World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 240
Alligator Devil Beast sees some people to escape, that giant tail sweeps away immediately, piece of full Jushu soil sweeping, but Gan Jiujian they ran away. Shen Xiang does not certainly want with the fellow fight of this danger(ous), but he stared now, if he this alligator Devil Beast defeating, will perhaps make this big fellow find other righteous path sects disciples, will affect other people. Shen Xiang grips tightly Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Zuo Tiaoyou is dodging, avoids that keen and giant tail, is ripped the fragment by the trees that this tail hits all, Shen Xiang noted this alligator Devil Beast attack a moment ago the time, will release black Devil Qi, this can make it have strong strength root. This thing should be Black Armored Crocodile of antique time, is three Spirit Beast, it stayed in this Southern Wasteland should be very long, has absorbed massive Devil Qi, will become so powerful, should approach with the True Martial 6th Stage strength, this Black Armored Crocodile potential was not luckily big, most also can only arrive at four Spirit Beast ranks, now has absorbed this inside Devil Qi, should be five Spirit Beast strengths Su Meiyao said. This Black Armored Crocodile is the attack is not only keen, the sensation strength is also very strong, even if Shen Xiang restrains the aura, can be discovered by it. Giant tail ejection comes, Shen Xiang brandishes a sword to meet the approaching enemy to go, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade explodes is dodging azure glow, had been poured into massive Azure Dragon True Qi by Shen Xiang, the blade becomes very heavy is also very heavy, wields divided the past time, Long Life strength is more formidable. The broadsword full is the giant tail of black scales hits together with that blows out spark, that Black Armored Crocodile has also sent out roaring hiss, but Shen Xiang was also brought the tail of thousands of jin (0.5 kg) strength sweeping by that flies, for all that but he took the blade not to show weakness a moment ago, has left behind hole on that tail, Shen Xiang that flies upside down can see on that tail to drop the black blood. Black Armored Crocodile that huge body by four thick powerful foot support, was seen only its slightly short body, fierce bounces, was swept by him toward that flies Shen Xiang of distant place to jump over, that speed makes Shen Xiang unexpected, was struck him who flies to make the seal radically without enough time, by that gigantic head collision maliciously. Black Armored Crocodile is Spirit Beast, although was corroded by Devil Qi, becomes manic, but its consciousness of fight actually still, can say is the fight experience is rich, it hits the Shen Xiang's time, on the head emits black Devil Aura, can release more intense impact.

Shen Xiang exuded one to yell, body fierce collision on a hill, his body hit on hill that rock wall, pounded a big pit, making on the hill fall many fragment. This fellow......” Shen Xiang puff, has spouted a blood, this Black Armored Crocodile strength far exceeds his imagination, and has very astonishing wisdom. My wound is quite serious, right must use that to incur.” Shen Xiang falls from the hill, the stimulation of movement hides on him that mysterious magic power, lets the magic power flowing whole body, turns into spirit pattern, then induces that is flying to Black Armored Crocodile, in the mouth is reciting the incantation. Black Armored Crocodile several sub- arrived in front of Shen Xiang, it sees Shen Xiang to stand there is motionless, has not attacked immediately, but is the growing up mouth, has nipped toward Shen Xiang. Heavenly Dragon Seal, opens!” Shen Xiang explodes roars, True Qi finds time immediately, magic power also reduced most probably, what makes his surprised is, massive Devil Qi are similar to the wave from is used generally in all directions, concentrates instantaneously in the upper air black huge dragon claw. Black Armored Crocodile felt that the threat arrives, just wants to avoid, when that such as mountain huge black dragon claw fierce pounding down, bang the sound sticks out suddenly generally, on Shen Xiang's glittering had a white light immediately, Long Xueyi uses her strength to form a guard shield to protect Shen Xiang. Because Shen Xiang in that Black Armored Crocodile, huge Heavenly Dragon Seal lowers, will be affected including him, if no Long Xueyi, perhaps he injures seriously. Bang the sound is billowing, Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, shakes the ground violently to sway, Shen Xiang behind that mountain also vanish from sight, but the ground actually left a width to reach the thousand feet (333 m) pit, has Black Armored Crocodile under.

Shen Xiang crawled from the Black Armored Crocodile body, he is very distressed, but also was seriously injured, but he actually defeated this fierce Black Armored Crocodile. „The armor true thickness of this fellow, I wanted!” Shen Xiang bah, has spurted the earth that in the mouth holds, but also is bringing many thick blood, he a moment ago by this Black Armored Crocodile hit time, the five main internal organs (entrails) in within the body was injured, is quite serious. Is equally matched with armor of that diamond alligator python!” Su Meiyao said. Said that diamond alligator python, Shen Xiang has almost also forgotten, that diamond alligator python in the Liu Meng'er hand, he do not come back his. This Black Armored Crocodile unexpectedly has not died, Shen Xiang crawls to its top of the head, is puncturing maliciously with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to that bulge black eye, pricks the brain of this Black Armored Crocodile, punctured many blades continuously, Black Armored Crocodile assassinating. My strength is insufficient! Many several this type of things, I died again.” After Shen Xiang Black Armored Crocodile receives, sigh with emotion said that facing this type of thing, he feels very weak, but he knows that this Southern Wasteland deep place also has many this type of things, must be more formidable than this Black Armored Crocodile. Long Xueyi said: You at least must have the True Martial Realm 5th Stage strength, can deal with this fellow with ease, but your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade special slaughter demon, but your strength is insufficient, cannot play the might to come, otherwise a blade can chop this fellow head.” Even though Shen Xiang has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to be hit the severe wound by one, perhaps other people, already died.

He has eaten up two boxes of White Jade Powder and piece of Hell Spirit Grass hastily, eats up True Elemental Dan again, starts to restore True Qi, his True Qi remains not many, if comes across the crisis again, that very danger(ous). Comes up from that giant pit, Shen Xiang looks that this small lake common big pit is he uses Heavenly Dragon Seal to make, in the heart also cannot help but exclaims in surprise that this strength can have the so huge might, if he has Nirvana Realm, that can ruin a mountain range with ease? Some people came, is Beast Martial Sect and Proud Sword Sect these fellows.” Long Xueyi suddenly said. Shen Xiang turns head to look that really saw ten people in confusion to walk from a forest. Shen Xiang? Ha Ha...... Has not thought that you will have today.” Gan Jiujian said with a smile ferociously, a face looks at Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in his hand greedily. The Beast Martial Sect's disciples put out weapon, the eye stubbornly were staring at Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but these Proud Sword Sect's disciples have also drawn out the sword, walked toward Shen Xiang slowly.