World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 228
Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: That different, I peep you, you do not blame me, does not have life Qi/angry. I for saying these words, to let you and these women cultivate the deeper feelings, I this is for your own good.” Shen Xiang flies into the room, Elder Dan here, he did not guess that in the secret room, the secret room easily does not go, he plans to wait here. Night, Shen Xiang heard sound finally, at this time his magic power has also consumed the larger part, but he thought that this value, he can see the Elder Dan's true colors very much quickly. After Elder Dan walks into the room, first has taken off her black Chinese-style gown, inside wears the snow white long skirt, can see that graceful personal appearance, has taken then down the mask, When Shen Xiang extremely anticipates, Shen Xiang fierce criticizes, because on the Elder Dan's face was being covered by one group of white lights, she so is unexpectedly rigorous, does not make the person see any on her face, this for what? Shen Xiang flew away disappointedly, but Elder Dan actually noted this bird, but thought strange, has not lashed out, but has the meaning of attack. In Shen Xiang heart one startled, picks up the speed to fly away, but this Elder Dan Nirvana Realm, the casualness can rumble to kill him, this frightens his, he decided, did not handle this danger(ous) matter. Ha Ha, knows that feared!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: „After going back, how you should study turn into the turtle.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: I do not change tortoise!”

His present magic power can only change some build is very small, then he studies to turn into the squirrel and mole, this can make him hide in some wilderness. For can be changed by oneself skilled, he has studied for one month, but cannot the instantaneous change like Long Xueyi, he must need several to change instantaneously. Shen Xiang wants to look for Yun Xiaodao they, but actually knew that they are teaching especially, is helpful to enhancing the strength, meanwhile many elders direct them to study some fierce martial arts, observes their shortcomings, and makes them improve. This group of fellows gained really in a big way, can obtain that many old fellow also to direct.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, was watering his small medicine garden inside strange flowers different grass, another two Azure Profound Fruit Tree that he planted have grown up, quick can blossom. Naturally, that five colors Lotus Flower that he plants also starts to germinate, this five colors Lotus Flower and ordinary Lotus Flower are different, can plant with lotus seed, does not need to grow in the water, is mainly absorbs Five Elements Spirit Qi to grow. Elder Dan comes Shen Xiang's medicine garden to examine frequently that she discovered this medicine garden inside Hua Hua carelessly is much longer, she already knows that Shen Xiang has a method to speed up these spirit herb to grow, this is very heaven defying, she knows at this time the no small matter, therefore her to divulge to an outsider, does not protect to Shen Xiang this small medicine garden solid, even if Wu Qianqian cannot come in casually. Other your also goof off, when the time comes must live coming back!” Elder Dan looks at Shen Xiang to water spirit herb, coldly said. Knows that I must defeat you, marries you! Although does not know your appearance, but your stature is good, conforms to my standard.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile.

Elder Dan sees Shen Xiang to be is smiling, does not have slightly the tense feeling appearance, her coldly snorted, then left. After Shen Xiang waters, then returns to the secret room to continue to exercise martial arts, he is familiar with various devil art and divine art, meanwhile prepares to study aggressive Divine Ability. Following Divine Ability named Heavenly Dragon Seal, is in our Dragon Clan one of the very formidable Divine Ability, after displaying, will take away your magic power and some True Qi, then around devour massive Spirit Qi, turns into huge dragon claw, lowers from the sky, displays requires time, the time attack distant place that therefore is only suitable to hide uses.” Long Xueyi said. For study this Divine Ability, Shen Xiang has to leave Extreme Martial Sect, running up to city in mountain forest outside quietly studies, is the same with that 72 Transformations, must stimulate to movement magic power to be mobile in within the body first, forms mysterious spirit pattern, finally is recites the incantation to display, but is different from 72 Transformations, Heavenly Dragon Seal this Divine Ability needs to consume True Qi, at this time Shen Xiang releases massive True Qi, these True Qi in that mysterious magic power shield, can be quietly unexpectedly, fluttering that does not drain to the upper air of distant place on, afterward starts devour all around Spirit Qi. Recited the incantation!” Long Xueyi shouted. Shen Xiang hastily recited the incantation, but read does not permit, finally failed, he failed more than 30 times, if were not he has massive True Elemental Dan to restore to come, he cannot attempt continuously. Shen Xiang stayed in the remote mountain had one month, daytime studied to release that Heavenly Dragon Seal, in the evening cultivated at the same time on condense that golden dragon saliva, he did not have goof off, this was in order to survives in that Southern Wasteland. In the evening, the cloud layer of upper air is surging, if not pay attention specially, very difficult hairstyle massive Spirit Qi in a circumference of several miles reaches as high as toward one hundred zhang (3.33 m) summits wells up, Shen Xiang looks at that mountain in the distant place, the lip is moving slightly, he was reciting the strange incantation.

As the Shen Xiang's mouth stops, on that summit suddenly presented glittering colorful huge dragon claw, but this dragon claw looks like people, above does not only have the scale, but has the curved hook common sharp claws. This is the Heavenly Dragon hand imprint, pressure maliciously from upper air, then the violent pressure on that hundred zhang (3.33 m) high summit, only hears the explosive of bang instantaneously, swaying that ground wants violently, the massive broken putty crushed stones are similar to the smog proliferate toward all around generally, is only the short several instances, that mountain on vanish from sight, had been razed. powerful!” Shen Xiang exclaims dumbfoundedly, True Qi and magic power that he uses are not many, but can actually create so the effect, if he uses some strength, that is more terrifying. Here from Tianmen City is not very far, has the so huge sound, certainly by Extreme Martial Sect will be discovered that Shen Xiang also immediately left, returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Arrives in that small medicine garden, Shen Xiang sees Elder Dan here, Shen Xiang no longer, here is handles by her, she is the alchemy master, naturally knows how to raise these spirit herb, moreover she is more earnest than Shen Xiang, more careful looks, although these spirit herb not her shares. Shen Xiang comes, can see that three Azure Profound Fruit Tree to blossom, quite old opened 50, other two are only 20, regarding this shocking matter, Elder Dan already became accustomed, therefore now not surprised. Next time your exiting time long words, will tell me one, how does nobody look after good?” The Elder Dan expression said of full of blame.