World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 236
Mystery of Shen Xiang in using Black Tortoise Divine Art, induces in the moisture content to ground, then pours into Black Tortoise True Qi through these water, turns into very powerful water vine, controls water vine with Divine Sense again, twines that four people, releases the Azure Dragon True Qi strength of lightning to click on that four people again, making that four people unable to concentrate the spirit in a short time, is unable to defend. Shen Xiang seizes this opportunity, has put out that aggressive Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, quite near black-robed man cuts horizontally toward two stations, this blade with fully True Qi, in addition that two black-robed man cannot move, has not resisted, therefore Shen Xiang very relaxed stretches to cut off these two. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, that overbearing Dragon Power makes remaining two black-robed man slightly tremble, Shen Xiang naturally knows that this Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to cultivates Devil Path martial artist to have big deterrent force. Like Bai Youyou, moves Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade unable comfortably, has very big lethality to the Devil World's life, can break these fierce Devil Qi directly. After Shen Xiang has massacred them, another moves sideways to arrive at side black-robed man, the foot of this black-robed man was still being twined by water vine, in his heart complained of hardship secretly, his Devil Path people did not have these many cruel tricks, but Shen Xiang actually emerged one after another incessantly, making them virtually impossible to guard against, but he has also completed the defense, body outside has a thick Qi Aura guard shield. Shen Xiang contemptuously smiles, wields the broadsword, fiercely chops, cuts horizontally, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is sparkling azure glow, very relaxed has lacerated that black Qi Aura guard shield, has cut off the waist of that black-robed man, cutting will become two. Also died, only remaining black-robed man regrets, if they said like Shen Xiang, from the beginning collaborates to cope with the Shen Xiang's words, does not stick to end up to turn out so the region. Shen Xiang receives Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, pours into many Black Tortoise True Qi through the both feet toward the ground, making water vine closely tie down that black-robed man, is not goes to the electric shock with the strength of lightning he. Before arriving at the body of that black-robed man, the Shen Xiang double palm is uneven, everywhere palm shade fluttering, strokes completely on the body of that black-robed man, this is Transforming Bone Devil Palm, that black-robed man has not thought Shen Xiang's method unexpectedly not compared with their devil path sects difference, attack time can make people so suffer, is similar to ten thousand insects bites general, he only felt that his skeleton with an itchy pain of ignition, vanished slowly. That person soft, paralysis in ground, but also is actually living! This black-robed man thinks these devil art and Shen Xiang's in their devil path sects compare radically are thing of child, the Shen Xiang utilization matches to call devil art, sends the merit time it can be said that does not have the indication, but after being hit, bone actually, will also be erupting the severe pain instantaneously, he knows that now a moment ago and Shen Xiang fight arm why suddenly of that black-robed man got down softly.

You also fall far short!” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, these black-robed man are also only True Martial Realm 4th Stage 3rd Stage, with words that Shen Xiang independent combat, a stratagem which ensures success does not have, let alone Shen Xiang can the unrestricted fight. You...... Why you do not kill me, do not count on that asked from here anything comes......” Shen Xiang's according to above the head of that black-robed man, has used Grasping Soul Devil Curse for him, asked: You know how to leave Southern Wasteland?” Knows that Dean has said that so long as grasps suffices 30 righteous path sects disciples, puts on the sacrificial altar to exit.” That black-robed man said. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, this before Su Meiyao them suspects is the same, Devil Path really must make the sacrifice with the righteous path sects disciple, after all the righteous path sects person majority want to practice pure True Qi, is Devil Path most loves. Sacrificial altar where?” Shen Xiang asked. Had been controlled the mind in......” that black-robed man by Shen Xiang, goes to the road of sacrificial altar to tell Shen Xiang very much, said is detailed. Your other people where?” That black-robed man also told the Shen Xiang three places, route detailed telling Shen Xiang, that three place separately nine people . Moreover the strength is not weak, is ambushing some righteous path sects disciples, the goal is to consume True Qi of righteous path sects disciple, finally enables these to operate the puppet Devil Path disciple catch.

„The Devil Path fellow, has not thought that side the father has two -and-a-half very competent women, this clever trick made me see through, I must your plan destruction.” Shen Xiang coldly smiled, cuts that black-robed man persons head. He cuts five persons head, places in storage ring, after this is can make him exit, thing that increases the prestige, otherwise in his savage method, these five person black-robed man will not remain the dregs. Why said that is two -and-a-half women? Obviously is three!” The Long Xueyi doubts asked. You can only be half!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Why? Others are not a child, you also said have not been able me, when the child regards.” Long Xueyi said discontentedly. Hehe, your this dragon brat too vulgar, vulgar has not resulted in likely a woman, therefore only the energy reluctantly is half.” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, currently he has direction, knows how should walk. Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Others vulgar to hello, the good intention be struck by lightning, since you said me, I carry through to the end vulgar, making all people know that your Shen Xiang is vulgar embryo.” Shen Xiang did not fear, even if Long Xueyi did not say, will frame his once for a while. He knew from that black-robed man mouth a moment ago, in this already after arrangement, moreover how will use the method to attract some righteous path sects disciples, quite makes them ambush.

Enters here disciple, knows nothing about this inside, if less discrete, was truly easy to be tempted. The Shen Xiang starting to walk step, runs toward that three ambush recent one, any sect's disciple, he needs to rescue, because of this relationship this general situation, if grasps suffices 30 to go to that altar, troubled. The devil path sects high level does not dare to grasp True Martial Realm martial artist personally, because True Martial Realm are quite few, moreover majority are very discrete, usually stays in sect, does not grasp the belt very much easily, but if not the righteous path sects disciple, True Qi is not very pure, cannot make the sacrificial offering. Shen Xiang dashed more than half double-hour, rushes toward the Southern Wasteland deep place, but that sacrificial altar also in quite deep place. Has the fighting sound!” Shen Xiang stopped, is listening carefully, immediately heard several chilly tenderness to drink, this was the Leng Youlan's sound. This made Shen Xiang cannot help but speed up footsteps, vanished in instantaneously same place, such as the wind such as the electricity grazed generally in that direction. He saw Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian these two pretty and graceful forms, they with their sect disciple together, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley are together, altogether 13 people, now they also, but they were being surrounded by over a hundred whole body jet black wolves. Is Devil Beast, was controlled!” Shen Xiang has judged immediately, because these black wolves are several first several like this swoop, the movement is the same, obviously was controlled.