World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 213
Sorry, today computer a little issue, therefore renewed late! Shen Xiang flexure scratching the head, said with a smile: I must have a look at you but actually am how impolite to me!” Saying, then unscrupulously is looking at Liu Meng'er that abundant chest. Liu Meng'er is mad ruthlessly stamps lotus foot, tenderly snorted, she truly takes Shen Xiang unable to be what kind, she detected that she cannot suppress to Shen Xiang, she lived was so long, has not encountered this situation. Shen Xiang feels the chin, said: Sister Meng'er, are you jealous? unexpectedly does not permit me to approach Youlan, Hehe, you peaceful what heart?” Is your restless good intention, in surface is receives her to be the younger sister, but you now...... humph, humph.” Liu Meng'er sweet and delicate voice. Sister Meng'er, was you wants!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Liu Meng'er sits a chair side Shen Xiang, earnestly said: Youlan this girl is very wild, the matter that if she with you, annoys will not compare you to be few! She and you are different, she needs to calm the mind practice, otherwise in several years, she is unable to survive.” In several years? What happened?” Asking that Shen Xiang pretends to be surprised, he guessed that is that three realms great war matter. Really, Liu Meng'er mentioned this matter to come, the facial expression was dignified: That is the words that very long beforehand Divine Weapon Sect founder hands down from generation to generation, will say in several years, between Heaven and Earth will have a catastrophe, now is not only your Extreme Martial Sect is preparing, various Chenwu Mainland's factions will be this, these devil path sects also will start to rob the resources!” Therefore, do not disturb Youlan first, her foundation is very good! In several years, certainly will have the good influence, can survive under that catastrophe.” Shen Xiang nodded, has put out three Earth Core Divine Fruit, gives Liu Meng'er. After Liu Meng'er sees, beautiful eyes glittering the intermittent ray, she can be seeing this immediately is the good thing.

Gives you together, two give Xianxian's! First do not eat now, wait to eat again.” Shen Xiang said. Why gives me the same place, the bias!” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said. Shen Xiang looked at the Liu Meng'er's chest, happily said with a smile: Xianxian, but my wife, I naturally to her bias! You are not my woman, I can you together all be because I saw your to the attractive big white rabbit, Ha Ha......” The Liu Meng'er's face was also red, tender sound track: I had said cannot mention this matter again!” Saying, the white hands was stretching out like lightning, has hit the Shen Xiang's head, hit very lightly, in her heart did not hate to hit. After Liu Meng'er that three earth core fruit pulp receive, Shen Xiang also says with a smile: Do not steal food, I will ask Xianxian's.” „Are you untrustworthy I?” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said: Said that I am your wife's Master, your again and again is impolite to me, I have not said you.” Shen Xiang curls the lip, said: Then looks on as an outsider to do? Said that I helped you bind the chest cloth to turn into a Divine Weapon sharp weapon that.” Said that Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, Liu Meng'er truly very grateful Shen Xiang, because that was divine tool, now and she is sharing the same roots, making her feel that oneself was more formidable. Shen Xiang said: Sister Meng'er, what relationship are you with that Elder Dan? Why you must dress up when like this Icewind Valley's Valley Master?” I and she do not have no relationship, Icewind Valley's Valley Master since ancient times is this, moreover is governs by Divine Weapon Sect Dean, I changed to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to be good to manage Divine Weapon Sect, can make me have to be many some time to stay in Icewind Valley.” Liu Meng'er said that now has been seen through by Shen Xiang, she no longer conceals, her trust Shen Xiang also not being able to say. Possibly is because she knows that Shen Xiang's many secrets, but Shen Xiang is also so.

„Don't you back and forth run tired?” Knew after Divine Weapon Sect and Icewind Valley's secret, Shen Xiang is secret, „It is not tired, between Icewind Valley and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire have Ancient Teleportation Formation, only needs some crystal stones to stimulate to movement formation to transmit Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire me instantaneously, these secrets do not tell others.” The Liu Meng'er urging said. Knows that now I start to suspect Elder Dan another status, she possibly is Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean!” Shen Xiang feels the chin to ponder. Liu Meng'er knits the brows saying: I also suspected that be honest with you, Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean was more mystical than me...... Is my Icewind Valley Master status.” Previous time I said that is Danxiang Taoyuan Dean teaches to my alchemy technique, she very much definitely said that at that time is not.” Shen Xiang said: It seems like goes back to ask her.” Liu Meng'er slightly one startled, said: Your isn't alchemy technique Elder Dan teaches for your?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „It is not, has someone else, this is my secret.” Snort, was right, you and Elder Dan's relationship very? You said a moment ago...... Said that you look at her......” Liu Meng'er also embarrassed to say at this time, her suddenly discovered one cared about this matter really very much. Deceives your, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing. Liu Meng'er clenches teeth coldly snorted, said: You hurry Extreme Martial Sect, the devil path sects fellows could not sit still, their several big factions push in a state, the resources lack, to deal with that big storm, they start in all directions the plunder resources now, here matter gives me!” Um, thank you Sister Meng'er!” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Liu Meng'er is charmingly angry: You added a moment ago do not look on as an outsider...... Devil Path and Righteous Path will likely have conflict, you are more careful, do not wander about aimlessly everywhere! Moreover, you have not been able to bring Youlan to burst in now everywhere, you do not think for yourself, thinks for her.” „, Have not been a womanizer everywhere, did you have Youlan and Xianxian these two girls are insufficient?” Liu Meng'er has regarded as Leng Youlan is the Shen Xiang's woman, even if now their relationship or brother and sister. Shen Xiang curls the lip, said: Then I and your together, is a womanizer now?” Naturally does not calculate...... Your this brat is really...... Snort!” Liu Meng'er was speechless, so long as with Shen Xiang together, she no matter anything will suffer a loss. Hehe, Xianxian and Youlan, although is very intimate with me, but I have not looked at their big white rabbit, but Sister Meng'er...... Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang said that hastily runs this stone chamber, only hears Liu Meng'er to scold tenderly again and again. Liu Meng'er hastily takes the mask, pursued, she arrives at Shen Xiang behind, has twisted the Shen Xiang's arm, whispered: Do not tell Youlan my true status!” You kiss my, I promise you!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Smelly brat, always a day I can probably make you attractive.” Liu Meng'er clenches teeth to say. Goes to the hall, Leng Youlan hastily arrives at side Shen Xiang's, she sees Shen Xiang that grinning face, relaxed, at this time Liu Meng'er releases cold air, moreover was colder than before, because of her in life Qi/angry. Youlan, hurries, in valley has the important matter to announce!” Liu Meng'er coldly was saying.