World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 239
Shen Xiang is unable to put down to this Demanding Life Devil Bow at this time, he decided, takes away improves to Liu Meng'er, making it fiercer. Can the words, making Liu Meng'er make a point much, equips his later person, fight time may be intrepid, several arrows project all of a sudden, hit a target the same goal, will that be what kind of? He thinks to think excited, but this thing is not good to refine, this he is very clearest, the method of refinement has even been lost. After three arrows project completely, these three hide perhaps, in bough inside devil disciple must forever stay in, they will die cannot think in this bough become their graves. The route around the circle, had not penetrated, could see that these devil disciple also know the deep place unusual bad risk, they do not dare to enter. However that altar actually in the comparison deep place, Shen Xiang must go to destroy that altar, that altar has fearful strength, not only can with the Devil World communication, but can also awaken some deep sleep fierce fellows here, even can also let cover here formation to relieve. Must have the sacrifice to make an offering, can make Devil World that side demon release strength, or transmits some useful things, generally, the sacrifice wants the live person. suddenly, the ground shivered, the distant place broadcasts the sound that fights truly, in the Shen Xiang heart one startled, leaps to the tree on the high place, is looking out into the distance the front, sees only many to wear the person of black clothed to take greatly toward ten is dividing to chop personally. Is Human Devil . Moreover the quantity are many, unexpectedly has several hundred, that ten encircles personally solid, has 30 this that simultaneously moves, this is six people are controlling. dragon brat, a bit faster discovers that six fellows.” Shen Xiang said that then very secret is dashing forward. As Shen Xiang approaches, Long Xueyi discovers the position that six people were at quickly, Shen Xiang concluded these six people are that three years ago comes, otherwise is unable to find that many Human Devil.

These six people do not hide on the bough, but hides in the crown, but also once for a while throws some stilettos from above, attacks that ten to come individual. Is Proud Sword Sect and Beast Martial Sect's!” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, Wu Qianqian has told him, Proud Sword Sect and Beast Martial Sect's disciple collaborated, making him be vigilant these two sect's disciples. In Proud Sword Sect has Gan Jiujian, before Shen Xiang was shame Gan Jiujian maliciously, this Gan Jiujian did not bear a grudge is impossible, but Shen Xiang cannot give a thought to that many now, if the opposite party must kill him, he will certainly hit back, but must kill the opposite party with the savage method. An arrow projects, Shen Xiang exploded the smashing devil disciple with the thick black crossbow arrow, afterward one after another projected, several arrows, in these devil disciple in the doubts, have still solved them. These devil disciple strengths are not very strong, in True Martial Realm 3rd Stage about, even if there is a True Qi guard shield, but faces Shen Xiang that to use Universe True Qi, through crossbow arrow attack that Demanding Life Devil Bow condense comes out, collapses at the first blow radically. These Human Devil do not understand, Proud Sword Sect and Beast Martial Sect's disciples relaxed, if these Human Devil swoop completely, they only then grasped share. Shen Xiang walked toward them, in the hand is also taking that Demanding Life Devil Bow, these ten see Shen Xiang to arrive personally, the nerve ties tight immediately, such as faced with archenemy. Gan Jiujian they are not stupid, naturally could see that these several hundred demon people had been controlled, but that explosive sound that heard a moment ago, should be the person of control is killed, they see Demanding Life Devil Bow in Shen Xiang hand, immediately understands this was Shen Xiang has saved them. This makes in their hearts not feel better very much, because they want to kill Shen Xiang very much \; first, because of Shen Xiang sale price 1500 million crystal stones \; second, because Shen Xiang has very big fame, killed Shen Xiang also to become famous.

However now they do not dare fight, because they know themselves and Shen Xiang's disparity. The Proud Sword Sect's disciple has smelly temperament, is arrogant, even if were rescued did not appreciate kindness rendered, but the Beast Martial Sect's disciple has been instilled into some thought by sect, making them harbor resentment Extreme Martial Sect, harbors resentment Shen Xiang, therefore these disciples will go to the Extreme Martial Sect's border to kill some common people to feed their Demon Beast frequently secretly, since Shen Xiang previous time said that they do not dare to come again, words that Extreme Martial Sect aggravated, their Beast Martial Sect definitely will exterminate an entire family. Shen Xiang sees these ten people to suspend a dirty look, resembles to get rid to rescue to them, is to their one greatest insults, he regretted to mind others'business secretly a moment ago, the words that but did not rescue, these ten people will be grasped to make the sacrificial offering, when the time comes implicated really broadly. We will not thank your.” Gan Jiujian coldly said. I also had not said that makes you thank, I must tell you something, no matter you do want to listen, I must say!” Shen Xiang simple told them the matter, although in their hearts surprised, to Shen Xiang discovered that this plot felt to admire, but in the heart was not actually feeling well, secret envy. Snort, why to believe you!” A Beast Martial Sect's disciple said. Believed it or not, hoping you not to harm the whole.” Shen Xiang was saying, puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, starts motionless Human Devil cutting to kill these stations, that speed, that savage blade technique, making these ten people look at the back to sweat, but actually envies. When Shen Xiang kills half, actually suddenly passage very disgusting roaring hiss, meanwhile follows one frigid Devil Qi. Shen Xiang can determine immediately that this is very fierce Devil Beast, the strength is very strong.

Really, is similar to alligator common thing suddenly swoops, the build is huge, the height three zhang (3.33 m), the whole body is very stiff armor piece, is sparkling the black ray, that full is in the big mouth of advantage tooth is emitting true black Qi, this alligator Devil Beast arrived here, starts to nip these Human Devil. Those who let Shen Xiang shock is, this alligator Devil Beast has the teleport general speed unexpectedly, his forehead has emitted the cold sweat, because this alligator Devil Beast is strong. Gan Jiujian they were frightened do not dare to move, Devil Qi that on this giant alligator Devil Beast sends out frightens their legs to be soft. This giant thing quickly these Human Devil eating, then looked at to Shen Xiang, a pair of towering pupil is very scary. Came!” When Long Xueyi shouts, Shen Xiang also vanished, that alligator Devil Beast is growing up the mouth bit to empty, cut by biting a big tree. Shen Xiang has a lingering fear, if were slow a moment ago little, oneself will possibly be bitten by that Zhang Youli's mouth. On the road he prayed one do not meet this fierce Devil Beast, but actually has met now, he can only sigh his bad luck darkly. Gan Jiujian they see this alligator Devil Beast to attack Shen Xiang, in the heart like, hastily run away, this makes Shen Xiang look at secret cursed.