World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 217
The Shen Xiang ten days have not left Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he in cultivating devil art, in watering these Azure Profound Fruit Tree, he did not plan that pays attention to the outside the matter, he worried that he will unable to sit still, outside going bursts. However today actually some people knock the Extreme Dan King Courtyard door, Elder Dan have been saying, the person who dares to knock on a door is not Gu Dongchen is Wu Kaiming, therefore Shen Xiang opens the door immediately. This is the Elder Dan domain, even if Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming does not dare to come in casually. After opening the door, Shen Xiang saw Wu Kaiming! „Does Little Bald, what matter have? Came to say again!” Shen Xiang said. „It is not considered as that the big matter, but is not the minor matter, I said that's alright here!” Wu Kaiming said: These ten days the conflict of Devil Path and Righteous Path were getting more and more, True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect temporarily put down between grievances with Extreme Martial Sect, but the premise continues to post a reward you!” Shen Xiang nodded, righteous path sects must join up to cope with devil path sects, if makes these devil path sects act unreasonably, that catastrophe has not arrived, Chenwu Mainland had been finished. But our Extreme Martial Sect had not agreed that Dean Boss allows me to come asked Young Martial Uncle, has a look at your decision.” Wu Kaiming said. Casual, even if they post a reward hundred million crystal stones, so long as the Little Featherhead those words are effective, I did not fear!” A Shen Xiang face does not care said: Joins up with them, but you make Little Featherhead tell these fellows, no matter, if who must kill me, must prepare for by that my ten times ask for!” Wu Kaiming said: Relax, I and Dean Boss will certainly protect will not have the too strong person to cope with you!” You were ready, Devil Path and Righteous Path preparation must attack brutally, if came to an arrangement, will solve the dispute in a quite temperate method, the person casualty who can let both sides will be less, is very likely arranges some hanger-on disciples to go with their Devil Path disciples to contend in martial arts.”

After Wu Kaiming departs, Shen Xiang starts alchemy immediately, he must a bit faster enter into True Martial Realm 3rd Stage! No matter what, between Righteous Path and Devil Path can fight eventually. Refined the Building Foundation Dan material to be uneven, he 37 Azure Profound Fruit, can refine 37 furnaces now, at his speed, three days can handle, when the time comes he will have more than 100 grains of Building Foundation Dan! In Chenwu Mainland refines the Building Foundation Dan number of times many perhaps was Shen Xiang, only then he had such rich resources, refined Building Foundation Dan he to be already familiar, now light vehicle route ripe reorganization herbs. Since having Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, his alchemy speed has the leaping promotion, coordinates the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace words, Low-Grade Profound Level Dan to refine again fast. After three days, he refines that 37 Azure Profound Fruit, altogether is 37 furnaces, but was actually defeated two furnaces, that 35 furnaces that succeeds are each furnace four grains, in addition before him, these Building Foundation Dan that obtains, he currently has 150 grains. After the success, Long Xueyi shouts Shen Xiang to her Building Foundation Dan, after Shen Xiang is knowing Long Xueyi's is fierce, to her is very natural, but will actually not be used to her, therefore he has only given the Long Xueyi two grains. After sending this small greedy dragon, the Shen Xiang one breath swallows eight grains of Building Foundation Dan, starts to practice, the True Qi compression in that five beast image, making these true element grains shine. When handles the matter of that mine, his devour True Martial Realm 5th Stage Devil Path Martial Artist, at that time his True Qi had promoted, currently to have massive Building Foundation Dan, must make him enter into True Martial Realm 3rd Stage not to be difficult. Five days pass by, Shen Xiang built up to melt that eight grains of Building Foundation Dan completely, each beast image true element grains also increased two grains, each True Qi beast image shone 19 grains, altogether also missed five grains, he can enter into True Martial Realm 3rd Stage. Now Shen Xiang discovered that are getting more and more along with his true element grains quantity, the words that must lighten also changed difficult, needs to compress many True Qi to shine toward true element grains, now the ratio lightens the first grain, the second grain of time wanted more difficult.

Late at night, in piece of Spirit Qi quite rich mountain forest, suddenly flashes through a flame, that is pair of huge fire wings, but quick vanished. Shen Xiang is flying toward Medicine King Mountain, soon close time, he received Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, lands on the ground. This Medicine King Mountain Lu Family and devil path sects collude, but had not been discovered now, if were discovered that first by the Righteous Path major influence punitive expeditions, when the time comes the resources in Medicine King Mountain also will be snatched to be spatial, Shen Xiang guessed that Medicine King Mountain will detect quickly they and Devil Path matters expose, they may bring when the time comes the huge resources to run away. After Shen Xiang thinks of this, first comes Lu Family, Lu Family once must kill him, he also records. Reason that Shen Xiang from the Zhu Rong acquired material, this Medicine King Mountain so will be famous , because in had medicine garden, that medicine garden is very mystical, does not know that is who constructs, but discovered time, Lu Family sacrificed many talented people to obtain that medicine garden. Before Shen Xiang, obtains medicine garden, he guessed that these two medicine garden masters can be the same people? Medicine King Mountain, does not have what difference with the ordinary mountain, but in left many precious spirit herb therefore to acquire fame, moreover here Spirit Qi is also very rich. Lu Family establishes on the Medicine King Mountain summit, but that medicine garden actually hides very mystically, Zhu Rong cannot investigate. Shen Xiang puts out Emperor Crystal, induced around, had not discovered that anything contains the spirit tool stone, therefore he discharged here to have a suspicion of mineral lode. „When previous time I look for that medicine garden, the place that is a mountain valley inside cave, that is huge mountain side!” Shen Xiang looks at that very huge Medicine King Mountain, although this nearby does not have the mountain valley, but actually the mountain, mountain side of this mountain can hold medicine garden.

dragon brat, what have you discovered?” Shen Xiang asked. Long Xueyi had not replied immediately that obviously is investigating still. Has discovered a strange energy, although is very weak, but was investigated by me, that should be huge formation, in mountain side!” Long Xueyi said. In Shen Xiang heart one happy, this with is the same, when he who he suspects just must leave, Long Xueyi also said: Here has many people to go on patrol, you are more careful!” Shen Xiang wears the black clothed, is bringing the black bow cap, taking advantage of the dark ambush in the thick patch of grass, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is restraining his aura, making people be hard to detect. Where Long Xueyi cannot investigate that entrance, but investigates in mountain side to have the thing, Shen Xiang now also only then seeks around this mountain. Although is the dark night, but Azure Dragon Divine Art of Shen Xiang practice can actually make him see clearly the thing during the night, although is piece of azure. Quick, he saw several people to hide in the thick patch of grass, although was Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, but True Qi in within the body was pure, moreover muscle was solid, they were vigilant, was the good skilled person.