World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 242
True Qi of disposable devour that many people, moreover two True Martial Realm 5th Stage, this is Shen Xiang in history devour most one time, at this time his body is tyrannical True Qi, he is suppressing with that huge Divine Sense, he must a bit faster build up, will otherwise have danger(ous). Shen Xiang now is Immortal Devil Body 2nd Stage, but also cultivates Divine Dao, therefore the overall strength is very formidable, otherwise Bai Youyou in prevented Shen Xiang devour a moment ago, luckily his devour is the Righteous Path person, True Qi, although is tyrannical, but compared devil disciple is temperate. You must practice the Divine Dao words, do not practice Divine Sense with that Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, with Nine Turn Dragon God Technique!” Long Xueyi said: Your True Qi of present within the body are many, can practice Divine Sense with part.” Shen Xiang hides in tree hole of big tree, revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is building up True Qi that his devour comes, hears the Long Xueyi's words, his hurriedly said: That is Nine Turn Dragon God Technique fierce?” Nonsense, naturally is fierce! Only then our Imperial Dragon Clan dragon understands the practice! Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill has, but strongest, only then ten types, your Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is one type, but Nine Turn Dragon God Technique is our Imperial Dragon Clan Lord cultivation technique, we practice Divine Dao with this!” Long Xueyi sees some people to suspect that their Imperial Dragon Clan cultivation technique, said immediately proudly. In Shen Xiang heart one happy, said: Your this doesn't little girl, why pass to me earlier?” Fart, you think that this Nine Turn Dragon God Technique can pass to you casually, I am the consideration am very long decided that passes to you first revolution of content, but this gave you to practice Nirvana Realm,” the Long Xueyi tender sound track, has been together a period of time with Shen Xiang, although frequently and Shen Xiang bickered, but she knew the Shen Xiang's manner, moreover some of her also dependence Shen Xiang. I pass to you Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, but violates the Imperial Dragon Clan clan regulations, is known I troubled.” Long Xueyi urged: Therefore do not let other dragons know.” Relax, this I understand!” Shen Xiang earnestly said: If you, because this matter was punished, I will certainly not make these dragons prevail.” Snort! You underestimated our Imperial Dragon Clan, although you cultivated fierce Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill.” On the Long Xueyi mouth said like this, but in heart sweet, the feeling of cared makes her feel very warm.

The Shen Xiang mind presented many contents, this Nine Turn Dragon God Technique content are many, was only the first revolution was unbearable, luckily was Divine Sense to pass on merit laws, otherwise he has not known when must carry. Dragon God, what refers to is the dragon cultivates Divine Dao, finally becomes the formidable god, cultivates Divine Dao profound cultivation technique, all over the world perhaps also only then dragon biological energy founds this formidable and mysterious cultivation technique. Shen Xiang achieved mastery through a comprehensive study quickly, defers to above sutra directly True Qi of revolution within the body, all the limbs and bones circulatory flow of massive True Qi in his within the body, is washing out the meridians, skeleton and muscle, lets fleshly body formidable at the same time, but can also produce pure True Qi and spiritual power, True Qi enters his dantian, the spirit enters Sea of Consciousness. Simultaneously revolution Nine Turn Dragon God Technique and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art do not conflict, when he builds up these include impurity True Qi is fast, this makes him have one type to fly the general feeling, especially looks in Sea of Consciousness growing up of that Divine Soul, lets in his heart dark crisp. Shen Xiang secret decision, when he builds up True Qi that devour comes, gives some Long Xueyi True Elemental Dan, after all she sacrificed was so big, violates the clan regulations to teach that fierce Nine Turn Dragon God Technique to him. Ten days pass by, Shen Xiang within the body shone 250 grains of true element grains, must know that are more along with true element grains that he shone, to more was difficult to promote finally, needs to compress many True Qi to lighten these true element grains, this also made his True Qi vigorous. His devour ten people, included waste True Qi builds up later these, remaining True Qi also are ordinary, after integrating, he broke through continuously, has entered into True Martial Realm 5th level. Your this brat, best not to be infatuated with the feeling of this fast promotion!” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said. Right, if this had continued, your foundation is not steady, will have very tremendous influence to you from now on.” Bai Youyou said.

Shen Xiang nodded, practice time the promotion that must fight steadily, needs to let some True Qi after the precipitation, uses to be able repeatedly the solid foundation, otherwise, his True Qi very weak. His overflowed many dirts, after he flushes hurries, then has given Long Xueyi 500 grains of True Elemental Dan, making Long Xueyi smile tenderly again and again. If meets that Black Armored Crocodile again, the father will not be absolutely distressed!” Shen Xiang grasps Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, in the heart the heroic spirit greatly fresh, wishes one could to look for Black Armored Crocodile to try the hand, but he has a more important matter to do, he cultivated for several days to lose some time. He must look for True Martial Sect, Lotus Island and Danxiang Taoyuan's disciple, told them the Devil Path plot, simultaneously let them and everybody gathers together, coped with devil disciple. Shen Xiang looked around, walked in all directions, quick had found went to the next ambush road, he ran swiftly immediately, he has practiced for five days, these five days can have many matters. He ran the period of time, sees the ground and on some boughs has many traces. Is these black wolves! Moreover the footprints of some people.” Shen Xiang looks at the tread, he speculated that some people were attacked by the group wolf, hits time escape, but these black wolves are also in hot pursuit. Looks at the footprint of tread, the Shen Xiang's complexion changes: „The footprints of these wolves were probably big, moreover there are that many also to pursue, not to be pilot-controllable, but is these Devil Beast!” The puppet that true Devil Beast these operated is much fiercer.

Shen Xiang followed the footprint to pursue immediately, here distance that ambush was not far, before he erupted that big sound with that Black Armored Crocodile fight, definitely has alarmed nearby these ambush devil disciple, he thinks that next ambush possibly did not have devil disciple. Pursues with these footprints, in the Shen Xiang heart is secretly surprised, front many trees have grasp the mark, several big trees were cut by biting, he guessed the person who these chased down hides on the tree, but these wolves fast have actually cut by biting the big tree. Puppet is several same places attacks at most, moreover so is not cut-throat, but this true Devil Beast so is terrorist, quantity also that many!” Shen Xiang is worrying secretly, at this time arrives at this damned place, naturally is person of many strength is best, he does not hope that saw the righteous path sects disciple dead, the words that can rescue he must rescue. He quickens pace, quick sees ground to have the blood, this is the black blood, only then these Devil Beast have this blood, is different from the person blood, the person the blood has been quickly dried up, but blood of this Devil Beast actually viscous in ground. Junior Brother, be careful!” loudly shout of female transmits together, afterward then erupts a fight the sound, Shen Xiang vanishes in immediately same place , the quickest speed has caught up!