World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 223
Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong open the jade box time, was frightened like Zhu Rong, they know certainly that Shen Xiang has also given Zhu Rong two grains of Building Foundation Dan, gets rid on six grains of Building Foundation Dan, this made them, Shen Xiang also pick many Building Foundation Dan surprisedly. Hehe, altogether five hundred thousand crystal stones, do you buy?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, for made in their hearts feel sorry, Shen Xiang must take back crystal stones. You have many me to want many!” Zhu Rong hastily shouted. Get lost your!” Yun Xiaodao ridicules saying: Naturally buys, but can again little?” You bargained back and forth with me unexpectedly, was really proximity to pitch makes you black!” Shen Xiang looked at Zhu Rong, said with a smile. Zhu Rong curls the lip saying: Any proximity to pitch makes you black, this is one is good to be familiar with.” But Xu Weilong very agile put out five hundred thousand crystal stones to give Shen Xiang, he sighed lightly: This was I just saved, did not have all of a sudden.” Shen Xiang's Building Foundation Dan is very useful to them, can help them obtain massive True Qi quickly. After they have walked into a giant courtyard, then sees hundred people here, these are Extreme Martial Sect can gather True Martial Realm, entire Extreme Martial Sect also on more than hundred comes True Martial Realm martial artist, therefore True Martial Realm are not many on this Chenwu Mainland, but in Shen Xiang last present Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm extinguished over a hundred, this so huge talent, makes people feel to shock until now. In the past few days our Righteous Path the negotiations of sect and devil path sects had the result! But the condition, is is about good because of Southern Wasteland makes war, the combatant must be under True Martial Realm 5th Stage, will enter the Southern Wasteland person to face the life and death fight, will stay the last two months in the south wild mountain range, finally which one side disciple will fortunately survive to win many!” Gu Dongchen said. Wu Kaiming then said: righteous path sects must send out 50 disciples, the Devil Path disciple is also so, our Extreme Martial Sect needs to send out ten disciples.” True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect lost before seriously, therefore cannot send out too, naturally must send out to be many some disciples as Chenwu Mainland first big sect's Extreme Martial Sect.

devil path sects must show that their nest also has very big potential in that small Devil Province, once they win, our Righteous Path is going to provide the large amounts of resources to them, if Devil Path expands, has very big threat to our Righteous Path Union.” The Wu Kaiming expression said heavily. Under True Martial Realm 5th Stage, including 5th Stage can participate, does anyone of you go? This fight danger(ous), had slightly will die carelessly.” Gu Dongchen looks at following these discuss spiritedly True Martial Realm, many under True Martial Realm 5th Stage, but actually also nobody stands now. Shen Xiang shouted: Calculates my one!” Recognition Extreme Martial Sect first young expert, Shen Xiang must certainly get a good head, this makes many elders secretly nod, but Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming somewhat were worried that this Young Martial Uncle, they know these Devil Path Martial Artist are not affable. Moreover in Southern Wasteland also the unusual bad risk, is becoming famous Danger Zone. I also go!” Yun Xiaodao shouted. Afterward Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong indicated to go, they may be these days just entered True Martial Realm, had such courage, pouring makes many people admire secretly. I register!” The person of speech is Yao Haisheng, the Shen Xiang's apprentice, now had five people, moreover is the Shen Xiang relationship good person. I also go, cannot be inferior by the young people.” A middle age said with a smile slightly, this was Hao Dongqing, the Zhu Rong uncle. Also misses four people, but Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen are not satisfied to this result, the person majority that because registers are the young people, martial arts that the story needs will not have these old rich, the young people to go only to suffer a loss, naturally, Shen Xiang will be an exception. Other Martial Courtyard cowards? The present six people are No. 15 Martial Courtyard!” The Yun Xiaodao taunt said.

„, No. 1 Martial Courtyard that group of fellows, your clearly blind this digital that good Martial Courtyard.” Zhu Rong also jokes. Many people think that must go with devil path sects that crowd of savage sinister fellow fights, in the heart not to want, at this time they were ridiculed by these young people, although in heart angry, but is still silent. At this time a peace, but also misses four people, may actually nobody continue to register, in the Gu Dongchen heart gets angry slightly, he has not thought that the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples are such spiritless, is inferior to some young people. Gu Dongchen does not want to force others, but he also has no alternative now, when he just must speak, Shen Xiang said: Dean, how long time does the distance make war also?” Three months!” Gu Dongchen said. That remaining four people give me, three months later, I can bring four True Martial Realm sees you!” Shen Xiang also said. Gu Dongchen brow micro wrinkle, said: What you said is really?” Naturally real, but we go all out, after coming back, a little reward what?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. This is definitely has!” Gu Dongchen said: Good, now the quota has decided that will not change again!” Shen Xiang shouted: Dean, if we can live coming back, can give us a bronze medal disciple and silver medal warrior title?” The Shen Xiang's words let those present slightly heart movement, if can attain these two titles, can directly enter King Martial Courtyard.

Zhu Rong they secretly are excited, is waiting for the reply of Gu Dongchen. Gu Dongchen had considered, looked at Wu Kaiming, sees only Wu Kaiming to nod. Does not have the issue, you can live coming back, rewards million crystal stones, everyone five hundred True Elemental Dan, bronze medal disciple and silver medal warrior title!” Gu Dongchen loudly said, this makes Yun Xiaodao they overturn the heavens immediately happily, but they must live are coming back to be good. Yao Haisheng and Hao Dongqing anticipated very much can obtain this reward, but they do not think like these young people that simply, because they fully realize the great strength of these Devil Path Martial Artist. Breaks up, these three months, our Elder Courtyard will use instructs you fully, making you prepare sufficient!” Gu Dongchen said. At this time many people somewhat regretted, because that reward too has really enticed, moreover can be under the vigorously instruction of Elder Courtyard before going! Haisheng, these three months other your alchemy!” Shen Xiang said that Yao Haisheng now is the True Martial Realm 4th Stage strength. Shen Xiang, where do you go to look for another four True Martial Realm? Should not be 1st Stage!” Hao Dongqing asked that if were 1st Stage, will then affect their overall strengths, Hao Dongqing was True Martial Realm 5th Stage, the strength was quite intrepid, in Extreme Martial Sect also known. Uncle Hao, you felt relieved, they will be weaker, but will not hold back.” Shen Xiang said that then and Yun Xiaodao they depart. Before Shen Xiang made Yun Xiaodao seek is worth winning over, being worth the person of cultivation, Yun Xiaodao finding five vigorously, Shen Xiang sees these five people now.