World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 247
Leng Youlan has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said with a smile: Brother, you are really good!” Xue Xianxian has pulled her white hair, said with a smile tenderly: Good younger sister, you a bit faster to dig a hole, making you make this delicate work, really has put in great inconvenience you.” Leng Youlan smiles, draws out the back big sword, rushes toward an above cave, other females also follow in her behind, they do not want to idle, must strive, although they are the females, but actually cannot show weakness. Qianqian, you should be also good, give a try!” Shen Xiang said that although he is quicker than these females, the words that but must complete require the time, after carving these traces, many following work must be done. Wu Qianqian nodded, studies Shen Xiang to send out some flame points, but also is only five flame groups, does not emit many like Shen Xiang. At this time Wu Qianqian knows that must control these flame groups to move, the release quantity of heat fired the ground to consume Divine Sense, this made her realize that own insufficiency, realized one and disparity between Shen Xiang. Brother Xiao Xiang, how many top grade crystal stones do you have?” Xue Xianxian asked. How many top grade crystal stones arranges this formation to need?” Xue Xianxian delicate eyebrows micro pressed, had pondered slightly, said: Probably 300 this, this is Master gives me Profound Fire Exquisite Pagoda, is very suitable to use on the mountain this type of topography, can turn into the turreted structure this hill, the defense, when the time comes also needs the massive flame frequently.”

Shen Xiang has put out a bulk, gives Xue Xianxian: This should suffice!” Xue Xianxian spits the tongue, said with a smile tenderly: Brother Xiao Xiang you are really are rich flow the oil, no wonder Old Zhu always thinks that I inquired your matter, but also made me speak his word of praise before you.” For serveral days, Xue Xianxian also and Shen Xiang's friend chatted ripe, can from their there know that very much some Shen Xiang's matters, let alone Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they were very interesting. However what makes her unable to bear, that Yao Haisheng is unexpectedly thick the face to shout that she for teacher's wife, after Shen Xiang knows this, almost smiles the broken belly, he knows certainly that Yao Haisheng no longer harbored resentment now he, he knows that does is not the wise action. Shen Xiang has given Xue Xianxian many middle-grade crystal stones, that is used to arrange large formation, Shen Xiang does not lack regarding these, is not grieved, lets Wu Qianqian and Xue Xianxian is actually very surprised, the wealth that Shen Xiang grasps was really extremely astonishing. Xue Xianxian is cutting these top grade crystal stones carefully, has cut more than double-hour, solves, at this time she shouted Leng Youlan, making Leng Youlan help her the place that these crystal stones place to assign, after putting away, but must pour into pure Fire True Qi in these calibration lines, establishes contacts all crystal stones, constitutes large formation. What Shen Xiang is surprised, Xue Xianxian understands with the fire unexpectedly, before he saw Xue Xianxian to use ice cold True Qi, his suddenly understood, Xue Xianxian is also Ice-Fire Vein, Liu Meng'er is also so, therefore receives her for the disciple. Shen Xiang's Master and Senior Brother are Yin and Yang Veins, Liu Meng'er are Ice-Fire Vein, therefore carefully trains Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, he knows that Xue Xianxian Ice-Fire Vein rank is not certainly low, at least is Heaven Veins, even is Divine Veins, otherwise the strength will be increased not to be quick.

One passed all day, the entire hill full is the spreading across trace, in these traces every other 1st Stage distance inlays grain of crystal stones, Xue Xianxian 300 grains of top grade crystal stones even inlaying on this large formation, this is also she and Leng Youlan first time arranges this large formation. Xue Xianxian very has doubts with Leng Youlan, the [say / way] of set up formation because they study is the same, but they also understand Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley's relationship, therefore has not suspected anything, Shen Xiang has complied with Liu Meng'er, cannot tell Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's her matter, but looking back now, Liu Meng'er is good to these two females, is the instruction with the same thing. Now only misses fierce flame, Brother, your flame is quite fierce, the degree of compression is also very high! If you full floaded operation the flame in this large formation, can perhaps make this large formation might more formidable.” Leng Youlan said. The people with joint forces , the large formation prepare, the cave and tunnel also dug, but martial artist above these True Martial Realm 4th Stage also expelled has attacked their Devil Beast and Human Devil, although has come across many difficult problems, but can solve finally. Shen Xiang rose with a spring, jumps summit, said: I give a try!” Sees only his suddenly to emit flame, the burning hot air wave toward wells up immediately in all directions, regarding this type of flame, the people are shocked, they understand that now why Shen Xiang young was a 4th Stage alchemy master, depended on this type of flame, deserved. Shen Xiang controls the flame that is overflowing with powerful Divine Sense, flows in these tiny scratches, his flame at this time after the compression, seems like few, but the casual point can burn down the entire forest. Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian also in using Divine Sense guides the Shen Xiang's flame to flow in these traces, meanwhile must let that these flame and mosaic crystal stones fuses together, otherwise crystal stones must blast out by the flame incinerator, this mountain above crystal stones has several hundred thousand, strength that several hundred thousand crystal stones simultaneously erupt, that is very terrifying. Late at night, in a stretch of jet black open land, has one to sparkle the red light hill, the hill above full is fiery red spirit pattern, seems like very beautiful and mysterious, Shen Xiang has released many flame continuously, almost gives to consume his Vermilion Bird True Qi, but his vigorous True Qi also makes all people feel shocking, these people who especially uses the fire.

The Shen Xiang's flame was terrorist, in them thinks that Shen Xiang cannot release too many, but the first successive several double-hour, on Shen Xiang that steaming flame does not have now weakly. Completed!” Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian simultaneously tenderly shouted, on their forehead also full is the beads of sweat, Divine Sense that they consume are also many, they usually practice time, Liu Meng'er requests to be very high to them, especially Divine Sense, their Divine Sense are not therefore weak. Many disciples of coming together, had discovered at this time they have many disparities with these young and famous people, if they, could not insist how long, they also know certainly others have paid. Shen Xiang received the flame, took a deep breath, on the hill these braves red light spirit pattern also immediately vanish from sight, even these calibration lines did not have the trace continually, this made many people express admiration secretly, they personally saw others to arrange large formation. These spirit pattern were very mysterious, after spirit pattern absorbs strength, what happened Shen Xiang not to think strange. If the hill were attacked, what to do scattered large formation?” Asking that Zhu Rong is worried about, he knows that this used many crystal stones, although crystal stones was not his, but he was equally grieved. Relax, this large formation melted a body, only if strength consumes, or understood that the to break the formation person ruins the base, otherwise is hard to be broken through, naturally, this large formation mainly to delay the time, making everybody run away from tunnel, if some are small, our fight destroyed completely that's alright.” Leng Youlan said.