World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 212
Because the computer had problems, therefore today's renewal will be later. Leng Youlan reorganized the clothing, then puts on her red armor, remembered to put on yesterday evening few rests together with Shen Xiang, this made her dangle slightly, the whole face was crimson, does not dare to look straight ahead Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang also thought this Icewind Valley's Valley Master like that Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean mysterious, but has not thought that the unexpectedly after-wedding meeting arrived here originally, lets him and Leng Youlan somewhat is surprised. Your do Valley Master come to do?” Shen Xiang went out of the stone chamber, follows in Leng Youlan's behind, they to think at this time somewhat coldly, because that Valley Master is releasing threatening cold air, these fierce people like this, puts on an act, comes the ha-ha person, can play a role of frightening. Across several passage, Shen Xiang they went to that hall, other Shan Yuan and two True Martial Realm here, their bodies slightly are trembling, but in this hall all around four walls full are the cold frosts, on first author in hall wears the black robe, on the face is leading a person of white mask, although she wears the Chinese-style gown, but can see her graceful stature. This person is Icewind Valley's Valley Master, is a female! Sees this Valley Master, Shen Xiang is definite this Valley Master and Elder Dan such, certainly has the shameful secret, will otherwise not cover with the white light the eye. Although cannot see the eye of this Valley Master, but Shen Xiang actually knows that this Valley Master in staring at him was looking, this makes in his heart be scared. „Is this Shen Xiang? Really a little skill!” That Valley Master sound does not have the sentiment, icy, sounds very scary, if this Valley Master appears in the evening, does not need her to release that cold air, can frighten half dead the person. Shan Yuan they are standing, does not dare to sit down, Icewind Valley Master will appear, this is the matter that they have a dream cannot think , moreover made them feel relieved, they guessed that Icewind Valley Master will certainly get rid to intervene this matter. Shen Xiang just wants to salute, actually hears Long Xueyi startled shouted: „Isn't this woman your Sister Meng'er? Certainly is she, I have not misread! If you do not believe that you touched her body that's alright, she fused Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, that Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon was awakened by you, has certain relation with you!” Shen Xiang was shocked, Icewind Valley Master unexpectedly Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress! Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress not with fire? But Icewind Valley Master is actually one coldly ices the True Qi very fierce person!

Then, she knows you here, therefore the deliberate release cold air, making you not induce that Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk!” Su Meiyao is also surprised. Bai Youyou said: It seems like this woman is the same with your younger sister, has Ice-Fire Vein, looks at this degree, at least is Ice-Fire Heaven Veins!” Initially Leng Youlan went to the Extreme Martial Sect's time, is Elder Dan gives Icewind Valley Master Leng Youlan, could see that among them relationship was very good! Itself is Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress, simultaneously is Icewind Valley that mysterious Valley Master, this woman is not simple!” Su Meiyao exclaims. Although in the Shen Xiang heart is similar to mighty waves sea, but expression is motionless, said politely: brat Shen Xiang, pays a visit Valley Master!” Does not need to be overly courteous!” That Valley Master coldly said, seeing her such to put on airs, in the Shen Xiang heart is secretly funny, he wants to have a look at this Valley Master very much he reveals, will have what expression? This Valley Master stands up, arrives in front of Shen Xiang, cold voice asked: On you have that heavy fragrance? This is on Youlan, you last night together?” Shen Xiang and Leng Youlan were shocked immediately, Shan Yuan they also cannot help but one startled, but quick has felt relaxed, Leng Youlan and Shen Xiang a perfect match, although in the Shen Xiang surface receives sworn sister, but this method is also common, this lets the people cannot help but recollections in close succession. One that the Leng Youlan's face brushes red, to the root of the ear, present she did not have that aggression of past red, present she likely genuine woman. Shen Xiang knows that this Valley Master is Liu Meng'er, therefore now is calm, said with a smile: Last night she was I rests together, our many years did not see, chatted with her are chatting have been falling asleep, we were the brother and sister, this did not have what issue!” Snort, highly improper! Shen Xiang, I must chat with you well!” That Valley Master shouted angrily, body sent out murderous aura, what made her somewhat surprised was, a Shen Xiang face was unexpectedly calm, did not fear her. She must not admire Shen Xiang this mood.

Valley Master...... we have not made anything, this in the past two months......” You are not no need saying that here waits for me!” Shen Xiang brought this Valley Master to come to a stone chamber, in his heart was secretly happy, although he does not know that this Valley Master asked him to discuss anything alone, but he can actually reveal her here. This Valley Master carries both hands, looks at some murals on wall, Shen Xiang stands in her behind. Shen Xiang, your big courage, dares to touch our Icewind Valley's disciple unexpectedly, I advised you......” The words have not said that Shen Xiang breaks her, happily said with a smile: Sister Meng'er, has been well since last meeting!” That Valley Master tender body trembles immediately, but actually in gets angry shouts to clear the way: What were you saying? Do not interrupt my words!” Long Xueyi imitated the Shen Xiang's sound at this time, said with an evil smile: Sister Meng'er, your front that I have looked to the snow white big rabbit, do not install.” The Shen Xiang's words, making the body of that Valley Master shiver once more, she has turned around, tenderly shouted: Do not say this matter again, does not permit to speak irresponsibly to other people!” Shen Xiang has not thought that this Long Xueyi so is unexpectedly vicious, poked the Liu Meng'er's sore spot directly, but he has not blamed Long Xueyi. Hehe, but I think Elder Dan that to the big rabbit compared with your greatly, in vain.” Shen Xiang continues happily said with a smile, this Liu Meng'er still put on airs before him a moment ago, now cannot speak.

Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted, picks the mask, has revealed the facial features of her peerless grace and talent, seeing this maturity tender and beautiful face, Shen Xiang cannot help but to laugh, this is the ridicule! Snort!” Liu Meng'er stamped the feet, tender sound track: Elder Dan has not looked to you, do you know her compared with my big? Compared with my white? She has looked to you.” Was releasing a moment ago also fearful cold air Valley Master, now actually likely is the life Qi/angry young miss, she only completely will also lose her the dignity of imposing manner and King of keeping aloof in front of Shen Xiang. She truly has looked to me!” Shen Xiang sits on a chair, curls upwards one leg on the other, haughty is smiling. Liu Meng'er had been revealed by Shen Xiang, in heart shames and air/Qi, moreover she also takes Shen Xiang not to have the means that her tenderly snorted and said: Nonsense, which woman has to be casual to the person looks...... Looks there!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Didn't Sister Meng'er look to me? At that time made me very shy!” Liu Meng'er bites the cherry lips lightly, hidden bitterness is looking at Shen Xiang, on the cheeks is bringing two charming Hong Xia, this intoxicant beauty, making Shen Xiang praise without cease. Was right, Sister Meng'er you care about Elder Dan's probably very much compared with your big, compared with your white!” Shen Xiang smiled happily, this air/Qi resulted in Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted again and again. Shen Xiang, I can use True Qi now, you bully me again, I am impolite!” Liu Meng'er purses the lips saying that the appearance is very attractive, makes Shen Xiang look is out of sorts.