World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 241
Shen Xiang complexion sank, he knows that these people bear a grudge to him, definitely will seize this opportunity to kill his, this makes him angry. „Do you want to do? I had saved you before!” Shen Xiang stands up, is gripping tightly the hilt, face darken much, although his True Qi is very thin, but his murderous aura hides in his Slaughtering Heart, angry he cannot control Slaughtering Heart, dreadful murderous aura will release, lets True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's stops the footsteps immediately. „Is that also what kind of? Shen Xiang, you can die in my hands are your good fortune, at least by these fellows eating.” Gan Jiujian said while loudly laughing, he also acts bashful some uncertain Shen Xiang also many strength now, but everyone can see him to be seriously injured from Shen Xiang that thin and pale appearance. You had forgotten words that our Dean spoke? If you to my fight, your sect will be eliminated by Extreme Martial Sect.” Shen Xiang cold voice shouted to clear the way, the brow wrinkled tightly, in eyes full was such as the blade common ominous light, making Gan Jiujian they somewhat fear. So long as we did not say that who knows was we have killed you?” Gan Jiujian yelled: Do not fear him, he puts on airs now, he was seriously injured, everybody works with concerted efforts, kills him, dispersion of light his treasure.” Shen Xiang wealth is also the object who many people keep thinking about, he is rich flows the oil the matter is many people knows that Shen Xiang looks on their faces the greedy facial expression, in the heart gloomy and cold is incomparable, kills the heart to suddenly have. On!” Gan Jiujian shouts, greedy dashes toward Shen Xiang, he knows that Shen Xiang that treasured sword unusual, the casualness cuts off spirit tool that he is proud. That ten people flew toward Shen Xiang, including two True Martial Realm 5th Stage, other were 3rd Stage or 4th Stage, the overall strength can say well, they think, even if Shen Xiang has not been injured, they can win Shen Xiang, but needs to pay a price. Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang suddenly laughs wildly, this made Gan Jiujian they anchor the footsteps immediately, because Shen Xiang that laughter was terrorist, was scary, after they heard, cannot help but in the heart was scared, the back sent coolly, Shen Xiang generally laughs wildly like the devil now, making their hearts live the fear.

Ungrateful thing, you and do Evil Devil have difference?” The Shen Xiang's facial expression is fierce, an eye stares very greatly, covers entirely the blood thread, the sound is full of the hatred. Do not fear that his severe wound......” the Gan Jiujian sound fell, Shen Xiang's arm suddenly braves a white light, his fierce inserting pulls out in Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade of ground, horizontally is cutting a blade to not far away ten people. White Qi Energy shoots from the great speedboat, turns into a huge white half circular arc, crosses that ten body of person, sees only Gan Jiujian they immediately spout a blood, on the face full is panic-stricken and frightened, does not believe. Shen Xiang to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, that was equal to Long Xueyi a moment ago strikes fully, this is also strength that he hides, will not use unless it is absolutely essential. Long Xueyi's True Qi is very mysterious, penetrates their bodies, sees only destroying dirty inside air/Qi. Ha Ha...... Do not kill me? How now to fall face down?” black Qi that Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, his body braves are getting more and more, strange strength they covers Gan Jiujian. You...... Do you want to do?” Gan Jiujian screamed, they were seriously injured, but True Qi in within the body also, can attack, but now their True Qi is uncontrolled, probably must leave their bodies to be the same. The Shen Xiang face darken, eyes braves black Qi, black Qi steaming jump that deeply attracts, he is displaying Engulfing Devil Art, this is Engulfing Devil Art second layer, does not need to touch others' body, can direct devour others' True Qi, but the premise is the opposite party was injured.

True Qi...... True Qi of my within the body must leave me!” A guy said panic-stricken that saw only his suddenly to neigh, the body emitted light fog, fluttered toward Shen Xiang, that ten body of person was so, True Qi of their within the body overflowed the body, fluttered toward Shen Xiang, integrates these black Qi that the Shen Xiang body spout. Devil...... Shen Xiang your this big devil, your unexpectedly uses this evil and cruel devil art...... Righteous Path not to let off for us......” Really wordy, I have saved you, you not only do not thank me, but also took advantage I am injured kills me! Don't you remember yourselves are the Righteous Path people? You do not think that what your procedure and Evil Devil do have to distinguish? I return the blood by the blood!” Shen Xiang stared that Proud Sword Sect's person one eyes, the eye has projected two ray of light glow fiercely, penetrated that person of head, killing, this was Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, was his first time uses on the live person. Can devour others True Qi martial arts, let alone Devil Path, the people in Righteous Path yearned that Gan Jiujian clenches teeth tightly, looks at Shen Xiang stubbornly, in the heart extremely regretted that he and Shen Xiang did not have what contradiction, moreover Shen Xiang previous time has also given him an opportunity, but he actually for the one breath, arrives this step. Shen Xiang had saved them a moment ago, moreover constrained that Black Armored Crocodile for them, they can run away safely, Shen Xiang therefore was also injured, when Shen Xiang most needs to help, their unexpectedly made the matter that the pig dog has been inferior, unexpectedly must kill Shen Xiang, must rob Shen Xiang belongings, they truly were Evil Devil. Gan Jiujian was feeling True Qi in within the body drains slowly, in the heart also more and more regretted, perhaps if the non- needle Shen Xiang's words, they can from the beginning here and Shen Xiang become friends with on, pills that but in this world has not regretted eats. Shen Xiang...... your chop suey, your bastard......” a Beast Martial Sect's guy was cursing angrily, but has not scolded, his head is passed through by two ray of light glow that in the Shen Xiang eye projected. Quick, these ten person within the body that pure vigorous True Qi completely by the Shen Xiang extinction, but look like in Shen Xiang, these True Qi also pure, the trash are too many, he must build up, but before then, he must massacre these people completely.

Gan Jiujian, the Proud Sword Sect's outstanding young disciple, you can die in my hands, is your luck.” Shen Xiang looks at that full is the face of fear and lamentation, being relentless wields the broadsword in hand, cuts the head of Gan Jiujian. The blood spout, these lie the person in ground look fearful and apprehensive, because following is they, the death was such nearness, this feeling made them want to spit, now they know that life precious, they may be True Martial Realm martial artist, in the eyes of many mortals was god general existence, but now they are the same with these mortals, unavoidably died. Heads were cut by Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, whenever sees Shen Xiang to have the blade to fall, the body first separation, the blood wells up crazily, these also living the disciple can the heart twitch, the boundless fear floods their whole bodies...... The dim day, the forest of sinister terror, corpse everywhere, drops the broadsword of blood, as if the Hell execution grounds are ordinary, Shen Xiang has sighed deeply, emits flame, after the corpse burns down, then in a hurry departs, seeks for True Qi that a place builds up him to absorb.