World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 221
Bai Youyou had not replied immediately that her unexpectedly was considering, explained she also wants to bet, she is not the alchemy master, when acts bashful uncertain Shen Xiang can succeed number of times not over hundred times that is defeated. I consider as finished, when I have the full assurance said again!” Bai Youyou had considered, has rejected the Shen Xiang's invitation. She has profound Yin Divine Vein, mainly cultivates ice cold True Qi, moreover she cultivates that to let Ruthless Devil Art that the person refuses to acknowledge family, therefore she is usually icy, but Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao know under her ice-cold semblance , will be happy, will be excited, will care about the person, will understand the laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness. Therefore Su Meiyao very much felt relieved that she does not think this and are bound by a common destiny many years of Senior Sister to make same mistakes over again, takes her Master old route, turns into a homicidal maniac demon of refusing to acknowledge family. Su Meiyao also has to acknowledge that Bai Youyou with these days of Shen Xiang contact, was having very big transformation. Shen Xiang is somewhat disappointed, but is very excited, he has rubbed rubbing hands, the spirit is full, like was hit the chicken blood. He continues alchemy, he must succeed to refine that Elemental Spirit Dan, moreover failure cannot over 100 times. A day passed by, Shen Xiang failed ten times, was still failed by devour that checkpoint in Divine Sense, this makes Su Meiyao secretly excited, she also has certainly refined Elemental Spirit Dan, although she does not have Divine Soul, but actually needs to promote Divine Sense, eats Elemental Spirit Dan is the best way. She refined Elemental Spirit Dan in the past time, failed more than 600 times, at that time was almost depressed makes her spit blood. Also passed for day, Shen Xiang failed ten times, is still that attains on the checkpoint! His paternal grandmother, does father want to work as Yun Xiaodao and squinted dragon surface really kisses that dead fatty?” Shen Xiang starts not to be calm, if failed, he must make one to endure to compare into the Hell matter. In the ring hears the Su Meiyao giggle tender laughter, over the two days, she, so long as thinks after Shen Xiang lost, that matter that does, smiles on the mindless tenderness, this is she for these years the happiest day. Is unworthy, Sister Meiyao you, if lost only with my this were also dashing, handsome man kiss mouth that Yushu faced the wind. But if I lost, actually own Zhu Rong this pig!” Shen Xiang's takes the hand of herbs to shiver, if lost that to be beyond redemption, naturally, if will win will be very crisp. But now he thought that he lost!

He He, this is you brings upon oneself! Who makes you that want to kiss me!” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly. Although Bai Youyou does not make noise, does not smile, but secretly was actually anticipating victory and defeat result time, she also wants to have a look at that funny one. Shen Xiang shook the head, he knows, if lost, meets has a bad dream every day. Had ten opportunities!” In the Shen Xiang heart told itself, must win. Night, Shen Xiang long implored one breath, he failed 98 times. You also had two opportunities!” Su Meiyao happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang at this time is very serious, he cannot be defeated, he does not have again and Su Meiyao speaks, sinks the heart to rest, moreover in the mind is playbacking the instance of that failure, he must find the key! After rest, Shen Xiang both eyes glittering the ray, he is investing herbs self-confidently skilled, then starts to set on fire the refinement, time little in the past, but Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace actually still tranquil, this is the successful indication, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou secretly is also surprised. When Su Meiyao clenches teeth secretly, in Shen Xiang's pill furnace erupts a dull thumping sound, exploded the furnace, this made Su Meiyao deliver the one breath immediately, then giggle smiled. Shen Xiang not desperate, his also opportunity, moreover he in stepped over that ridge a moment ago, now finally is congealing pill that to be defeated instantaneously. From that failure, he can encounter the reason a moment ago.

He has rested slightly, invests herbs toward Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace in once more, earnestly and is refining calmly, removes the distracting thoughts, concentrating on looks at pill furnace inside situation. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace has been very steady, at this time the Shen Xiang forehead emitted the bean big beads of sweat, because arrived has congealed pill's key. Concentrates pill time, spiritual power of that gang of without owner is hot tempered, in this Elemental Spirit Dan some are only pure spiritual power, because was actually extruded together, but is tyrannical, might explode anytime, this will be equal to compressing True Qi is the same. However now what Shen Xiang compresses is spiritual power, therefore he will be counter-attacked by that spiritual power very much easily, making his headache want to crack, has absent-minded slightly, will fall short, therefore refines Elemental Spirit Dan time, concentrates pill is also very unendurable a checkpoint, naturally, if Divine Sense is very strong, does not have what pressure. Su Meiyao fully realizes this point, she concluded that Shen Xiang's Divine Sense also slightly has insufficient, therefore she dares to bet, although she can step over devour Divine Sense that pass/test to feel quickly shocking to Shen Xiang, but she affirms Shen Xiang unable , when the 100 th time succeeds. Shen Xiang's is painful, when he felt one must unable to support, Divine Dao Infant Soul in his Sea of Consciousness has opened the small eye, has exuded a clear cry, continuous Divine Sense suddenly wells up, making him full of energy, immediately suppresses that grain of Building Foundation Dan with that vast Divine Sense. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that has been swaying violently is tranquil immediately, at this time Shen Xiang entered has congealed pill finally that step, can come here, explained that Shen Xiang leaves successfully is not far. What Shen Xiang is surprised, that Divine Dao Infant Soul unexpectedly at crucial moment his, but gives back to him to provide that many Divine Sense, he looks in Divine Dao Infant Soul small baby now. Now he was unable complete control this small baby, if possible, he to have powerful Divine Sense, according to Long Xueyi said that so long as can arrive with the situation of Divine Soul true fusion, he can enter into the Divine Dao first ridge truly. Elemental Spirit Dan was one furnace one grain, Su Meiyao says generally most has been able two grains, but she has not actually refined, the Shen Xiang first refinement, in order to succeeds, naturally tasted trial to make one grain first, but this was also very difficult, making him be defeated 99 times! So long as the failure over 100 times, he does not win!

Su Meiyao is biting the lip lightly, in the past for serveral days she was smiling all day, but actually cannot smile now, on the face also completely blushes. Senior Sister, what to do! I...... I a little feared!” Su Meiyao by said in the Bai Youyou's bosom. Did not exit to result in!” Although Bai Youyou has not smiled, but in look actually full is to rejoice in other people's misfortune. „It is not good, will be despised me by this brat.” Su Meiyao shakes the head to say. That goes to kiss with him, does not give on him!” The Bai Youyou corners of the mouth raise slightly, although smiles somewhat stiffly, but is beautiful. Su Meiyao pretty face one red, she has not thought that Bai Youyou unexpectedly can say such open words to come, she is charmingly angry: Senior Sister, you are laughing at me!” This is you brings upon oneself! You usually so are in any case intimate with this brat, what does not have with his kiss, you had not said you very do like his? His strength was weak.” Bai Youyou said. At this time Su Meiyao heard Shen Xiang that very disgusting evil laughter. Sister Meiyao, I built up Elemental Spirit Dan, you hurried to take a bath, put on the beautiful point with my kiss mouth!”