World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 248
devil disciple and these ordinary Devil Beast Human Devil they did not fear that is feared when that very fierce Devil Beast, the leader level, or is antique ancient beast that then has, before for example Shen Xiang, that Black Armored Crocodile that meets. Naturally, Devil Beast of this rank they do not fear, if more formidable these, for example Peak Realm, they are unable to contend. In the hill, the people encircle together, is eating some Demon Beast meat, this is the Zhu Rong contribution, only then he along will carry the thing that multipurpose eats. Two months passed by a point! What I am worried is that altar, Devil Path these fellows are regarded as the stand up opportunities this opportunity, they will certainly have the subsequent party, so long as that altar still, them can also communicate Devil World, to rely on Devil World's strength makes many matters to come.” Shen Xiang said. From this Southern Wasteland topography, in this is the seal many fierce things, but in this also has a altar, can explain was initially three realms great war time remains. Or I and you go to destroy that altar.” Hao Dongqing said. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Hao Senior Brother, you stay here, I have a look first, if I cannot destroy, then comes back to look for you and I goes together.” Hao Dongqing is True Martial Realm 5th Stage, is quite powerful, a Shen Xiang person moves is also much more convenient. Brother, I and you goes together!” Leng Youlan said that rushes to the world with Shen Xiang, is dream in her heart. Youlan, here need you, are obedient!” Shen Xiang said that the Leng Youlan's strength is not weak, here many strength True Martial Realm 1st Stage 2nd Stage, do not have strength that anything hits back facing these devil disciple, but they to win, must guarantee that has many people able to live exiting.

Leng Youlan somewhat loses, but nodded. This is communication symbol, if there is any urgent matter, so long as burns down the symbol, I know.” Shen Xiang gives a Hao Dongqing symbol, before this is him , when kills Free Immortal Sea these disciples obtains. Shen Xiang already decided that must go to the altar, the words of here insufficient security, he did not feel relieved, at this time he can feel at ease sought for that altar. The position of altar he knows, just in quite deep place, means that there has fierce Human Devil and Devil Beast. These devil disciple also gather together, they have not thought that their person will die much, Weihong Dao was massacred, matter they have not imagined are so smooth, and very terrible. Your 100 Poison Sect has shrunk, a use does not have! Now was good, not only a person has not caught, but also has alarmed deep place these monsters?” A person said that devil disciple hides in the ground, moreover wears the black clothed, is bringing the bow cap, is the same appearance. Snort, our 100 Poison Sect with poisonous fierce, but other aspects aren't you do not know? Nobody coordinates us, we cannot approach, this inside cold wind that many, poisonous Qi anything one was swept, but also poisonously to person on one's own side! Our concealed or hidden weapons cannot apply, their this Righteous Path disciples are very fierce.” The sound said together hoarsely. Now they hide, they knew our plot probably, but is this possible? We die will not say that they do not step into mountain forest, we could not ambush, was facing the war, we died insufficiently die, you also saw trace that several fights left behind! Moreover Wei Boss might also be killed.” A sound spookiness incisive person said. It seems like can only...... a sound old person say with that means.

Shen Xiang is leaping in mountain forest agilely, has met many Devil Beast Human Devil, but his speed is quick, leads away this batch of demon, he at this time also some doubts, because these Human Devil Devil Beast probably know that has the person in the place of surrounding. „Do this group of fellows induce ability to be very strong?” Shen Xiang murmured, before Xue Xianxian they at that meeting by Devil Beast and Human Devil attack one after another, currently have that many to run toward there, making Shen Xiang be worried that picked up the speed to hurry to toward that altar. This crowd of Devil Beast and Human Devil strength in True Martial Realm! But the brain is very simple, even if their sense of smell is how sharp, is unable to catch up toward here from the distant place, has a situation!” The Su Meiyao expression is dignified. This crowd of things were directed by a fierce fellow! This Southern Wasteland is the antique battlefield, perhaps also has antique time these fierce Demon and Devil or, they possibly got up by the seal, but Divine Sense actually can also use!” The Bai Youyou's sound becomes ice-colder. The Shen Xiang whole body trembles: In deep place was made these Human Devil Devil Beast make an arrest by the fierce fellow of seal, wants to open the altar, their unsealed!” Not only now is to let devil disciple wants to do, the matter becomes more and more serious, this lets the determination of Shen Xiang firmer destruction altar! Their suspicions already ** did not leave ten, Long Xueyi said: If so, then these fierce fellows by seal! A bit faster goes to destroy the altar, words that they come out, that was too fearful.” three realms great war of antique time is who is responsible for this, unexpectedly leaves behind that the danger(ous) thing.” Shen Xiang is criticizing. Some fellows were too fierce, is very difficult to kill, has the seal to get up.” Long Xueyi said.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were silent, especially Su Meiyao, Shen Xiang discovered that she is worried about anything probably, not having of past to caress flatters the smiling face. That crowd of Human Devil Devil Beast pursued Shen Xiang after a while, does not pursue, could see that had been controlled, but Shen Xiang cannot make this crowd of things besiege to hide in hill inside person. Shen Xiang leaps airborne, to tread is a palm, Universe True Qi turns into the giant transparent palm, to the tread fierce pressure, cranks up meat patties these demon. Shen Xiang, you were worried, if the manned controllable these things, perhaps knows all that here has, the road that you take now goes to the altar, perhaps that fellow arranged the fierce thing to stop you.” Su Meiyao urged seriously. Shortly after the Su Meiyao words just said that the front hears one low and deep, but the beast roar of sinister, making this dim open land appear more terrorist. The cold wind is intermittent, blows Shen Xiang to be absolutely terrified, endless death Qi is frigid, scatters in the air, the gloomy beast roar unceasingly, the ground also transmits one to shiver again and again intermittently. Comes! Father's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is not a vegetarian.” Shen Xiang grasps the hilt, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade immediately azure glow glittering, moreover shivers slightly, probably is excited. Feels fighting intent that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade transmits, the Shen Xiang's blood has seethed with excitement, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade mission is the slaughter demon, can grant Shen Xiang more formidable strength, cut down Demons, eliminate Devils!