World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 208
These Devil Yang Clan disciple suddenly thought one do not match to call devil disciple, Shen Xiang in their eyes is similar to Devil God general existence, many Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer frightening to urinate by Shen Xiang that savage fist technique, not only here was scattering the smell of blood, intermittent show stink. Originally almost hundred people, but actually only remaining 30 do not arrive now, these people in a terrified way are running away, the rending insanity was shouting. Shen Xiang has not attacked them, they were frightened to scream. Shen Xiang looks that these people escape do not pursue, these True Martial Realm were given to kill by him, running away these are only Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, he was not worried. He looks to the distant place transmits a engine knock the place, Leng Youlan in that side is attacking that guy, he has been paying attention. Leng Youlan does not know that divided many swords, continuously by the opposite party parry or shunt, but she actually could calm down. Her fight experience is very rich, knows that must maintain calm, although that guy scolded her with very virulent language, she treated as has not heard, her strength and this guy were similar, cannot be thrown into confusion, will otherwise defeat. Opportunity came!” Leng Youlan suddenly saw the speed of that guy slowly little, but was such little, made her blade cut off the arm of that guy, making the guy send out a sad and shrill exploding roar. Gets sick to want you to assign while you, after Leng Youlan chops a sword, vanishes instantaneously, appears in the back of that guy, the great sword punctures, rapid incomparable, such as the light is common. The great sword cold air releases with heat, turns into one type to send out in pā lā crack True Qi, this True Qi was poured into the big sword by her, pricked the body of that guy, the lobby, and has a small explosion, the upper body of that guy blasting. The Leng Youlan white hands wield, one group of flame cover above the body of that guy, will burn down, at this time she relaxed, arrives in front of Shen Xiang pantingly. This makes the person in city wall fearful and apprehensive, a woman can also so savage! Shen Xiang puts out a cloth, is cleaning the fragrant perspiration on her face grinningly, said: Female Overlord, your forms of combat really not likely woman.” Elder brother, I am fierce! True Martial Realm 5th Stage butchering!” Leng Youlan haughty said with a smile.

I am not fierce, give my words, will not use that long time.” Shen Xiang has pinched her face, said with a smile. Does not believe! Or we hit one now!” Leng Youlan said immediately, in beautiful eyes glittering ray. Shen Xiang shakes the head to say with a smile: Now is not good, matter has not ended!” Saying, he raises head to look to the city wall person, holds in the arms the Leng Youlan's willow waist, leaps gently, then jumps to reaching as high as on more than 20 zhang (3.33 m) city walls. Do not fear that I am Extreme Martial Sect's, I must see your here heads!” Shen Xiang said that puts down Leng Youlan. These people also immersed during the shock, Shen Xiang this Slaughter God suddenly jumped down, frightens them immediately retreat several steps. Shen Xiang has pulled out a sign, this is the proof of Extreme Martial Sect disciple status, before these people , was still suspecting that Shen Xiang is Proud Sword Sect's, but has not thought that unexpectedly is Extreme Martial Sect's, but they actually do not know that Extreme Martial Sect has this ruthless role. Hello, didn't you recognize me? I have helped you, you suspect me!” On Leng Youlan that beautiful face full is ice-cold. Naturally recognizes, the cold woman is area this famous person, we already heard.” Person hurriedly said. Leng Youlan is truly famous here, because she runs Frost Sword City to inquire the Shen Xiang's news frequently, approaches Icewind Valley, sometimes she also while convenient does some good deeds, in addition she has a dazzling white hair and a beautiful face, the conduct is also vigorous and resolute, thinks that is not famous is very difficult. Shen Xiang now is disguise change appearance, these people do not recognize Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang has not told them the name, he worried that exposed his whereabouts, draws on the unnecessary trouble. Leng Youlan and Shen Xiang entered in the mine with a person from the cave, inside very many passage, this can play the protective function.

Shen Xiang and Leng Youlan came to a not bright stone chamber, he saw a face whiten middle-aged person here, understood at a glance that was injured. Shan Yuan?” Shen Xiang asked that that middle age nodded. Shen Xiang comes time from Elder Tan there learned that what guarding here is True Martial Realm 5th Stage, named Shan Yuan, but was actually injured now, Shen Xiang gives him one box of White Jade Powder, this can be helpful to him therapy. Shan Yuan said grateful: I heard the sound a moment ago, outside has the fight, now outside how?” Shan Yuan recognizes Leng Youlan, moreover he has looked like Extreme Martial Sect to seek help, he knows that now some people came the master they. Shen Xiang said: Matter has been solved, but I did not guarantee after them, can come, this matter should be Devil Yang Clan and Proud Sword Sect jointly does, I must inform in the gate the elder, making them send a stronger person to solve.” suddenly, a person ran, said: Shan da, outside has the Proud Sword Sect's person to arrive, they said that must ask you to chat.” Shan Yuan stares slightly, said: „Our exits!” In the Shan Yuan eye, Shen Xiang is one compared with his also stronger person, otherwise is unable to solve outside these Devil Yang Clan people. „Isn't the Proud Sword Sect's person does not plan tube matter?” Shen Xiang said. This actually, but Proud Sword Sect is fighting in, they do not have that free time to go to tube others, but their Proud Sword Sect colludes in north commander and Devil Yang Clan, they have to come, although Proud Sword Sect is arrogant, but actually does not want to carry on the back with being unjustly discredited that the demon gate colludes with.” Leng Youlan said. Shen Xiang they arrived in the cave in a quite crude hall, seeing several person waists to carry on the arm the person of sword, on that scabbard full was the precious gem, glittering the intermittent dazzling ray, these people were well-dressed, the whole face arrogance, was some youth, understood at a glance that this was the Proud Sword Sect's disciple. Shan Yuan, we met!” Youth indifferently said, seeing Shan Yuan to arrive at him not to set out, still sits there, is very arrogant, lets Shen Xiang and Leng Youlan looks is not feeling well.

Shan Yuan somewhat is also annoyed, but he has to do with the Proud Sword Sect's person frequently, was already used. Leng Youlan!” Youth suddenly sees the abyss behind the white hair beautiful woman, cannot help but calls out in alarm. Gan Jiujian, do you do?” Leng Youlan coldly said, over the face cold frost, could see that she called the Gan Jiujian youth to be repugnant to this. Shen Xiang is sizing up that Gan Jiujian, although the appearance is good-looking, but his type arrogant actually disgusting. Gan Jiujian has not paid attention to Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang looks like looks like an ordinary middle age, at this time his attention on Leng Youlan, other four Proud Sword Sect's disciples is also so. Although this hall is crude, but is very bright, everyone could see that Leng Youlan was not very happy, because she does not like some people such unscrupulously visits her, naturally, Shen Xiang is an exception. Worthily was the famous hero, unexpectedly Devil Yang Clan over a hundred people solving!” Gan Jiujian said here, in the eye also flashed through wipes surprisedly, they thought. Gan Jiujian, do you come to here put these smelly fart? You to me, hurried to put your fart to get the hell out disgustingly!” Leng Youlan does not give that Gan Jiujian face, loud voice shouts to clear the way. This makes Shen Xiang smile secretly, the Leng Youlan's conduct attitude is very bold, is also uncouthly in the language improvement. Gan Jiujian stares, the complexion becomes very ugly, then looks at Shan Yuan saying: Shan Yuan, I am not wordy, although Leng Youlan helped you resolve the crisis temporarily, but Devil Yang Clan will not give up, so long as you are willing to mine this mine together, our Proud Sword Sect you were all right on insurance!”