen Xiang will be weaker than her. Shen Xiang has put out a black bow crossbow, laughed: Youlan, you know that what this is?” Sees this thing, Leng Youlan slightly one startled, shouted lowly: Demanding Life Devil Bow! I heard after the elder brother kills a 100 Poison Sect disciple, obtains, but elder brother had not been injured by True Martial Sect's Liao Shaoyun at that time, was robbed this thing?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Right, but Liao Shaoyun has given his apprentice, after I his apprentice butchered, seize, you should hear at that time True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect, when our Extreme Martial Distinguished Meeting held caused trouble!” Leng Youlan nodded, but at that time Shen Xiang was awe-inspiring, won rewarding generously of three competitions, let the Lu Family talent disastrous defeat, then still maliciously defeated two person who at the martial arts contest came to cause trouble, was so, Extreme Martial Sect and True Martial Sect Beast Martial Sect broke off. Then is Shen Xiang kills True Martial Realm 3rd Stage in the Black Tortoise mountain...... wait / etc. many matters, Leng Youlan, although does not leave Icewind Valley, but can actually hear that obviously the Shen Xiang's fame is how big.

Has such an elder brother regarding oneself, Leng Youlan is proud, moreover Shen Xiang is very sore she, has delivered that many precious Building Foundation Dan to her. „Does brother, what to do you plan?” Leng Youlan asked. On the Shen Xiang's arm attaches Divine Sense powerful Little Dragon Girl, he can know that these tent inside people have any strength. True Martial Realm 5th Stage, three True Martial Realm 3rd Stage, five True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, ten True Martial Realm 1st Stage, other are Mortal Martial Realm, I use this thing to kill three True Martial Realm 3rd Stage, then I cope with that True Martial Realm 5th Stage, other are small give you!” Shen Xiang said that starts to a tent. Wait / Etc., I cope with that True Martial Realm 5th Stage, the brother you copes with these to be little!” Leng Youlan hurriedly said. „It is not good, I come!” Shen Xiang said that True Martial Realm 5th Stage, that is the no small matter, he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, naturally did not fear that Leng Youlan is different. Brother, gives me, others in Icewind Valley, but has not displayed heartily, I cannot hit you to help me again.” Leng Youlan is holding the Shen Xiang's arm, acts like a spoiled brat to say. Shen Xiang only thought that own arm falls into between two groups of soft meat, shameless one red, said: Good! However you remember that do not show off power!” The Leng Youlan show face smiles, nodded, collected to kiss the Shen Xiang's cheeks, this made Shen Xiang somewhat stunned.

Sees a Shen Xiang face to blush, Leng Youlan eats says with a smile: Brother, you are really shy.” Shen Xiang has hit her place, said with a smile: Knows that sexually harasses brother chaste person!” Leng Youlan has let loose the Shen Xiang's arm, restored seriously, on the alert all around. Shen Xiang holds up Demanding Life Devil Bow, to a tent, said with a smile lowly: This group of fellows are very noble, wants to live in a tent, is really the day helps me!” „The thing that in 7th Stage spirit tool is listed third, I can see this type of fierce thing today finally.” Leng Youlan also very anticipated. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I little use, when I use up give to you!” Saying, him was pouring into Demanding Life Devil Bow Universe True Qi, condense leaves a black crossbow arrow, Shen Xiang to that tent, induced in the tent that to roll Devil Yang True Qi with Divine Sense, started the demon crossbow, that black crossbow arrow injected in that tent instantaneously. Shen Xiang is aims at that person of dantian to hit, after Demanding Life Devil Bow enters the human body, will erupt formidable True Qi, destroys all in human body instantaneously, silent, is mean, in addition his terrifying Universe True Qi, is fiercer, can True Martial Realm 3rd Stage to be killed violently suddenly. Quite fierce! The elder brother too can stir up trouble, leaves itself to use!” Leng Youlan smiles, although she knows that is very precious thing, but she thought that will leave Shen Xiang to make Shen Xiang safer.

Good younger sister, I to go to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, making Xianxian's Master help you make good weapon.” Shen Xiang was saying, projects an arrow, when with the white hair beautiful woman talked and laughed merrily, Shen Xiang has killed True Martial Realm 3rd Stage. Now Shen Xiang knows why this Demanding Life Devil Bow can arrange at 7th Stage spirit tool third, moreover was called the demon crossbow, because was too powerful, True Qi after on this demon crossbow special spirit, turned into fiercer True Qi. Leng Youlan also praised without cease, she said with a smile tenderly: Brother, Valley Master said that will help me make a fierce big sword, but the material has not evened up! Right, Xianxian shares the honor with me, you said that her I am attractively attractive!” This issue makes Shen Xiang somewhat awkward, he said with a smile: „Doesn't dead girl, your this create obstacles for me? You equally are attractive!” Leng Youlan sweet smiles, smiles very charming, Shen Xiang cannot think of this cold and proud, but maturity beautiful white hair beautiful woman unexpectedly will have such adorable side. You may probably shout her for the sister-in-law!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, was an arrow projects, three True Martial Realm 3rd Stage such had been killed by him, if that three Devil Yang Clan disciple knows one is chatted with the beautiful woman by brat shoots dead, certainly will die with injustice unredressed. No, will call her old, she greatly is probably little than me, I must shout her for the elder sister!” Leng Youlan acts like a spoiled brat, she and Shen Xiang together is happy, can be unrestrained, but she facing others time, always an aggressive appearance, that is because she has scruples others, is one protects oneself very strong woman. The silent assassination, making Shen Xiang twice the result with half the effort handle this duty, naturally, if kills True Martial Realm 4th Stage or the 5th Stage person, he cannot guarantee that cannot be discovered that therefore he planned that after these strength slightly weak people solve, again tries to kill that True Martial Realm 5th Stage, such one, he and Leng Youlan do not need to brave danger(ous) and that strong Devil Path Martial Artist fight.