World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 246
Shen Xiang has chosen a hill, then and everybody was saying own plan, digs some caves in the hill, then hides in inside, when the time passes by, to assure security, but also digs tunnel in the hill, to another, once instead cannot defend, flees from tunnel. We arrange large formation again, if runs into the fierce fellow, opening formation, supports a period of time, letting everybody to flee from tunnel elsewhere.” Shen Xiang said. Here person obtains the Shen Xiang's help, they do not have the objection, very supports Shen Xiang. Good, now starts, division of labor and cooperation, strength above Mortal Martial Realm 4th Stage goes on patrol, in order to avoid being attacked, Xianxian and Youlan go to set up formation, other people dig tunnel, female disciple do not need to dig , helping to arrange large formation.” Shen Xiang said. Zhu Rong curls the lip saying: Junior Brother Shen, you cannot goof off, digs a hole with us.” The Yun Xiaodao nod said: Right, Big Brother Shen you may want fairly!” True Martial Realm 4th Stage 5th Stage protects them, this can make them feel relieved digs, therefore did not oppose. Shen Xiang cracks into a smile: Hehe, already was True Martial Realm 5th Stage, therefore did not need to dig!” People one startled, they have thought Shen Xiang is True Martial Realm 2nd Stage 3rd Stage this, but the dependence fierce treasured sword and mysterious martial arts have very formidable strength, but Shen Xiang said now one are True Martial Realm 5th Stage, then his strength can endure to compare 6th Stage 7th Stage? Real false?” Zhu Rong some do not believe that he knows that Shen Xiang can pretend to be True Martial Realm 5th Stage with the True Martial Realm 3rd Stage strength. Yun Xiaodao does not believe that the people do not believe that Xue Xianxian Leng Youlan has also come very to trust Shen Xiang's, but Shen Xiang actually suddenly arrives now this step, making them somewhat be hard to accept.

„Have you listened to Weihong Dao this fellow? Was butchered a moment ago in the forest.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Weihong Dao, in devil path sects very famous young people, but is the evil reputation, strength in True Martial Realm 5th Stage, but can actually kill True Martial Realm 6th Stage. „My blade has gotten rid of him, the words that you do not believe that does if wanted try?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. A blade Weihong Dao hacking to death, the people took a deep breath cold air, they heard in the forest to transmit very big sound but actually before, they know certainly that is Shen Xiang makes, now they have to believe. Knew that the Shen Xiang's accurate strength, the people have felt relieved . Moreover the here also several alchemy masters, can restore quickly to them. Brother, don't you look for Beast Martial Sect and Proud Sword Sect's person?” Leng Youlan asked. Shen Xiang sneered: Did not need to look, that group of fellows had been chopped by me, I to save them, with a fierce Devil Beast fight, finally severe wound, but this group of fellows actually sought after my treasured sword, in turn killed me, luckily my also a little strength.” Brother Xiao Xiang, are you unimportant?” Xue Xianxian hastily runs over, holds down the Shen Xiang's wrist|skill, wants to have a look at the Shen Xiang's injury. All right, because of such, I have entered into True Martial Realm 5th Stage.” Shen Xiang has pinched her face, said with a smile. Yun Xiaodao coldly snorted: This group of fellows damn, after waiting, tell Dean, making them go Beast Martial Sect and Proud Sword Sect extinguishes.”

Before other sect's disciples in astonished, came the time, Gu Dongchen has said that who dares to move Shen Xiang, their sect had been finished, after exiting, can be surely reign of terror, before Gu Dongchen, Beast Martial Sect's Dean chopping, destroys completely Beast Martial Sect again is not difficult dead, but Proud Sword Sect and many sect not with, a while ago and Devil Path colluded, want to occupy seize Extreme Martial Sect's crystal stones mineral lode, was already hated by Extreme Martial Sect. Digs out a quite big stone chamber in the hill, then digs many small stone chambers, this mountain is the grace and talent becomes the stiff black stone, digs very difficultly, but meets the attack time, can resist a longer time. That fleeing passage a forest to distant place, this is many people discusses had decided that because the opposite of that forest is the canyon of that disappearance, moreover forest inside trees are quite big, the ground is quite solid, is very stiff stones, meets the group attacking words, the trees of inside cover can also prevent. In 40 people, only then seven are the females, are quite few, strength above True Martial Realm 4th Stage has 13, is quite many, now therefore digs a hole, only then 20 people, even if these stones are stiff, regarding True Martial Realm martial artist is the piece of cake, they use vigorous True Qi, with spirit tool, has dug is not too difficult. Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian lead five females to go to set up formation, this careful work also only then the female completes quite well. Shen Xiang also once for a while looks at their set up formation, they must make very laborious living, for example on stiff rock wall, or is the ground digs out very tiny trace, cannot have the deviation, moreover Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan release some cold air to make the trace to open cutting to these females in the ground, after they complete, oneself also join. Qianqian, your flame is quite fierce, can such relaxed solution, such quickly do well that many.” Xue Xianxian exclaims, she saw Wu Qianqian to draw in the stiff ground with a finger has been being OK, probably was the same on the ordinary muddy land, although on Wu Qianqian's jade finger did not have the flame, heat that but sent out everyone can feel. He He, I am only the flame build up quite well! Which looks like Xianxian you, not only understands set up formation, the strength so is strong.” Wu Qianqian said with a smile. Leng Youlan said: Qianqian, your flame is not simple, I will also use the fire, but actually cannot use like you!” She through pours into a spirit tool rank the flame on the dagger, is carving some traces in the ground carefully. Other females are also so, with spirit tool and True Qi.

Carved trace that's alright according to these symbols?” Shen Xiang walked, asked. Um, but must very long time, on under the mountain and mountain, but must around an entire mountain.” Xue Xianxian said. Old lady was not this careful live person, but Valley Master insists to give me.” Leng Youlan lightly snorted, looks at her appearance, wishes one could to put out behind her the big sword, chops to chop in the ground maliciously. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, said: Youlan, then you dig a hole first, here gives me.” You?” A female asked that before this was Shen Xiang, has saved that True Martial Sect disciple, named You Yandie. Shen Xiang nodded, sees only him to wave, many flame accurate falling on these traces, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan used the time of most of the day to complete to need to carve the trace the trace, above was covering incorruptible, was very easy to distinguish. A Shen Xiang Divine Sense revolution, saw only these flame to fall into the ground immediately, then started to take a walk, the ignition tread, probably burnt the ice piece to be equally relaxed, not long, many traces appeared, was quick and relaxed, this made these females surprised, admired all. After these flame quantity of heat vanish, Shen Xiang puts , to continue.