World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 224
These five people have two to carry out the task outside not to come back, therefore has three people. Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao they conscientiously have investigated these five people, moreover observed very long a period of time, is very high to their appraisals. In a small hall, Shen Xiang looks at three young men, two are the big fellows, moreover appearance some same, this is two brothers, another person seems like a poor and pedantic student, although puts on very simply, but is very neat, on the face is also having a temperate smiling face. Two guy were called Lei Xionglin and one to call Lei Zhong. Lei Xionglin is a big brother, is a valiant straightforward guy, spoke time was somewhat uncouthly, his younger brother Lei Zhong was a simple and honest honest guy, the words were usually few, will not speak, but was diligent, otherwise is unable to become Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer martial artist. Male named Lian Mingdong of that student appearance, is a very astute person, had made many goods in Tianmen City, but this type astute is also wanted to win over his person to worry by some, because was worried that will be planned, but Shen Xiang did not fear. Lei Xionglin, Lei Zhong and Lian Mingdong know that they were invited here reason, this is some people must win over them, this matter they have also experienced several times, but had not won over finally, because they do not have the background. In sect, wins over the person the time, generally must think whether he has the background, if the good family backgrounds, are the son of small family inside disciple or any big merchant, such situation will be quite easy to win over. But Shen Xiang now is actually not this, because such person of winning over will not be loyal and devoted to him, even is easier to betray. The Shen Xiang's given name likes thunder reverberating in one's ears in Extreme Martial Sect, some people dislike him, some people like him, admires him, but majority are to envy him. Now Lei Xionglin they can see in this Extreme Martial Sect great person, in the heart somewhat is excited and surprised.

I rubbish, although we are first meeting, but I think that we should know, I had investigated you, but also asked you not to mind.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Because after I think, can many several right-hand.” Lian Mingdong gawked slightly, looked at Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong, they were the same kind of people, therefore their three were the good friends, they somewhat were surprised. „Are you willing to mix with us? Happy, is willing to want, is not willing, mutually to know as for anything that is the later matter.” Yun Xiaodao said. Yun Xiaodao Zhu Rong they are young True Martial Realm , is very certainly famous in Extreme Martial Sect, moreover they are the juniors of respected family. Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong have looked at each other one, can have a such good influence to win over them, they are certainly happy, but at this time their in the look actually full is helpless. Lian Mingdong said: Shen Senior Brother can the great kindness invite us to ally, we are deeply grateful, is only the present...... We exited to carry out the task before time, had the conflict with the gang, but also died two companions.” Zhu Rong said with a smile: „Are you worry can implicate us?” Lian Mingdong nodded: Right, I know several Senior Brother young promising, but......” Lei Xionglin exclaimed at this time: Let alone, we walked, our matters we solve!” Lei Zhong they are smiling to Shen Xiang: We, if joins your associations, we will bring to you troublesome, sorry.”

Xu Weilong coldly said: Any person and you conflict, but also has massacred your companions! Although we do not have what friendship with you, but your manners make us admire, therefore wants with your solid, to build the great undertaking!” Shen Xiang sighed: I have not guessed that wrong words, should be the Extreme Martial Sect's disciple! For you this matter go all out with them, wastes own life simply, I have an opportunity to make you go to and Devil Path Martial Artist fight with all might, that is the object who you should fight with all might!” Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong whole body shakes, Lei Xionglin said: What opportunity?” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, because on material demonstrated that the village that Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong are was destroyed completely by Devil Path Martial Artist, therefore they hate Devil Path. We, since called you, trusted you, if you disappointed us, only considered us to misread the person! Extreme Martial Sect must send out ten disciples to go to a place and devil path sects disciple immediately meets, I wanted three quotas for you, but you have not arrived at True Martial Realm!” The Shen Xiang's words held Lei Xionglin they, they are different from others, most people hear and want Devil Path Martial Artist to make war, many people worried that especially these cross natural person very, they worried that their life was ruined, likes in them is the Devil Path compromise, enjoys the Chenwu Mainland above resources with Devil Path together. But major righteous sect Dean understand that what person Devil Path Martial Artist is, if makes them expand, then on Chenwu Mainland the common people and Righteous Path martial artist will not have the auspicious day, to suppress Devil Path, must fight. Shen Xiang has put out six grains of Building Foundation Dan, said: I can each of you two grains of Building Foundation Dan, be able to become True Martial Realm look at your good fortunes!” „After you step into True Martial Realm, if wanted and I do together, as you like then, but you cannot certainly in these cowards like Extreme Martial Sect, not dare to go to battle with Devil Path!” Shen Xiang places on that six grains of Building Foundation Dan the tabletop. Lian Mingdong, Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong were shocked, their unbelievable looks at that six grains of Building Foundation Dan, let alone they, even if Yun Xiaodao they cannot help but is surprised, Shen Xiang just had given them Building Foundation Dan, but puts out six grains now.

This Building Foundation Dan does not give for nothing your, you later must give back to us, I will sell according to grain of two hundred thousand crystal stones, you thought, can repay this brush debt the words, takes away!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Five hundred thousand crystal stones said that were many, says little much, but can enter the True Martial Realm words, was not difficult to get so far as, but required some time. The Lian Mingdong three people respectively took two grains of Building Foundation Dan, they feel grateful looks at Shen Xiang, they set firm resolve, pledge to fight to the death to follow Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang gave them one became the expert opportunity, otherwise depending on their such family backgrounds, has not known that must lord knows when be able to enter into True Martial Realm to anything, will pass away in Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer! „After entering into True Martial Realm, immediately looks for Elder Wu, making them arrange you, when the time comes you said that is my Shen Xiang makes you look his, you eat one grain first, if a grain can break through, remaining grains keeps to attack 2nd Stage the time.” Shen Xiang was urging them seriously. Lei Xionglin they have not said anything, but holds the fist in the other hand to Shen Xiang, they departs with Yun Xiaodao, the obligation did not say thanks, they can only feel grateful Shen Xiang with the motion. Also missed a person, Shen Xiang can only return to Extreme Dan King Courtyard to look for Elder Dan, Wu Qianqian was the best candidate, he worried that was hidden stubbornly by Elder Dan.