World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 211
Shen Xiang strokes the Leng Youlan's white hair, in heart is exclaiming in surprise again and again, he does not have to think the sworn sister unexpectedly that one recognize has dragon blood! Shen Xiang, I exited a moment ago, induces has the good thing to this mine under!” Long Xueyi cracks into a chuckle. Was called the thing by Long Xueyi thing, is not definitely ordinary, Shen Xiang asked hastily: „Can you make me take?” Long Xueyi haughty said with a smile: You must take that thing, at least must dig to below more than 100 zhang (3.33 m) this, moreover you have not been possible to find!” What thing is that?” Shen Xiang also asked that this was a mine, besides having crystal stones, what can also have? Emperor Crystal!” Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao said with one voice. Hears that three characters, is almost startled to jump Shen Xiang, thing that one that but Emperor Crystal in mineral lode is born has intelligence, is scarce, in Legend has only appeared twice, is missing to the present. The Emperor Crystal main use, specially surveys various types the ore that contains spirit tool is, if has Emperor Crystal, can find crystal stones mineral lode with ease, or is other ores ore deposits, this is aloof existence. Gives me to take quickly!” Shen Xiang hastily shouted, he knows that Long Xueyi this little girl has certainly the means. You must give me grain of Building Foundation Dan!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Does not have the issue, if is really Emperor Crystal, I not only give you grain of Building Foundation Dan, adds on 50 grains of True Elemental Dan again!” Shen Xiang straightforward said very much that had that Emperor Crystal, without doubt can make him find some rare ores, that is the refiner good thing.

Long Xueyi changes to a white light, has drilled into underground, looks at Shen Xiang secretly to suck the tongue, hits other to pay attention: Sister Meiyao, if makes this dragon brat steal the thing, that was crisp! I later to this little girl good, must her tying up firmly in the side, this be a treasure!” Shen Xiang already had the plan of Medicine King Mountain, but he has not thought how when the time comes must let the Lu Family massive hemorrhage, if makes Long Xueyi go Medicine King Mountain to loot, he was not only gains in a big way, but can also let entire Lu Family massive hemorrhage one time. Long Xueyi nothing but is greedy, this was easiest to cope, many good spirit fruit or refined some Building Foundation Dan to give, once for a while gave her a point, can make her follow in the side, Shen Xiang to think whole-heartedly secretly. Shen Xiang waited to be very long, soon dawn time, Long Xueyi braved from the ground, in the hand was holding together exquisitely carved, was similar to the peach equally big thing! Really is Emperor Crystal!” Shen Xiang said with amazement that throws to Long Xueyi storage pouch conveniently. Long Xueyi sees in storage pouch to have two grains of Building Foundation Dan and 100 grains of True Elemental Dan, immediately was happy, gave Shen Xiang Emperor Crystal hastily, then smacking the lips was eating these pills, she also first time thought that Shen Xiang was so graceful, then has given her naturally many time of reward. spirit tool treasure tool these are magic treasure that humanity refines, but this Emperor Crystal is actually between Heaven and Earth breeds, generally is called Spirit Treasure, has very mysterious use, this Emperor Crystal is Spirit Treasure, needs to drop the blood!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang drips into the blood that glittering and translucent carving Emperor Crystal, Emperor Crystal trembles slightly, sends out a gentle ray, his suddenly felt that own Emperor Crystal has a marvelous relation, unusual feeling suddenly braves, as soon as he closes the eye, can see big piece of glittering and translucent carving crystal stones, is similar to the sea appears around him generally, here is a mine, all around is the crystal stones ore, but he passes this Emperor Crystal, unexpectedly can clear visible all around crystal stones. In Shen Xiang heart excited, likes, he has this Emperor Crystal time, not only can see crystal stones mineral lode that these hide, but can also see the ore that some refiner use, but this Emperor Crystal the wondrous use is infinite. „The crystal stones ore of this mine are really many!” Shen Xiang is taking that Emperor Crystal, closes one's eyes, as if places oneself in the crystal stones sea, in crystal stones is containing massive Spirit Qi, is not only the currency in Mortal World, there are many other uses!

Shen Xiang cautious and solemn, had not been awakening by noise Leng Youlan, Leng Youlan for the past two months is tired, now rests very much, in addition her is building up that Earth Core Divine Fruit energy, making her rest sinks. Although Long Xueyi is gluttonous, but she eats grain of Building Foundation Dan and ten grains of Building Foundation Dan now, Shen Xiang saw her to hit satisfied belch, then low voice said: dragon brat, you can drill all of a sudden , is that easier to attain these crystal stones?” This is natural, but these things did not eat! Although is the good things!” Dragon Xue said annoyingly. Shen Xiang has traced gently her cheeks, said with a smile: Could not eat, but can actually change into eats, your this young fool, has come is not very intelligent? You with come up, I help the thing that you change into some to eat.” Long Xueyi shakes the head saying: These crystal stones were too scattered, I for a long time can only get so far as busily very much, is not cost-effective.” Shen Xiang said: Only takes good crystal stones, you according to going that I said that took these top grade crystal stones specially!” top grade crystal stones and High-Grade crystal stones do not circulate, moreover is very rare, generally brings set up formation, because is small size, but contains massive Spirit Qi, moreover is also very expensive. Hundred middle-grade crystal stones can buy High-Grade crystal stones, but top grade crystal stones actually wants ten thousand middle-grade crystal stones! top grade crystal stones in the mineral lode deep place, very little and very few, some mineral lode has not been possible to have generally, but Shen Xiang through that Emperor Crystal, can actually see that under this mineral lode has quite big top grade crystal stones! Good!” Long Xueyi complied, Shen Xiang told her immediately a detailed position, making her dive.

That place is very deep, moreover crystal stones is few, Shen Xiang guessed that by that bulk top grade crystal stones absorbing, more than double-hour passed, Long Xueyi comes up. Long Xueyi put out one to sparkle the white light stone column from her storage equipment, this was that top grade crystal stones, Spirit Qi is rich, this to become Kuai top grade crystal stones had a thigh to be so big, Shen Xiang hastily received, has put in storage pouch, then threw to Long Xueyi grain of Building Foundation Dan, making this little girl be glad the mouth crookedly. Shen Xiang estimated that top grade crystal stones can cut over a thousand this, this is equal to ten millions crystal stones, he has gained one. To noon, Shen Xiang also lies on the bed, Leng Youlan also lies down side him, hugs his waist to sleep soundly, moreover hugs very tightly, Shen Xiang does not want to awaken by noise her, such is lying down. Cold air suddenly, Leng Youlan fierce awakening, she sees Shen Xiang in the side, immediately thinks one and Shen Xiang have rested an evening, cannot help but blushes. Brother......” Leng Youlan has not said that Shen Xiang on seriously said: Some people came, this person is very strong! This cold air unexpectedly is so terrorist!” Leng Youlan cracks into a chuckle: Brother, you do not need to fear that was Valley Master comes!”