World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 238
Shen Xiang urged Xue Xianxian a moment ago they, making them in any event do not enter the deep place, because deep place Devil Qi is heavy, can make these puppets absorb Devil Qi to restore strength fast, but Devil Qi of surrounding is weak, the puppet consumes the strength words in the surrounding, is hard to restore, but these devil disciple also insufficient to fear, their these Righteous Path disciples are not a vegetarian. Nearest ambush was not very far, Shen Xiang ran swiftly the period of time to hear the Yun Xiaodao scream. Dead fatty, was careful that your big buttocks, be not nipped by the dog. squinted dragon, your eye do not come slantingly, will always make me think that has the thing to attack me.” Hears this sound, Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, he put out Demanding Life Devil Bow, Long Xueyi started to seek for these to hide in hidden place control puppet devil disciple. little rascal Yun, your Sword Qi do not shoot off the mouth, made that my hair was chaotic.” Zhu Rong shouted. Xu Weilong coldly said: You are peaceful, have not been nipped family jewels by these things.” Shen Xiang saw the distant place to have a big piece of black wolf, with is the same, is some Devil Beast that Xue Xianxian they meet, but is not very strong, is only the quantity are many, moreover a time can swoop 15 heads, so long as deals with well, will not have our danger(ous). Yun Xiaodao their squads also coordinate very well, Yun Xiaodao and Hao Dongqing want are the attacks, they are the striking power greatly strengthened person, Lei Xionglin, Lei Zhong, Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong are responsible for forcing these black wolf that from swoops in all directions, mainly hits these wolves remnantly, gives Yun Xiaodao and Hao Dongqing kills, Yao Haisheng and Lian Mingdong are responsible for observing, in order to avoid other thing sneak attacks. The Wu Qianqian release flame, encircles a great-circle, making some black wolves of nearness be burnt down to result in retreat, can form a very solid defense circle. Perhaps these devil disciple do not think Devil Beast that they are proud, collapses at the first blow before these well-trained Righteous Path disciples radically, are many except for quantity, naturally, their main purposes are to consume True Qi of Righteous Path disciple, simultaneously investigates the accurate strength. Dead pig head, is you harms, said that grasps any Demon Beast to get rich, you looked that now we were surrounded! Also his mother has several hundred heads, but also is difficult to kill very much.” Yun Xiaodao was complaining said.

little rascal Yun, father picks top grade crystal stones and Building Foundation Dan time, you did not say that I am meddlesome? If can get rich, your this fellow definitely works oneself to death compared with me.” Zhu Rong scolded. Shen Xiang already was used to them, so long as their together, has not bickered, for all that but relationship is very good. Had found, in this, this.” Long Xueyi told Shen Xiang the positions of three trees. These devil disciple hollow out a bough of big tree, then hides in inside, but this also very convenient Shen Xiang kills with Demanding Life Devil Bow in the distant place. The devil disciple of ambush on road does not know that their plots had been known by Shen Xiang, moreover Shen Xiang is counter-attacking to them in the secret, Shen Xiang has killed almost ten devil disciple. Shen Xiang with Demanding Life Devil Bow to a quite big tree, revolution True Qi, is filling in the fascinated crossbow, at this time hides in devil disciple of that bough fears the might as well to be serious, controls some black wolves to fight the person, but when he thinks satisfying, the penetration that the black crossbow arrow that vigorous True Qi condense becomes is quietly his body, has exploded the smashing his body. Hehe, next!” Shen Xiang sees blood fog to blow out with the broken wood, laughed, has been putting an arrow to another tree. An arrow just projected, he has to project the third arrow, he worried that some people will run away, when the time comes made other devil disciple know, he cannot going quietly be cloudy the person. Along with three explosives, three trees were blasted one after another, and has some hashed meat to blow out, Yun Xiaodao they had guessed correctly anything, but these black wolves also stopped the attack, this makes Zhu Rong seize the opportunity, wields the long sword in fight hastily, chops to chop these black wolves crazily. Shen Xiang ran swiftly grinningly, the people saw are Shen Xiang, the vigilance in heart have relieved, simultaneously admired to Shen Xiang, was really the monstruous talent character, presented frightens these wolves does not dare to come.

Big Brother Shen, is really you, I already guessed correctly that was you comes! Right, this exactly what happened?” Yun Xiaodao asked. For Shen Xiang does not delay the time, fast said the matter, Yun Xiaodao they they are the same with Xue Xianxian, startled and anger, but they knew now, naturally can guard, will not be tempted again. Was good, you go to and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley's disciple quickly converge, gather together not to need to worry that had had it all by devil disciple, they have not imagined are so fierce, I came to kill more than ten.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Yun Xiaodao curls the lip: Big Brother Shen you said easily, but these fellows are very to us sinister, only then you are more sinister than them can trig them.” Your this fellow, said that I am very sinister?” Shen Xiang ridicules to say. Was you says.” Yun Xiaodao smiles. Wu Qianqian said: Shen Xiang goes quickly, was right, you must be careful that Beast Martial Sect and Proud Sword Sect's, they hate you probably very much, moreover joins up the composition squad.” Um, knew!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, then such as the wind generally grazed. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong also quarrelled several, completely butchers these black wolves, then defers to the route that Shen Xiang said to look for Xue Xianxian they. Shen Xiang Human Devil and Devil Beast that from meets, can see that what devil disciple can control is only the strength is faint, but formidable they could not tame, the words that saw, undying told fortunes in a big way, but this not strong Human Devil and Devil Beast, although the striking power was not strong, but actually very anti- hit, can be very easy to consume others' True Qi.

Next ambush does not pass the deep place, but extends one side, is in the same region, if enters the deep place, these devil disciple will unable to endure. He learned from Yun Xiaodao there a moment ago, after eight sect came, dispersed in many directions, was seeks for a safe point, may attack to defend, can make them ride out for two months. If not devil path sects has the plot, does this is also correct. He arrived at the next ambush point quickly, has not seen the Righteous Path disciple, does not have other people, is very peaceful, he was waiting for here the Long Xueyi's investigation, looks to seek for hideaway devil disciple here. Found!” Long Xueyi one happy, shouted, although is not her fight, but she helps the Shen Xiang secret cloudy person also make her feel very satisfying. Still is three people, Shen Xiang guessed that they have not attracted these righteous path sects disciples. This time our low key, gentle!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, thin such as sends the silk the crossbow arrow to project, although is away from a bark, but Long Xueyi can lock the head of that devil disciple. An arrow shoots, being quietly has solved one, he has not made the crossbow arrow erupt, he must quietly massacres that three people.