World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 216
Elder Dan stands, said: I do not lack Building Foundation Dan now, you build up are playing!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This is best, my urgently needed one batch of Building Foundation Dan, little girl you must help me collect the material.” 39 Azure Profound Fruit, need to make uneven 39 herbs. Thousand Vein Fruit, Metal Spirit Fruit, auxiliary herbs and beast core he does not lack, he obtained in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm before has been able to refine 800 grains of Building Foundation Dan herbs, he such asked that wants to have a look at Elder Dan not to lack Building Foundation Dan. Elder Dan shakes the head: Previous time I with every effort actually collected, is not I do not help you, but is present Metal Spirit Fruit and Thousand Vein Fruit is scarce.” Shen Xiang knows the Dao Pill elder not to have have lied, because he suspected that now this Elder Dan is Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean, otherwise her previous time is unable that quick collection uneven that many to refine Building Foundation Dan herbs. little girl, I asked that your matter, you solid replied me!” Shen Xiang said: You know that I had Fire Spirit, moreover I to you continuously good!” I can choose to answer do not answer!” Elder Dan said that in her heart has doubts Shen Xiang to ask any question secretly, unexpectedly is so earnest. Shen Xiang nodded: „Are you Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean?” Elder Dan had not replied, did not speak, thinks so Shen Xiang, at this time Shen Xiang has been able to confirm that she was Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean. „It is not, I am not Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean! However I and she are very ripe!” Elder Dan denied, but Shen Xiang actually very much affirmed to this matter. „Haven't you deceived me?” Shen Xiang some do not believe.

Does not deceive you! if wanted did I pledge?” Elder Dan said. Exempted!” Shen Xiang takes off these Azure Profound Fruit, said: little girl, did that Five Elements True Elemental Dan material have the whereabouts?” Did not have, if any, I can the earliest possible time confirm that I will buy first!” Elder Dan smelled in the hand the flowers of that azure, could see that she likes these flowers. Shen Xiang said with a smile: That also is really thank you, although before you, that to me, but I have not disliked you! Hehe, to be honest, I want a bit faster to defeat you very much, making you marry me, I want to take a look at you to be long any appearance, like you said that was more attractive than Xianxian.” Elder Dan tenderly snorted: You a bit faster are formidable, have not stirred up trouble everywhere, in several years, the catastrophe will arrive, you now earnest practice!” You , to collect to be many some precious herbs, best to go to Danxiang Taoyuan's Fragrance City, there has the auction! I must close up a period of time.” After Elder Dan leaves, Shen Xiang murmured: This woman has waited for me to come back here, closes up? Really the woman who makes the person unable to understand.” Shen Xiang also thought now should calm the mind to practice time, but before then, he must plant trees! Thousand Vein Fruit and Metal Spirit Fruit he does not lack, but lacks Azure Profound Fruit, therefore he must plant multi- two. He currently has golden dragon saliva, should be able a quicker accelerate ripening, so long as refinement are many some Building Foundation Dan, he has confidence to train a number of True Martial Realm martial artist. Naturally, can bring the huge wealth to him, making him use the big financial resource to purchase these rare and precious herbs.

Extreme Dan King Courtyard is very quiet, only then a Shen Xiang person, Wu Qianqian does not know where went to go by the Elder Dan lane, Shen Xiang has not seen her for a long time. „The present was the time, started to practice my devil art! three realms soon connected, you study some fierce martial arts to make itself more formidable!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang nodded, daytime exercises martial arts, in the evening condense golden dragon saliva, this but actually also good. „The request of fleshly body, True Qi and Divine Sense my devil art to is very high, is appropriate altogether five that you use, you have learned Engulfing Devil Art now! Then you must study is Transforming Bone Devil Palm, Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, Grasping Soul Devil Curse and Ice Spirit Devil Aura!” Bai Youyou was saying, starts to teach these devil art with Divine Sense to Shen Xiang. With Divine Sense to pass on merit laws is not a simple matter, before Shen Xiang's Master Huang Jintian cannot through such way, Shen Xiang read some books, had not found this to pass on merit laws way, therefore he suspected that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou possibly are not the Mortal World people. Transforming Bone Devil Palm, Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, Grasping Soul Devil Curse and Ice Spirit Devil Aura! These four devil art sound to be fierce, after the Shen Xiang mind transmits the related content, knows thoroughly about these four devil art. In devil path sects has Transforming Bone Clan, that is martial arts that because they use can bring the meat to turn into beach poisonous water person including bone, Transforming Bone Clan is famous for Transforming Bone Poisonous Palm, difference of Transforming Bone Devil Palm and Transforming Bone Clan that but Shen Xiang studies now. Transforming Bone Devil Palm not only can hit the person, attacks other very stiff things also to melt simply, if hits the person, only spends to melt the bone of person, the flesh and blood and meridians can construct , not only can near body attack, long-distance range condense leave the Qi Energy attack, is one type also evil martial arts. Considers the fight time, melted others' bone completely, will that person turn what kind of? This requests to be very high to True Qi. Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, Shen Xiang just heard, but also thinks that this is can completely understand others think anything's martial arts, but is not, but can release a beam of light from both eyes, specifically attacks others' heart, can pass the heart directly, destroys the heart! Naturally, not only can attack heart, attacks other spots to be also good, is devil art of cloudy person, this makes Shen Xiang like secretly, he most liked the cloudy person.

With do not fight time, suddenly projects the light beam that two vigorous True Qi condense become from the eye, penetrates others' heart, this is the how cruel style! However this to the request of True Qi and Divine Sense is very high. Best too many to know that you practice the Penetrating Heart Devil Eye matter, otherwise others will guard.” The Bai Youyou urging said that she is the woman who likes slaughtering, moreover likes killing with various ways. Grasping Soul Devil Curse, Shen Xiang study was excessively little, can say that of truth, this requests high is very very high to Divine Sense, Grasping Soul Devil Curse is not only controls the soul of person to speak the truth, but can also the soul of person stressing, deposits, but can also control others' mind. Also is ten points evil looking martial arts. Finally is Ice Spirit Devil Aura, this martial arts is also very cloudy, because releases is not True Qi, moreover through ices the True Qi fast transformation coldly is ice-cold Divine Sense, is the ice soul! In the fight, releases Gang who the ice soul concentrates to be mad to attack the person quietly, invisible colorless, after being attacked, the body cannot have any improper, will be only in his subconscious will be very cold, as if frozen were been same, will cause very big damage to the spirit of person. The Shen Xiang's foundation is solid, True Qi or Divine Sense or fleshly body, therefore he cultivates these four devil art, but twice the result with half the effort, grasped very much with ease, later continually promoted own various aspects, can display incisively these devil art! Ten days pass by, two Azure Profound Fruit Tree appear in the small courtyard, sets up luckily is not very big, otherwise this yard could not install.