World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 207
Shen Xiang has solved three True Martial Realm 3rd Stage Devil Yang Clan disciples with ease, at this time he has not flushed, but continues to kill that five True Martial Realm 2nd Stage, in any case for him is very relaxed matter, but can also make him and other omit a lot. Youlan, you know that what relationship Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire that Empress and your Valley Master are?” Shen Xiang asked that he aimed at a quite far tent, projected an arrow. Does not know that she comes to be mystical each time, walks is also this, I do not know when she comes, when walks. Valley Master is also mystical, cannot see her frequently, Icewind Valley is the elders handles generally, I come Icewind Valley to be so long, has not met over 20 times with Valley Master!” Leng Youlan said here, is filled with the doubts, was curious. Shen Xiang has not thought outside haughty, because of Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean, Elder Dan is this, mystical, Elder Dan is good, at least frequently makes an appearance, but Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean and Icewind Valley's Valley Master actually hides, they are the women, moreover is Big Shot of side influence, such achieves the bottom for what? Elder Dan had said that she such does to protect oneself, because she has Purple Moon Fire Spirit, will be worried to look for the Fire Spirit person to catch by these specially. Icewind Valley's Valley Master and Danxiang Taoyuan's is Dean also so? Do they have Fire Spirit? Is some fierce things? In an instant, five True Martial 2nd Stage Devil Yang Clan disciples on being quietly had been killed by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang has rested, said solemnly: Youlan, prepared, I must attack that True Martial Realm 5th Stage, if cannot kill that fellow, we started fight!” The Leng Youlan's white hands have placed behind her on the sword hilt of big sword, is stern-faced, has been ready!

Shen Xiang has poured into many Universe True Qi toward Demanding Life Devil Bow, is unable to absorb until Demanding Life Devil Bow, he releases the arrow! That arrow was very big, injected in a quite big tent, saw only that tent to shiver slightly, then a loud exploding roar spread from the tent. Sees only a personal appearance tall and strong person wearing out tent top, leaps the upper air, grasps a black broadsword, roars again and again. Which dog mixed wool plots against father, get lost quickly to the father!” That tall and strong guy exclaimed. As this guy exudes the intermittent roar, these tent inside people in abundance come out, about 100, Leng Youlan will exude one to drink coldly, fierce pulls out the big sword from the back, is grasping that single-handed the great sword that appears externally aggressively, looks like makes her appear more valiant, is wilder! White hair seductively attractive girl, is you!” The guy just said that Leng Youlan on vanish from sight, then appeared beyond dozens zhang (3.33 m) suddenly, double grasps the sword to divide fiercely toward that guy, sees only cold air to cover in this city gate immediately, but after cold air, is one lets person very uncomfortable burning hot. What most awfully is, this fuses together now cold now hot, forms very strange True Qi, lets discomfort that the person has cannot say. Leng Youlan that sword is overbearing, after dividing maliciously next, was actually blocked with the black broadsword by that guy, but actually sends out an explosive, the broadsword of guy presented a rip immediately. Shen Xiang looks scared, after Leng Youlan that Ice-Fire True Qi fuses, unexpectedly becomes so wild, is very difficult to imagine such female unexpectedly to release this overbearing True Qi to come, moreover after True Qi hit, will also have a very violent explosion.

True Martial Realm 4th Stage Leng Youlan, the strength endures compared with Devil Yang Clan True Martial Realm 5th Stage, in her hand is taking, although is a very big sword, but her sword technique is very flexible elegantly, making the person look like a strange feeling, naturally, her speed is terrorist, can suddenly vanish, then appears in the back of that guy, making people virtually impossible to guard against. The guy can mix True Martial Realm 5th Stage , is not a vegetarian, although was being suppressed by Leng Youlan, but he can resist the Leng Youlan's attack, his speed cannot follow Leng Youlan, in fits nicely True Qi is very vigorous, can always release a True Qi guard shield to resist the Leng Youlan's quick attack promptly. This guy was waiting for these True Martial Realm 3rd Stage, 2nd Stage helps, he thinks quick can be relaxed, if by any chance were so long, has not actually seen, only then ten True Martial Realm 1st Stage and troop Mortal Martial Realm people clash, the strengths of these people are very weak, will approach shaking by Leng Youlan that overbearing True Qi. Shen Xiang sees Leng Youlan to be so fierce, does not need to be worried again that pulls out the iron sword of waist, several fly to jump, arrives in front of that group of people. shuā shuā shuā brandishes the long sword in hand, Sword Qi is shaking, inundates the Heavenly Sword shade, vigorous fearful True Qi pours into the long sword, making this be similar to the ordinary sword Divine Weapon is ordinary, several sub- cut to kill several Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, but these True Martial Realm saw Shen Xiang to be so fierce, immediately retreat. With Leng Youlan is fighting guy rave the names of some people, the Shen Xiang guess is these by him the person who uses the demon crossbow to kill, no matter how that guy shouted that is nobody comes out from these tents. When here tent was fought the air wave that erupts gives to blow down, the guy can think that at this time the people of their strength backbones were already cut to kill, this makes him be angry immediately, has been dividing a blade to Leng Youlan fiercely, but Leng Youlan actually with ease flashes through, this makes that guy get angry and anxious. Shen Xiang gathered round by one group of people, is some Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer and True Martial Realm 1st Stage, but is similar to worthless in the Shen Xiang eye!

Everybody on together!” A middle age loudly exclaimed, he just trod one step, saw only a Shen Xiang's arm to overflow golden light immediately, was separating the spatial fist to them, the giant fist that came out by golden True Qi condense makes loudly, suffocating murderous aura covered in the hearts of these people, making them fall into the fear. A Shen Xiang fist another fights with the fists, the fist that True Qi condense become is bringing the intermittent intense air wave, is similar to the strong winds rough sea waves sweeps across generally toward these people, raises layer upon layer thick earth, the fist hits on the bodies of these people, explodes loudly, is similar to the billowing startling thunderclap, the acoustic shock eight sides, are very scary. That city wall anything has stood person, they look at the following a man and a woman that swift and fierce attack dumbfoundedly, although the True Qi nature is different, but is actually the same overbearing overwhelming powers, sweeps away all obstacles. Sad and shrill pitiful yells spread over the reverberation in the remote mountain, making in the person heart be scared, Shen Xiang's attack savage, White Tiger Divine Fist that fills to murder is hit by his type, was not rumbled to kill to become dregs, made into the severe wound. Is this strong martial artist strength? On city wall people astonished look at Shen Xiang that frightening savage fist technique, a fist can hit the person vanishes into thin air, this strength makes them hold breath cold air, in their hearts secretly is also happy, because some people saved them finally.