World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 237
Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley these two sect's disciples are very strong, the overall strength is good, time that these black wolves swoop, the Icewind Valley's disciple will release to ice cold Qi Aura immediately together, freezes instantaneously these black wolves, then is cut to kill by Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan fast, other people are vigilant all around, preventing some people to sneak attack Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan. Shen Xiang knows that they in the training are together, is trains by Liu Meng'er, therefore the coordinate sound thorough, this made him feel relieved much. What Xue Xianxian use is white long spear, looks like with Liu Meng'er that Kiss of the Jade Dragon somewhat same, obviously is Liu Meng'er is Xue Xianxian builds, but Xue Xianxian has also studied good spear technique with Liu Meng'er, leaves spear thrust leaves time, the speed must make the person seem quickly probably are innumerable spear thrust leaves to be the same, several black wolves throw, was punctured the whole body by her is the blood hole. Leng Youlan flexible wields her the great sword, swoops these, moreover was understood changes the black wolf of ice piece cuts broken, these two women are intrepid, praised without cease including Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang knows that here is hiding three devil path sects disciples, but actually does not know that they understood unexpectedly controls these Devil Beast, he has made Long Xueyi seek for the place that three people hide. Had found?” Shen Xiang asked that at this time he their side was still dashing toward Leng Youlan, he worried that these hid the person in hidden place sneak attack them. In that big tree!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looks at a quite big tree, has put out that Demanding Life Devil Bow, pours into vigorous Universe True Qi, is shooting to that tree, a giant black arrow projects, dodges to go, pricks on that great tree, the explosive, explodes blood fog loudly. The arrow that he shoots now is that type pours into vigorous True Qi, can explode, after pricking in the human body, will immediately explode the person, is overbearing. After a Devil Path disciple Shen Xiang kills, the wolf that then several just about to swoop stopped, falls in the ground, Shen Xiang pours into Universe True Qi toward the demon crossbow, projects an arrow toward the bough of this tree, suddenly, is an explosion transmits, that tree also blows out flesh and blood. When Shen Xiang just prepared to project the third arrow, shadow suddenly lightens, vanishes in the forest, unexpectedly ran away, although that person does not know why some people can such attack their people, but actually knows words that continued, the person who dying is he. Shen Xiang ran swiftly toward Xue Xianxian that side, but these Devil Beast stand in same place, motionless, these are the puppets, after nobody controls, will not move.

Brother, I know that is you!” Leng Youlan sees the distant place to have big male quickly arrived, she immediately shouted. Xue Xianxian saw Shen Xiang, cracks into a chuckle: Brother Xiao Xiang always mysteriously appears and disappears, this what's the matter?” The Shen Xiang deep place two hands, are pinching Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's cheek separately, if no too many people here, Shen Xiang already hugged with them. Everybody, hello!” Shen Xiang holds the fist in the other hand to other people, has the politeness to greet, these people also in abundance return a courtesy, they worried that hides the person in hidden place, has not thought that a Shen Xiang appearance, these black wolves were motionless. I made a long story short, the matter was very complex, everybody listened carefully!” Shen Xiang hurriedly said, starts to narrate he said the matter that knows, hears Xue Xianxian and the others one startled one for the first time, Leng Youlan is gripping tightly the sword hilt, on the face also full is serious. Devil Path this group of fellows have come are the restless good intentions, then we troubled.” Leng Youlan coldly said. Cannot contact with outside person, cannot exit, can only continue in this. It seems like we, so long as stayed to suffice for two months in this inside, if the Devil Path fellow butchering, stayed in the surrounding again, that will not have any danger(ous).” Shen Xiang said. Xue Xianxian said: Brother Xiao Xiang, you go to tell other sect's disciples this matter quickly, do not let in them the complete sets of these Devil Path disciples.” Brother, you go quickly! Here does not need you to be worried.” Leng Youlan said that although she wants with Shen Xiang together, but she actually knows one with many Shen Xiang's rhythms, will also implicate Shen Xiang. If not the present situation is so stern, Shen Xiang definitely well and Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian poly.

After Shen Xiang urged them, hastily leaves, goes to the next ambush point, he finds from Xue Xianxian there that they were directed here by a person, because the opposite party is a person, therefore they think to get rid, but them also has 13 people. So long as found these ambush points, can be easy to find other sect's disciples, now Shen Xiang knows that three ambush points, but its righteous path sects eight, he hopes himself also to be able with enough time. Felt relieved, these righteous path sects disciples were also not too weak, so long as were not besieged by the too strong fellow, generally can support.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang nodded, he is pursuing following the aura that the person of that fleeing remains tightly, although that person of speed is fast, but actually cannot compare Shen Xiang, was only the less than half double-hour, Shen Xiang pursues that person, he has put out Demanding Life Devil Bow, has been shooting an arrow to the thigh of that black-robed man. Demanding Life Devil Bow is very accurate, True Qi that so long as pours into are many enough, with enough, will not shoot steadily generally, after the black crossbow arrow punctures to the thigh of that person, immediately explodes, blasts the leg of that person. Shen Xiang flies fast rush over, to that person is being the consecutively several palms, melts completely the skeleton of this black-robed man, making him experience suffering the eroded bone burning pain. Shen Xiang to this person of beating, this black-robed man, but True Martial Realm 4th Stage, but Shen Xiang's each fist foot condense vigorous True Qi, has not been incurring the move to be overbearing, hits barely alive this black-robed man. When do you come here?” Shen Xiang asked that he has displayed Grasping Soul Devil Curse to this person. Three days ago!” That black-robed man said that said while spits blood. The Shen Xiang brow wrinkles tightly, that five black-robed man that he met before said obviously hurriedly, they said that they did not understand controls these puppets, but this comes in three days of fellows to understand that operated. Is who teaches you to operate these black wolves?” Shen Xiang clutches his hair, loud voice is asking.

Is an elder.” When starts to study? Where studies Shen Xiang also to ask. Three months ago, forbidden land in gate.” Told me, where other people hid......” Shen Xiang to start to interrogate this black-robed man, he thinks that this black-robed man status compared with that five higher that before met, asked the thing that were also many. He also obtained an essential news, is here strongest two people, is True Martial Realm 5th Stage, one is three years ago comes, one is three days ago, their division of labor and cooperation, operation different types of puppets consume True Qi of righteous path sects disciple. Three days ago in 50 devil disciple that comes, only then 30 people understood that operates these puppets, these 30 people are the strength are also quite strong. After Shen Xiang the head of this black-robed man cuts next, then goes to the next ambush point, the place of devil disciple ambush links up together, here is defeated, following then, even if can through this, be weakened many True Qi to next, to has been finally able by catch.