World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 209
Shen Xiang they frowned immediately, this Proud Sword Sect clarified has been coercing them, Shan Yuan just wants to reject, heard Shen Xiang coldly to drink: „It is not good!” Gan Jiujian looks to Shen Xiang, said with a sneer: Small that which is not tactful? Hasn't seen us to talk? When was one's turn your this humble fellow to interrupt......” he just to say here, the complexion suddenly changed, because Shen Xiang suddenly disappeared, he responded that was also very rapid, but actually slow one step, gust raided, the people only heard pā pā two, Shen Xiang fan maliciously that Gan Jiujian two palms of the hand. Gan Jiujian cheeks burning tingling pain, was hit very much knocks the chair, the corners of the mouth has flowed out the blood, Shen Xiang started to be heavy. You...... You......” Gan Jiujian could not speak, can instantaneously to him the people of two palms of the hand, can cut off instantaneously his head, this strength has surpassed his many. I must with your duel, our Proud Sword Sect's disciple unable to be insulted!” Gan Jiujian suddenly retreat several steps, on face full are the scowls, saw only him to draw out glittering from that dazzling scabbard slowly the cold light long sword. This a sword sheath, murderous aura is flooding this small hall immediately, frightening. „The Proud Blood sword, in 7th Stage spirit tool ranks first!” Leng Youlan said that hastily arrives at side Shen Xiang. Gan Jiujian sees Leng Youlan and Shen Xiang is so intimate, becomes angrier, said with a sneer: Fights a decisive battle!” True Martial Realm 4th Stage!” Shen Xiang coldly said. Right, I am True Martial Realm 4th Stage, I this year am only 25 years old!” Gan Jiujian said proudly. Youlan, you draw back, I come to be able this fellow! Let him know that anything is called one should always strive for better.” Shen Xiang cracks into a smile.

Gan Jiujian coldly snorted: You are truly stronger than me, but I use this words of sword, you will certainly defeat!” Leng Youlan somewhat was worried, but she draws back, the person in small hall are also many, they in secretly are curious, why can have so intimate relationship in Icewind Valley's Leng Youlan with Extreme Martial Sect's expert. Gan Jiujian wields a sword at the same time, forward one cross, arrived around Shen Xiang's, in his hand that releases swift and fierce murderous aura the Proud Blood sword, such as the electricity chops generally toward Shen Xiang. Instance of electric light spark, the people only hear sneering that Shen Xiang sends out disdaining, immediately azure glow suddenly presently, delimits the Proud Blood sword that cold light has sparkled together for the first time, working as a resounding, Proud Blood sword unexpectedly cut off! Meanwhile, fills dignified True Qi to cover in the small hall, but the Shen Xiang left fist explodes is welling up intermittent [gold/metal], overbearing, moreover makes Qi Aura that the person trembles erupt. The Shen Xiang's left fist is similar to golden dragon head, is stern and solemn and respectful, aggressive steaming. Dragon Aura Fist! Shen Xiang used Dragon Martial Technique, this Dragon Martial Technique in his Master Huang Jintian eye, although was low status Dragon Martial Technique, but actually also very ruled by force. After a Shen Xiang blade chops the Proud Blood sword that Gan Jiujian has been proud, makes Dragon Aura Fist toward the body of Gan Jiujian. Dragon Aura Fist, is similar to crazy dragon roars, is very scary, this imposing manner, has only made people who these watch feel frightened. Puff in the Gan Jiujian mouth spouts blood arrow, the body is hit by that wild fist together, the ball opens suddenly backward, collision of heavily on rock wall, has dislodged a pit rock wall.

The Proud Blood sword broke, the person also fought with the fists by Shen Xiang unknown whereabouts, the Shen Xiang's strength deeply shocked that Proud Sword Sect's several disciples, Leng Youlan also stared greatly beautiful eyes, very looks at Shen Xiang that big back surprisedly, her ownself suffer own strength has been stronger than Shen Xiang, but looking back now, she and some Shen Xiang distances, at least she was unable probably that attractive defeated this Proud Sword Sect youngest talent. You are...... Are you Shen Xiang?” Gan Jiujian lies in the ground, in the mouth gushes out the blood unceasingly, a face looks in the Shen Xiang hand with amazement that aggressive Azure Dragon that but formidable Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, on the knife that makes threatening gestures makes him frightened, can feel itself probably to get angry dragon attack a moment ago to strike general in him. This person of unexpectedly is Shen Xiang! Not is only the Proud Sword Sect's disciple is shocking, Extreme Martial Sect's these people are also surprised, throws astonished and respect look to Shen Xiang! Your aptitude is good, but story are too few, extremely in impetuousness, extremely in pride! Your sect are also because so declines. Takes away, next time will see my time, hopes that you can put out to see the skill of person to come.” Shen Xiang threw one box of White Jade Powder to give that Gan Jiujian. Shen Xiang is Extreme Martial recognition first young expert, 20 over, but has actually made many Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering matters, posted a reward by many influences, total amount ten millions crystal stones, but also a little, he is a 4th Stage alchemy master! The Proud Sword Sect's disciple mainly with the sword, does not need the words of sword, the strength to be weakened, therefore after Shen Xiang chops the Gan Jiujian sword, Gan Jiujian withered, he again while Gan Jiujian surprised at the same time, rumbles a fist, injures Gan Jiujian directly, he starts also to have the discretion, otherwise Gan Jiujian already discarded. Goes back to tell you Proud Sword Sect's high level, does a bit less to threaten our Extreme Martial Sect, our Extreme Martial Sect did not fear that stands erect again hostile sect, if not hope that our Extreme Martial Sect meddles your Proud Sword Sect's broken matter, hurries to solve with the fellow who Devil Path colludes with of your north side!” Shen Xiang coldly said, looks like resembles him is Extreme Martial Sect's is high-level, but that imposing manner and expression look like really very much. This is also natural, after all he is Extreme Martial Sect Three Great Big Shots Young Martial Uncle, he frequently intentionally puts on airs in front of that Three Great Big Shots, fully hidden. A Gan Jiujian palm racket has broken to pieces Shen Xiang that box of White Jade Powder, said with clenched jaws: Shen Xiang, my Gan Jiujian with your irreconcilable, we walks!”

The Proud Sword Sect's person is holding Gan Jiujian, picks up that the remnant sword, hastily departs. Does not know the good and bad fellow!” Leng Youlan lightly snorted and said, then looks at to Shen Xiang that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this great blade, but one of the Shen Xiang advertisement goods, is one is fiercer than treasure tool spirit tool! Brother, your this is quite fierce blade, can show me?” Leng Youlan asked curiously, treasure tool, that was the Peak Realm martial artist unusual thing. Shen Xiang he he smiles, hands over blade, Leng Youlan received Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, immediately shouted one tenderly, almost could not hold, because was too heavy, had tens of thousands jin (0.5 kg) in the Shen Xiang hand, was heavier to others hand, at least hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg). Leng Youlan can take up, but looked, gave back to Shen Xiang, she knows that Shen Xiang killed the four directions the blade with this frequently greatly, such heavy thing unexpectedly can also use so flexible, this made Leng Youlan admire secretly. Shan Yuan they had not spoken, they heard Leng Youlan to shout that a moment ago Shen Xiang brother, they think quickly Shen Xiang swears brotherhood the brother and sister with Leng Youlan, what is most surprising, two brother and sister who this swears brotherhood both are the same abnormal, young, has very astonishing strength. List Senior Brother, Extreme Martial Sect cannot show weakness in any event! My procedure Dean will certainly not blame, when I go back, I make in the gate send many points of people to come.” Shen Xiang said.