World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 232
Leng Youlan somewhat is not feeling well, because she also has the share. Xianxian, I hewed the dregs a True Martial Realm 5th Stage fellow at that time, Proud Sword Sect this fellow had not mentioned me unexpectedly.” Leng Youlan purses the lips saying that she and Xianxian already together carried on has taught especially, at this time has become integrated with, although their dispositions are different, but actually feels sorry not to have met sooner general, is very congenial. I openly expressed the words, after entering Southern Wasteland, so long as who dares to move Shen Xiang, do not blame me not being impolite! If makes me know, humph, humph, I will not hesitate all, took entire Elder Courtyard to go sect that person of institute was at extinguishing!” Gu Dongchen that ice-cold gloomy sound is bringing murderous aura, lets in many person hearts one cold. Shen Xiang posts a reward 1500 million crystal stones now, Gu Dongchen was also worried that can have other sect's disciples in inside to Shen Xiang fight, so long as he warned, moreover he did not do idle talk, if Shen Xiang had been attacked by the righteous path sects disciple in, he absolutely that sect extinguishing. Some people have cancelled immediately to the Shen Xiang fight thought that in their eyes, Gu Dongchen is a Slaughter God character, because Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm time, Beast Martial Sect's Dean and many Nirvana Realm Big Shot there, they have thought that is Gu Dongchen does, therefore does not suspect the Gu Dongchen words. Shen Xiang, you go to Southern Wasteland advanced, is more careful!” Gu Dongchen said. Yes!” Shen Xiang should say that was a character saying ends, his vanish from sight, the speed quickly must make some Dean secretly exclaim in surprise that they looked to a forest under mountain, saw only the shadow to fly to leap up on these big trees together, Shen Xiang was displaying extremely movement technique, was stepping on the leaf, dashed about wildly. These disciples see Shen Xiang brushing went to the distant place all of a sudden, in the heart has shocked all, in secret and contrasted with Shen Xiang, hairstyle and Shen Xiang have very big disparity, even if now Gu Dongchen does not speak, some people will not be silly attack Shen Xiang, that courted death simply, Shen Xiang did not attack them to calculate well. Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue congealing eyebrow looks the back that Shen Xiang that vanishes, they want to urge Shen Xiang's, because actually the situation does not permit, cannot speak with Shen Xiang, when they want to use Divine Sense, Shen Xiang actually walked. Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian lightly are also biting the lip, looks direction that Shen Xiang vanishes, they want certainly with Shen Xiang together, but they were arranged, is the main forces in squad, is the core, they know that cannot be too selfish, will otherwise let own squad destruction. We cannot fight in isolation, should everybody unite the same place, this is the war for survival, does not go all out, everybody should know!” Gu Dongchen said that the present range enters the Southern Wasteland deadline also to have a period of time finally, Gu Dongchen wants to convince other sect, making them unite together.

Improper, the Devil Path disciple went advanced, they are probably familiar to that , the enemy is dark my people, all our of a sudden that many people, the outflanked words troubled.” Lotus Island's Island Master said. Liu Meng'er also nodded: Said well including Island Master, when I think or defers to training to do, disperse, such Devil Path disciple also the dispersion pays attention to cope.” Hua Xiangyue said: This, making the disciples maintain the relation, leaves behind symbol anything, every other a period of time convergence . Moreover the distance cannot be too far, has the situation words also to support.” The discussion is continuing, Shen Xiang has actually entered into Southern Wasteland, after entering Southern Wasteland, strange feelings, moreover safe entrance, only then a Grand Canyon, to enter from other places, must cross reaches as high as several thousand zhang (3.33 m) great mountain, on these mountains, not only has severely cold impediment, will also have the acute poison poison. Southern Wasteland is very big, moreover there are the great mountain that forms naturally to surround solid, inside is piece of sinister, but has is long the grotesque big tree, looks like very terrifying. Shen Xiang also saw two wear black robes in that canyon mouth, the complexion sinister person, a evil looking aura, understood at a glance that is the fierce devil. „Does this fellow also match to practice the devil? Should call them for Evil Devil!” Bai Youyou coldly snorted and said, she also cultivates Devil Path, but on her does not have this hostility, her cultivation base does not pile by the murder. After Devil Path and Righteous Path definite candidate, will give an opposite party list, in order to avoid the opposite party arranges many people to go in beforehand. brat, are you righteous path sects these disciples? Names.” Person black robe person cold voice asked. Shen Xiang!”

Hears these two characters, that two black robe people cannot help but stare the big eye, sizes up Shen Xiang carefully, the corners of the mouth also gradually reappears a gloomy and cold smiling face. Goes in!” Black robe person said with a sneer. Shen Xiang dashed to go, entered the canyon. dragon brat, you may now other goof off!” Shen Xiang shouted shouted with Divine Sense. Relax, you died I not to have the thing to eat, although you were somewhat bad, but was very difficult to find this stupid fellow to live away from home likely.” Long Xueyi said lazy. This Southern Wasteland is very bleak, although some mountain forest and rivers, but dimly was actually being covered by one piece, these rivers and trees seem are the black, making in the person heart be scared. In this is peaceful, but will spread appalling neighing once for a while, the courage young person comes, definitely will be scared to death. Shen Xiang, do you think that Lian Mingdong and some Lotus Island's Island Master shapes?” Su Meiyao suddenly asked. Listened to her saying that Shen Xiang also thought so, moreover he discovered under Lian Mingdong flying disc time, complexion some did not suit. That Lotus Island's Island Master is probably surnamed Lian!” Bai Youyou said.

Dashed Shen Xiang suddenly to anchor, Zhu Rong truly looked up the Lian Mingdong background very thoroughly, but Su Meiyao mentions this matter now, making him have to suspect that Lian Mingdong was Lotus Island's Island Master has relationship. Is the Lotus Island Master son? Is the illegitimate child, either was abandoned because of the aptitude difference?” Su Meiyao said that the woman always likes eavesdropping on these matters. Does not know that waits for me to ask him again.” Shen Xiang walks toward a forest, is easily is also ambushed in, Shen Xiang must ask the Devil Path disciple to kill now, this is also Gu Dongchen they give his duty. Across the forest, all are that tranquil, any danger(ous) matter has not occurred, Shen Xiang also changed in the forest own appearance, he in the Southern Wasteland surrounding, here did not have no danger(ous) now, if hides in the surrounding, only needed to defend these Devil Path disciple that's alright. I always thought that Devil Path these fellows have any plot, goes through the complications to do that many matters to come greatly, perhaps they arranged several hundred people to ambush in this inside.” Bai Youyou said. Her words just fell, Shen Xiang felt that all around suddenly has the sound, he was surrounded probably.