World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 225
Returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Shen Xiang just to knock the Elder Dan's door, saw only the Elder Dan's sound to transmit from inside. „Are you look for Wu Qianqian's?” Elder Dan opened the door, asked. Shen Xiang nodded: Now also misses a person!” Tomorrow I will lead her to look for the Dean Boss, when the time comes you must lead to me her!” Elder Dan said. Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang smiled, then hastily leaves, he returned to his secret room, has put out that grain of Elemental Spirit Dan, although has one grain, but was enough regarding he very immature Divine Soul. These time goes to Southern Wasteland and Devil Path Martial Artist goes all out, making his pressure somewhat big, he knows that these devil path sects are is not a vegetarian, the person who sends will not be certainly weak. But Extreme Martial Sect does not force Yu people, voluntarily goes to battle, therefore True Martial Realm 5th Stage these expert have not exited, because they fully realized that the Devil Path Martial Artist formidable place, in their opinion, Shen Xiang these young people are also only bring death, let alone now must go to Southern Wasteland, that is Danger Zone that on Chenwu Mainland ranks among the best. dragon brat, I, if just started to practice Divine Dao, will have what kind of strength?” Shen Xiang asked that regarding Divine Dao this aspect, he it can be said that knew nothing. That must look at you to study any Divine Ability.” Long Xueyi said: Divine Ability uses Divine Soul strength in the Divine Soul condition, resembles these Divine Martial Skill that you said that the truth is similar, is only Divine Ability very little and very few, I grasp five now.” The Shen Xiang brow wrinkled, the Dragon Clan inheritance memory is huge, but Long Xueyi also has five Divine Ability, Shen Xiang sees only she has used 72 Transformations Divine Ability, turns into the small rabbit, small squirrel anything, the feeling use is not very big. Your should Divine Ability not be that 72 Transformations?” Asking that Shen Xiang despises, if no Divine Ability, Divine Soul that then cultivates can also expand Divine Sense, is unable to display Divine Soul strength.

Do not despise 72 Transformations, I understand the voice change, changes the appearance, turns into some small creature to hide itself, this is very fierce! This Divine Ability is listed as different Divine Ability, rank before!” Long Xueyi said tenderly. Shen Xiang thinks that truly thought this is very fierce, asked: If I have practiced, I can link fleshly body at the same time change?” Naturally, after you practice Divine Dao, enters into 2nd Stage, making your Divine Soul long and you equally is big, then fuses with your fleshly body, when the time comes your fleshly body will carry on to change along with Divine Soul, but you must arrive at my this degree of words, but also has a long way to go.” Long Xueyi said spiritedly. Shen Xiang is slightly excited, sighed: Quite mysterious!” Nonsense, will otherwise not call these is Divine Soul, Divine Ability, Divine Dao.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has swallowed that Elemental Spirit Dan, what makes his surprised is, this Elemental Spirit Dan unexpectedly builds up quickly, has spirits, emerges in his Sea of Consciousness, Infant Soul also crazy devour in his Sea of Consciousness these spirits. Infant Soul devour massive spirits, fast is growing up, Shen Xiang can obvious sees that originally only then 1 or 2-year-old baby is increasing slowly. Here Elemental Spirit Dan should be able to enable your Divine Soul all of a sudden long to 5 or 6-year-old like this, when the time comes to start to practice Divine Ability, in three months, should be able to make you learn several in 72 Transformations change, are aggressive very strong Divine Ability, are Divine Sense and True Qi coordinate the utilization.” Long Xueyi said. Unknowingly, Divine Soul in Shen Xiang Sea of Consciousness had 4 or 5-year-old was like this big, he can feel that now he and this Divine Soul has one type closely the joint feeling, but this is not considered as that the true fusion, the true fusion must fuse together with his fleshly body, this can make in Divine Soul that mysterious strength change his fleshly body, can make him ever changing. Divine Soul grows up grows up like the person, very small time anything does not understand, but along with grows up gradually, has to open the spirit wisdom, at this time was to also fuse the best opportunity.

Hurries to fuse, if misses the opportunity, later fused is difficult.” Long Xueyi hurriedly said, she can see Shen Xiang's Sea of Consciousness directly. How can do?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. You were thinking specially must fuse that's alright.” Shen Xiang defers to Long Xueyi's to do immediately, was thinking specially must let Divine Soul and fleshly body fusion, slowly, his body starts glittering intermittent golden light, a strange feeling is flooding his whole body. Ten days pass by, Shen Xiang long implored the one breath, looks at own hands and feet, he made his finger move, this type was not his fleshly body control, but was Divine Soul! Even if now with one medicine his fleshly body paralysis, he equally active, because his fleshly body can go with two ways, one type like makes fleshly body that the normal person has one's wish move, but another type controls with Divine Sense. Shen Xiang sits cross-legged to sit in the ground, his took a deep breath, is controlling fleshly body with that mysterious Divine Soul slightly float, saw only his both legs to leave the ground slowly, float in midair! Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang suddenly laughs: This feeling was too crisp, is this Divine Dao?” The attention Shen Xiang's situation that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou these ten days have concentrated on, can see a person to step into Divine Dao step by step, is rarely seen, if, they have the opportunity to contact Divine Dao, has very big help to them. Right, but you now are not best by your Divine Soul departs from the body, because your Divine Soul is too weak, is only a kid, I can pinch you casually!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly.

Shen Xiang nodded, that Divine Soul is quite same in his soul, but can practice, can become more formidable. When then I can let my Divine Soul departs from the body?” Shen Xiang asked excitedly, thinks that feeling, he thought very crisp. Best and other Divine Soul has the Nirvana Realm strength, naturally, had the True Martial Realm five 6th Stage strengths to be also OK, but the premise should not be discovered compared with you very strong person by some strengths, otherwise they attacked your Divine Soul, you could not escape have troubled, if serious, will cause your soul destroyed, light also will let your Divine Soul by seriously the wound.” Long Xueyi said: Therefore you should better are honest staying in fleshly body, Divine Soul and fleshly body same great strength, that is fierce, otherwise our Dragon Clan does not need concise fleshly body to break the shell.” Shen Xiang took on the Divine Dao road one step, this makes him very happy, he took a bath, then hastily leaves Extreme Dan King Courtyard, looks Yun Xiaodao they, how he wants to have a look at Lei Xionglin they. Shen Xiang steps into the hall, saw Lian Mingdong, Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong three people, their facial expression are very good, on the face full is a joyful smiling face, they see Shen Xiang to arrive, stands up. Sees their facial expressions, Shen Xiang not to need to investigate knows that they have entered into True Martial Realm, he he he smiles: Congratulates three to enter into True Martial Realm!”