World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 215
After the Danxiang Taoyuan's disciple hears Shen Xiang's yells, immediately dashes, he does not know that Shen Xiang must do, but they can hear Shen Xiang to worry from the sound. True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's person sees the Danxiang Taoyuan's disciple to help Shen Xiang unexpectedly, what to do immediately does not know should, they believe that the Danxiang Taoyuan's disciple will also attack Shen Xiang like them. Snort, I rescue a dog, that dog will also lay out the tail like me, but you actually must kill me in turn, your dog was inferior!” Shen Xiang cursed angrily, he only thinks True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect were high-level wicked, has not thought that these hanger-on disciples unexpectedly were also so. That is also what kind of!” True Martial Sect's disciple not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth shouted, they think that the person on one's own side many certainly will win, moreover them also has several True Martial Realm. Shen Xiang sneers, his body is burning immediately the flaming flame, then flies toward front that two sect's disciples rush over, flies to, his back also emits pair of very huge Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, at this time Shen Xiang probably is Vermilion Bird fire bird is ordinary, is growing up that to fire wings, fires into that two sect disciples. Several suddenly, as if huge fire bird general Shen Xiang, hit maliciously to that group of people, that group of people have not responded that by huge fire wings that Shen Xiang releases to the impact , after Shen Xiang penetration crowd, there is also burning the flame, but these people completely were actually fired the ashes! The Danxiang Taoyuan's disciple is opened mind, but flies to clash, makes that two sect's dozens disciples turn into the ash instantaneously, this terrifying strength, having no qualms is Extreme Martial Sect first young expert. „The Danxiang Taoyuan's friend, I must hurry back to Extreme Martial Sect, did not go to Fragrance City to be a guest! Has another chance to meet!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, emitted that to terror Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, several have flown suddenly in the upper air, vanished in the white clouds. It seems like these hearsay are to discredit Shen Xiang, he is not that so-called evil person!” A guy said. „, He also annoyed too many people!” Has the opportunity to with him drink two cups, we hurry! The Devil Path fellow was getting more and more wild!”

Shen Xiang returned to Extreme Martial Sect, immediately looks for that Elder Tan, although in evening, but that Elder Tan actually warmly receives him. Seeing Shen Xiang can come back safely, in the Elder Tan heart shocks, but that on shameless has actually piled up with the smiling face: It seems like the matter should be solved!” The Shen Xiang nod said with a smile: „It is relaxed, many thanks Elder Tan arranges one to be so relaxed, but actually the advanced duty gives me, this is six levels of duties, but I casually ran to solve!” In the Elder Tan heart has doubts, because he fully realized that the ambush Shen Xiang's people are existence of anything rank, moreover he has not received that Frost Sword City news now. That is good!” Elder Tan said with a smile. Shen Xiang suddenly is serious, said: Elder Tan, my these obtained a good thing, does not know that if wanted does deliver?” Oh? in the Elder Tan heart is secretly surprised, why Shen Xiang obtains the thing also to say. I know that this is good thing, but actually does not know is anything, Elder Tan is experienced, can help me have a look.” Shen Xiang whispered, has put out scrap top grade crystal stones, gives Elder Tan. Sees that to send out white light stone and that has shocking Spirit Qi, the Elder Tan immediately confirmation is top grade crystal stones. This is not top grade crystal stones, Elder Tan investigates with Divine Sense carefully, strange feelings, I will suspect that this is Emperor Crystal, because I snatch from strength quite strong Devil Path Martial Artist, but this Devil Path Martial Artist has actually entered our Extreme Martial Sect that mine.” Shen Xiang said.

Emperor Crystal! After Elder Tan hears, slightly one startled, immediately pours into inside Divine Sense, let alone was Emperor Crystal, even if were such bulk top grade crystal stones easily does not see, but Shen Xiang actually handed over in his hand, this made Elder Tan not suspect Shen Xiang. After Elder Tan pours into Emperor Crystal inside Divine Sense, Shen Xiang uses Divine Sense to Long Xueyi shouted: dragon brat, taking advantage of selecting strength comes!” Good!” Long Xueyi complied immediately. Shen Xiang detoured quietly the Elder Tan back, fierce takes Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, in that instantaneous, he lends his strength to pour into the knife Universe True Qi and Long Xueyi of whole body, chops toward that Elder Tan. Among Elder Tan suddenly feels terrifying strength, just wants to move sideways to leave, but actually slow one step, Shen Xiang's that 1000000 cattys in weight great blade has cut to fall, cleaves in two Elder Tan! Regarding this Elder Tan matter, Shen Xiang did not plan to tell Gu Dongchen first them, this is takes action first and explains later, so as to avoid when the time comes had been realized by this Elder Tan, was escaped by him! After Shen Xiang left the Elder Tan residence, arrives in Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, has encountered Wu Kaiming, told him the process of matter, moreover puts out these maps, gives Wu Kaiming. Wu Kaiming knew after this matter, is annoyed: „Was Extreme Martial Sect? One after another appearance this rebel! That mineral lode matter I and Dean Boss do not know, otherwise only will not make you go, that mineral lode the matter has been under the charge to that Tan Peak, has not thought that he conceals me not to report unexpectedly!” Walks, we look for Tan Peak!” Wu Kaiming said. Um! However there only then his corpse!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly.

Wu Kaiming has been startled being startled, said: Impossible......” to be saying, walks toward the residence of deep peak. Not long, Wu Kaiming saw Tan Peak the corpse, this Shen Xiang hews two halves, a piece bloody, Wu Kaiming can only sigh, he starts to suspect that Shen Xiang entered into Peak Realm, unexpectedly has been able to cut to kill the elder twice. You rest first, since the Frost Sword City mineral lode matter has Icewind Valley Master to take over, we do not need to be worried! Here leaves me to tidy up, later I will ask the Dean Boss to chat.” Wu Kaiming said that this time mood drops very much, because this Lu Shang and Tan Peak is a his cultivation, making them sit the position of elder, but has not thought that actually ended up to turn out so is out. Shen Xiang looks for Yun Xiaodao they, but actually knew that they made the duty, before they most disliked to make these things, but actually has no alternative but to do now, because rewarded too entices. Extreme Dan King Courtyard, after Shen Xiang returns to oneself that small dwelling, immediately arrives at the backyard, looks up, on that Azure Profound Fruit Tree has had 39 fruits, but Elder Dan also sits under the tree looks, in the hand also takes one to send out azure light azure mysterious flower! Ha Ha, very attractive fruit, but does not have your share!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing.