World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 219
In Chenwu Mainland, the strongest alchemy master is Elder Dan and Danxiang Taoyuan that mysterious Dean, but Elder Dan also has the 1st Stage distance from Dan King, Shen Xiang has not heard true Dan King. unexpectedly is he!” Su Meiyao startled [say / way]. Who is?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Truly is Dan King, but he died, because he had a Mysterious Realm clue, that Mysterious Realm is famous in Mortal World, named first under heaven treasure house, called world's first mysterious realm! Because in has massive rare and precious spirit herb, Spirit Beast, rare treasure wait / etc.! Therefore he was chased down by many Mortal World fierce expert cross-boundary!” Su Meiyao said. Bai Youyou then said: This person, when was very young entered that Mysterious Realm, obtained many things from inside, crossed many years later he became Dan King, but he disclosed this secret to his son, his son book was a greedy person, therefore also disclosed this secret, wants to unite some expert to force his father to say world's first mysterious realm whereabouts.” Su Meiyao sighed: Li Tianjun at that time was a very strong person, but faced major expert chased down his situation still bad risk, afterward had not heard his matter, his son said that he died.” Shen Xiang looks at that stele, asked: „Is that matter when has?” Probably ten thousand years ago, now looks like he should also live, even went to Heaven World, at that time he was called the first under heaven person, was under Heaven World the strength strongest person.” Su Meiyao is somewhat excited at this time: He leaves behind these medicine garden, perhaps also stayed behind entered that world's first mysterious realm clue, that Refiners Scroll that you obtained perhaps also stems from his hand.” That Refiners Scroll in Inheritance Bead, moreover is very abstruse, even if Liu Meng'er cannot understand, Shen Xiang looks at that stele, pours into Divine Sense toward inside, but was actually prevented by strength outside. In this stele has the thing!” Long Xueyi said.

A Shen Xiang stele palm pats vigorously, stele splits immediately, his another palm hits, stele broke to pieces, but inside fell a black iron box! Shen Xiang, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are excited, because in that iron box likely has the world's first mysterious realm clue. Shen Xiang takes up this palm of the hand big small iron box carefully to look that discovered above has tiny hole, just can insert that the key, his hastily turns on the iron box the key with that then saw beast skin, launches opens, this is a very detailed map. Shen Xiang carefully looks at the map, the heartbeat more and more quickly, because he can affirm that this enters that first Mysterious Realm map, but must enter Mysterious Realm to wait for very long a period of time, because that Mysterious Realm opens needs to be separated very long time. Works as dark devour to be bright, the goalkeeper of Sun Moon Island above Mysterious Realm will open!” Shen Xiang seems chewing these words: What is this?” Solar eclipse!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou said in unison. Shen Xiang understood immediately: When can that arrive? This Sun Moon Island probably in our Mortal Martial World!” Does not know, is not too quick arrives at the time, will initiate the indication around one year, when the time comes hurries to Sun Moon Island not to be late again.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang just received the good map, then hears the sound that Stone Gate opens, this enters this medicine garden another passage, is that road that Lu Family start out.

Walks quickly!” Long Xueyi hastily shouted. Shen Xiang moves sideways to enter in the iron gate immediately, at this time the iron gate closed automatically, but also has sent out a sound and vibration, he just went out several steps, hears behind the iron gate in that medicine garden to transmit one to roar, entire Medicine King Mountain follows that to roar to shiver. Shen Xiang left the cave fast, now unexpectedly is at noon, he and dragon blood so were unknowingly long on the past in that medicine garden. Has about five True Martial Realm 5th Stage people to come toward you really! Moreover Peak Realm......” the Long Xueyi's words have not said that Shen Xiang sees several people from fly to all directions, but the airborne also threatening pressure lowers. Good evil looking True Qi!” Shen Xiang guessed that Peak Realm is in Lu Family strongest martial artist, was being surrounded by these people, Shen Xiang is very difficult to escape, he stimulates to movement in Black Tortoise Divine Art immediately Water Escape. His suddenly has emitted a puddle, after these one arrives, he completely fell into the puddle, ran away in a river near this following a place bottom waterway, this has also drained his Black Tortoise True Qi. Shen Xiang is wears the black clothed to bring mask, these people have not seen his appearance, since he displays that Water Escape, should be able to find out not long is he, because he had displayed. Returns to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Shen Xiang expanded his yard first, turned into very big medicine garden that then spirit tree that picks from Medicine King Mountain and some did not have maturity spirit grass(es) spirit flower to plant these completely, this has used he all day time. Ten Metal Spirit Fruit Tree, ten Thousand Vein Fruit Tree, three Azure Profound Fruit Tree, Nine Sun Flame Tree and also some Fire Spirit Grass under Nine Sun Flame Tree, moreover at the same time is that five colors Lotus Flower, these were quite precious herbs.

If five colors lotus Master Hua uses above lotus seed to come alchemy, lotus seed on this five colors Lotus Flower can use, but Shen Xiang did not have collection uneven Five Elements True Elemental Dan now, therefore material, therefore he picks the planter these lotus seed completely, he must plant multi-. golden dragon saliva that Shen Xiang concise comes out now dilutes to the water in unifies to water this small medicine garden inside strange flowers different grass, for all that the speed of but growing is very quick. After finishing these, Shen Xiang has eaten up five grains of Building Foundation Dan, then starts to practice, although he has many Building Foundation Dan, but actually cannot eat the practice continuously, otherwise the foundation will not be steady. Whenever after he breaks through, he will exit informed and experienced, or is alchemy, the True Qi utilization of familiar new stage, stable Realm, in order to avoid the foundation is not steady. Shen Xiang knows that outside had certainly many matters, but he has not actually gone to inquire, even if some people knock on a door, he does not go, the wholly-absorbed practice or plants his spirit herb. At this time he has entered into True Martial Realm 3rd Stage, altogether 150 grains of true element grains glittering have the ray, that full True Qi makes him be ready to make trouble, wishes one could to exit to have a advanced assignment to try the strength immediately, but he bore. Because he wants practice Divine Dao! Divine Soul in his Sea of Consciousness is infant state, he must make this Infant Soul expand fast, then makes Long Xueyi teach him to practice Divine Dao, helping him obtain more formidable strength. To make the Infant Soul fast strong method have one, refines Elemental Spirit Dan! In his hand has Raising Soul Grass and Divine Spirit Flower! He currently has over a hundred Elemental Spirit Dan materials, this is he obtains in that Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm.