World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 231
Wu Qianqian took pills that she refined, after Shen Xiang saw, cannot help but surprised. True Elemental Dan? This is you refines?” Shen Xiang is taking grain of True Elemental Dan, carefully looks: Quality excellent, does not know that your furnace can leave most grains?” Only can three grains!” Wu Qianqian said that sees Shen Xiang that surprised expression, in her heart was also very happy. Shen Xiang laughed: „My furnace can five grains, you also probably try harder, when your furnace can refine five grains of times, I give you some herbs, making you help me refine True Elemental Dan, your furnace gave me four grains of that's alright, the remaining grains gave you as the reward, the failure calculated my.” But Shen Xiang some massive True Elemental Dan herbs, but he does not have the time to refine, he has the time alchemy words, is refines Building Foundation Dan. He must ask a helper to help him refine relies on quite low pills, if makes others know that he disdains to link True Elemental Dan this rank to be quite high, moreover compared with expensive pills, definitely will be scolded. Wu Qianqian is a very good candidate, will have Fire Spirit, the alchemy time quality will definitely not lower, if she diligently, a furnace will build up five grains slightly is not the issue. Qianqian, High-Grade Spirit Level Dan you can also build up other?” Shen Xiang asked. Wu Qianqian shakes the head saying: This was my limit, but I will try hard, when I can a furnace be able to build up five grains of True Elemental Dan, I helped you build up again.” Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian chatted, shares own alchemy attainment to give her, moreover gave back to her 100 to refine True Elemental Dan herbs. No matter your furnace can refine many, you with one grain, remaining give me , helping my alchemy! This reward is satisfactory!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he knows that Wu Qianqian in the herbs aspect was not very sufficient, but Shen Xiang actually did not lack.

Was very satisfied, my furnace will build up more as far as possible.” Wu Qianqian said very happily that can embrace the good assignment not to be like this easy, many alchemy also in alchemy, extract takes their reward, but she just can refine True Elemental Dan, receives such big bill, this is makes many 3rd Stage alchemy masters envy. These three days are to let these go to the Southern Wasteland disciple to relax, besides Shen Xiang, other people somewhat some anxious, because after going, not only need deal with danger(ous) that in Southern Wasteland hides, but also take to avoid strength strong the disciple being chased down by Devil Path. Ten people gathered in one, Yun Xiaodao that all day was smiling became very serious, besides greeted with Shen Xiang, has not spoken, could see that he was anxious, other people were the same, had a Shen Xiang face to be relaxed. Gu Dongchen has put out huge flying disc, making Shen Xiang they walk, after they come to a stop, then controls flying disc to fly, the speed is quick. This is treasure tool!” Shen Xiang asked that this flying disc above spirit pattern were many, moreover was very complex, after Shen Xiang obtained that Refiners Scroll, slightly had the research in this aspect. Right, is the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress refinement, but this woman black my!” On the Gu Dongchen face reveals a heart pain, this made Shen Xiang smile secretly, he has not thought the beautiful woman who Liu Meng'er this name moved a side unexpectedly was a profiteer. Gu Dongchen they know that Shen Xiang has that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor . Moreover the fierce broadswords, in addition that Vermillion Bird Fire Wings words, maintain life the skill that and escapes it can be said that first-class, therefore they will make Shen Xiang separate with another nine people, the belly moves, actually hunts and kills Devil Path Martial Artist. Although this flying disc speed is fast, compared with Shen Xiang with on Vermillion Bird Fire Wings time quick many, Shen Xiang can see Gu Dongchen also in consumption massive True Qi, other people sit cross-legged on this flying disc, closes one's eyes the adjustment condition. Southern Wasteland south Extreme Martial Sect's, there is a mysterious region, the person of central area Gu Dongchen this rank does not dare arbitrarily to enter.

flying disc flew continuously for three days, finally arrived on a mountain, on this mountain has a smooth place, above is standing many people, place that obviously is better to gather. To!” Gu Dongchen said that other people wake up from the practice, they somewhat are anxious, can only adjust in this way. Snort, big sect is big sect, finally comes!” Together the coldly snorted sound spring, this is the True Martial Sect Tang Yichao sound, previous time he almost by Shen Xiang butchering, therefore he sees Shen Xiang, rises suddenly on murderous aura. Shen Xiang they get down from flying disc, then saw other sect's disciples, the people who the accompaniment disciple comes are Big Shot in sect, is not Dean is the elder. Shen Xiang saw Liu Meng'er, what makes his surprised is, Liu Meng'er behind in that group of disciples, unexpectedly has Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, Xue Xianxian wears one set of black vigor attire, Leng Youlan puts on the black armor, looks like so is aggressive, they were greeting to Shen Xiang. Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean has not come, but Hua Xiangyue actually came, unexpectedly is she leads, obviously status of Hua Xiangyue in Danxiang Taoyuan is how high, but this caresses the outstanding person who flatters monster flexure not to look at Shen Xiang, has not greeted with Shen Xiang, probably does not know to be the same. Shen Xiang relaxed secretly, if Hua Xiangyue and he greeted, he somewhat will be troublesome, after all Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan here. Beast Martial Sect's is one looks like a good guy, this is Beast Martial Sect's new Dean. Lotus Island's Island Master is a polite scholarly, wears the white clothing, the skin fair man, the appearance of that elegant bearing, lets many other sect's female disciple actually once for a while looked at the past. Proud Sword Sect is the manner uncommon middle age, although puts on simple, but an arrogance, at the back of a long sword, in his behind disciple, unexpectedly has a Shen Xiang familiar face, is that Gan Jiujian, Shen Xiang goes to Frost Sword City the time with him has had the conflict.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they see Leng Youlan also to have Xue Xianxian to hit the meaningful glance toward Shen Xiang, is the smile, secretly is envying Shen Xiang, moreover before Shen Xiang had said these words believe in firmly, Xue Xianxian truly is his wife, Leng Youlan is his sworn sister. The Icewind Valley's disciple is gives Liu Meng'er to lead, Icewind Valley and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's relationship major Dean know, since ancient times is very good, therefore they do not think strange. „Doesn't everybody, you want to lose to Devil Path? Otherwise each sect must to their some resources, if Devil Path expands, to our threats, is not no need I saying that everybody understands!” The Gu Dongchen clear and resonant voice said: „The Shen Xiang's strength is everybody is obvious to all, reason that he and some sect disciples becomes enemies, this is not he hopes, was compelled, this you are clearer than me.” In brief he cannot with our dull together, his previous time in Frost Sword City Devil Yang Clan hundred people of squads destroying completely, that was two True Martial Realm 5th Stage, the 3rd Stage 2nd Stage 1st Stage altogether more than ten squads, Devil Yang Clan has despised him, he and our together will only implicate the person.” Proud Sword Sect's Dean coldly said. Although said that but this makes many disciples of coming cannot help but hold breath cold air, is really the man of the hour, a person has destroyed completely that many!