World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 226
These days is somewhat busy, therefore refresh time is uncertain, but at least will renew three chapters every day! Lei Xionglin said with a smile: This is Shen Senior Brother gives us Building Foundation Dan, can allow us to enter True Martial Realm, is really deeply grateful.” Lian Mingdong said: Shen Senior Brother, the obligation did not say thanks, later had the place that anything could help, although made noise that's alright.” Lei Zhong smiles: „I am not good with the brain, but I have strength, later I will certainly repay Shen Senior Brother.” Yun Xiaodao they are admiring the Shen Xiang's method secretly, these three little brothers may be True Martial Realm, moreover now is loyal and devoted to Shen Xiang, or knows the little brother who others receive generally is Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer these, although can receive much, but actually cannot go against True Martial Realm 1st Stage. Shen Xiang he he smiles, asks: „Have you eaten several grains of Building Foundation Dan?” „A grain!” Lian Mingdong they have eaten one grain, this explained that their potential are very big, is only continuously in the Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer bottleneck, if cultivates again diligently for several 20 years, even if no Building Foundation Dan to enter into True Martial Realm. You in! Dean makes us go to the set.” Hao Dongqing walked. Lian Mingdong they enter into True Martial Realm 2-3 days ago, early has seen Wu Kaiming and Dean, but they just entered into the True Martial Realm new person, such goes to that Southern Wasteland, can very danger(ous).

The Shen Xiang's original intention does not certainly make three new people go all out, goes to Southern Wasteland, not only contends in martial arts, otherwise does not use Southern Wasteland, found a safe place to hit that's alright casually, went to there to survive, on the Southern Wasteland dull two months, which side finally living the person many won. Therefore goes to the there biggest challenge to survive, survives in Danger Zone, the avoidance chases down, this is important, moreover Shen Xiang thinks that now does not understand why must go to Southern Wasteland, this is Devil Path proposes. In the Wu Kaiming courtyard, Shen Xiang their ten people here, he also saw Wu Qianqian, is only because of several elders and Dean here, their also non- aspect talked. Person were uneven! Oh, said, this line of unusual bad risks, especially just entered True Martial Realm soon young people regarding your.” Gu Dongchen sighed. Elder Dan said: Or I go to call the fellow who these are afraid of getting into trouble timidly, going of ten True Martial 5th Stage are the most formidable lineups!” Gu Dongchen shakes the head: Does not use, other sect are the faction is not necessarily strongest, Devil Path these fellows possibly will not send out any fierce person to go, everybody knows that this contest is Devil Path proposed, the time place was they said that moreover the goal did not compete the strength, but can live for a long time compared with whom.” The Wu Kaiming nod said: If compared with the strength, these Devil Path disciples does not have the big assurance to exceed us, otherwise does not need so greatly to go through the complications! They proposed that place of competition in the south wild mountain range, possibly is their adaptiveness is very strong, moreover they can also use inside topography and various danger(ous) sneak attack our people.” Shen Xiang said: Right, perhaps does not use their fight, some people will die in inside, if their survivability compared with us, finally they can live completely, they won! Such one, they already can exceed the person who they are stronger than with ease, can make the enemy side die some True Martial Realm.” Gu Dongchen said: Therefore we go to time goes do not think and opposite party goes all out, if naturally the opposite party completes the order form, everybody massacres the person of opposite party on set all strength, but must pay attention whether is the trap that the opposite party sets up!”

„The population that in righteous path sects, our Extreme Martial Sect goes to are most, Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect only arrange four people, Danxiang Taoyuan and various Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire faction seven people, remaining Lotus Island, Icewind Valley and Proud Sword Sect send six people.” Wu Kaiming said: Your ten people arrive there, the division of labor and cooperation, Shen Xiang must leave you, this fellow is the stirring up trouble essence, moreover posted a reward 1500 million crystal stones, no matter Righteous Path or Devil Path, stubbornly are staring at him!” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth are twitching slightly, but Wu Kaiming they make him such do are also very right, otherwise he will implicate the whole, Yun Xiaodao and Lei Xionglin their some do not want, because they worship Shen Xiang, wants to rush to the world with Shen Xiang, but they must listen to the Gu Dongchen words. Shen Xiang your go it alone, you have Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, moreover fights the experience to be rich, has killed many strengths the person who you are stronger than! Your goal is to go to there kills Devil Path Martial Artist, simultaneously protects other sect's disciples, seeing the righteous path sects disciple to be attacked, you obtain the palm reading to rescue! Another nine people must together, unable to separate, in the following three months, we will train you, making them act in harmony.” Gu Dongchen said. Shen Xiang suddenly thinks that Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley can send Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan? They are in young one generation the strength are very strong, is the key trained objects in sect. Shen Xiang is somewhat contradictory, on the one hand they like them being able to go, this can meet with them, but was worried at the same time they attend the meeting danger(ous), thinks it over, he thought that they do not go well, because of too danger(ous), he prayed that Liu Meng'er do not put them. Was good, now you go to a secret place to train with Elder Lao, Shen Xiang remains, we have the matter to tell him.” Gu Dongchen said. Yun Xiaodao their nine people leave with humpbacked old man, after they walk away, Wu Kaiming said: Young Martial Uncle, how you are looked for three initially to enter True Martial Realm all of a sudden, you such do will only kill them, their three may be foundation is good.” Definitely was Young Martial Uncle has given them Building Foundation Dan.” Elder Dan said in the one side. Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen do not know that Shen Xiang is the Building Foundation Dan wealthy and powerful family, does not know that Shen Xiang can refine Building Foundation Dan. The words that the Building Foundation Dan quantity in the Shen Xiang hand grasping passes on, can make entire Chenwu Mainland shiver.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming can think that immediately Shen Xiang is training own influence, such does not have anything not to be right. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Was open about the facts you saying that this Martial Uncle understood to refine Building Foundation Dan, if you wanted, I can a convenient point sell to you, five hundred thousand crystal stones grains, wanted to me squeek.” What?” Gu Dongchen was startled to shout, Shen Xiang understood unexpectedly refined Building Foundation Dan! Wu Kaiming also dumbfounded looks at Shen Xiang, he and Gu Dongchen, although not alchemy, but actually knows that refines Building Foundation Dan to be very difficult, must first have enough material to come the ruined family for the alchemy master. This is real!” Elder Dan coldly snorted, but in the heart secretly has actually smiled, Shen Xiang clarifies in black Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, she knows that Shen Xiang obtains Building Foundation Dan is very relaxed.