World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 233
These days is busy, therefore the time of renewal is unstable, asking everybody to forgive! Shen Xiang stands in same place, looks all around, he truly heard very weak sound a moment ago, but Long Xueyi also said that she induces to some people in all around. Above!” Long Xueyi shouts one, Shen Xiang looks up, sees only a big net to overwhelm from above, Shen Xiang to above is being a palm, the column of flame sprays from his hand together, burnt big hole that big net. Shen Xiang coldly snorted: such insignificant ability!” Although he said that but can actually see that standing net not to be simple, should be spirit tool, but meets his fierce Heavenly Sun Fire , can only plant. Shen Xiang all around suddenly presented ten to wear the black clothed, was leading the person of black bow cap, in their hands that was taking a black executioner's sword, the body overflowed the genuine cruel aura, hostility was very heavy, probably was just came out from the dead crowd was the same. Had run into ten Devil Path disciples by him all of a sudden, in the Shen Xiang heart was somewhat happy that his goal comes to here to kill people. These ten fellows are very strange, you are more careful, I feel on them to have strange strength, likely is strange Divine Sense, they were operated probably.” The Long Xueyi urging said that the sound is very serious. This makes Shen Xiang be startled secretly, these ten person unexpectedly are ** vertical, currently he firmer own idea, Devil Path certainly has any plot. Does not allow him to think that five people raise the blade to swoop, is swift and violent and cut-throat, on that executioner's sword braves black Qi Aura, chops the time of chopping, when makes a sound from out of the blue, the chopper, blade Qi that braves delimits gashes the ground. This is very formidable attack, but they actually divided to empty, Shen Xiang by very subtle movement technique, when the blade divided, jump arrived airborne, he also had a lingering fear, he estimated that even if were the True Martial Realm 6th Stage person is chopped, undying will also discard.

Very heavy Devil Qi, do they practice? Only is the murder can also practice this Devil Qi to come.” The Bai Youyou sound doubts are dignified: Shen Xiang, careful, this Southern Wasteland definitely has any secret.” Shen Xiang just leapt airborne, landing time, five black-robed man fierce jump that had not attacked a moment ago, arrive at side him instantaneously, from five wind directions toward him is a blade, that five movement of person is consistent, that Qi Aura might that uses is the same, resembles their five people are a body. jump to airborne time, Shen Xiang revolution Black Tortoise True Qi, at this time Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover has been wrapping his body, that five sword straps cruel Qi Aura simultaneously is cutting, erupts very intense strength, the wave they spread to all around for the center all at once, sweeps across the following forest just like the storm generally. Shen Xiang lands on the ground, his Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover unexpectedly also, although then thin, but actually resisted the attack, he released this Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover by True Martial Realm 3rd Stage True Qi, was very powerful. He can determine now, these ten people before Long Xueyi such that said that was being controlled, Divine Sense of that person is limited, cannot these ten different ways to attack him, therefore gets rid is the same, moreover is only five people attacks each time. This is their weakness! Moreover is fatal, naturally, if could not resist these ten person simultaneous attacks, that cannot discover this weakness. Shen Xiang suddenly vanished, disappearance that such is quietly in forest, his correct use very quick speed is shuttling back and forth in the forest, that speed that he erupts although is unendurable, but actually quickly must make person catch not arrive at his form, this is also he displays peak movement technique, coordinates him to use Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to restrain the aura again, can let as if vanish was the same. That ten people were controlled, naturally cannot induce him, Shen Xiang guessed that person not far away nearby this. Ten black-robed man stand in same place motionless, obviously is controls their people to wait for Shen Xiang to appear, simultaneously is seeking for Shen Xiang, he cannot see Shen Xiang, naturally does not know that makes that ten people do, can only wait.

Shen Xiang suddenly appeared, as soon as he appears, a palm pats on a body of black-robed man, then fast arrives at another black-robed man side, one after another has hit a palm on these black person, the speed is quick, almost completed in one suddenly. Ten palms that Shen Xiang makes look like very ordinary, but this is actually that fierce devil art that he just learned, Transforming Bone Devil Palm. He stands in that ten black-robed man middle now, but that ten person black-robed man slowly drop down, looks like the person who can probably fold at will is ordinary, because they did not have the bone, because they are the puppets, naturally does not know the pain, therefore looks like very strange. If these ten puppets cope with ordinary True Martial Realm 5th Stage, has had more than enough to spare, but meets Shen Xiang, is useless. Naturally, if Shen Xiang reduces their hands, or gets a palm maliciously, cannot make these puppets drop down, but present these puppets did not have the bone now, but the bone is the strength basis, although now is also living, but actually discarded. Shen Xiang was acclaiming this devil art strength secretly, he first time used on the body of person, before was experimenting to some stones. Had found, Ha Ha, this fellow was possibly flustered, for a while was negligent, emits many Divine Sense, exposed oneself.” Long Xueyi said with a smile, immediately hid the position of person that controlled these puppets in the hidden place tells Shen Xiang. Knows after that person where, Shen Xiang coldly smiled, makes a palm to the tread suddenly maliciously, the ground violent shivering, all around trees are similar to the surging up sea jolt immediately, entire turns to be surged by the strong winds rough sea waves attack sea because of Shen Xiang that palm. Shen Xiang with the Shocking Heaven Palm that Universe True Qi makes is move the earth and shake mountains, overbearing incomparable, making a big ground change external appearances only immediately.

Hit, fellow should spit blood!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly. That person hides in the ground, Shen Xiang that Shocking Heaven Palm, even if away from a mountain, can shake puts on. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, applauds to the tread continuously, each palm is Naha said that terrifying Shocking Heaven Palm, entire Southern Wasteland is reverberating at this time that intermittent rumbled such as the stuffy thunder sound, surprisedly looks at Southern Wasteland outside Gu Dongchen and the others, they have not thought shortly after Shen Xiang just went, did with these Devil Path disciples. Ten palms make, the place that Shen Xiang is at turned into a width to reach dozens zhang (3.33 m) pit, Shen Xiang also sees that to be hit not the turn into a human shape by his Shocking Heaven Palm, the person of suffocation, that was a middle age, bled profusely from the head, the appearance was fierce. Has not died, asks him with Grasping Soul Devil Curse.” Bai Youyou said that she is interested in that ten puppets, especially that Devil Qi, lets her is very curious.