World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 249
The front trees one drop down piece by piece, the billowing lime soil splash comes, the ground shivers slightly, front has probably tens of thousands horses simultaneously to dash about wildly toward Shen Xiang. But that is not the horse, is Devil Beast, is big Devil Beast, from that calling out, Shen Xiang can see that is Devil Beast that is turned into by the wolf, and build is huge. Shen Xiang's back suddenly emits big group flame, pair of giant wing suddenly appears, horizontally in his back, seems like huge fire bird He releases Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, flame temperature is very high, a fire wings appearance, all around trees were burnt down immediately, in the trim forest is spreading immediately the flaming fire, that billowing thick smoke flutters airborne, looks from the distant place that is very magnificent. Shen Xiang back fire wings is getting bigger and bigger, Shen Xiang completely has released his Vermilion Bird True Qi now, he prepares to meet the approaching enemy to the wing with this toward his always myriad Demon Beast, if he must run away, that is simplest, but he cannot run away, otherwise these Devil Beast will attack his companion. On Shen Xiang also braves the steaming flame, he is staring at the front, looks solemn, gripped tightly on the double fist to stick out suddenly the blue vein, his rave, then to being thousand feet (333 m) the huge fire wings suddenly flutter gets up. The fire wings flutter, strong winds to erupt, was burnt immediately the great tree of carbon, ground these is burnt down fiercely burns the hot lime soil, as well as all around these flaming are burning the flame, along with his giant wing flutter, takes away as many things as possible to the front. The red flame illuminates this dim open land , the beast roar is unceasing, ground that shivered peaceful, only then that pitiful beast roar. After Shen Xiang stirs up huge Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, makes the incomparably scalding hot air wave, with various types of burnt down things as well as billowing thick smokes, front that crowd toward his always Devil Beast total flooding.

This has the flame that the person of Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit released, Extreme Yang to just, this type of evil thing could not withstand, this type of flame was restraining them inborn, so long as were burnt, the pain will spread their whole bodies, was little to burn the ashes them, this came from the Hell flame to them, special penalty evil flame. The small moment passes by, behind Shen Xiang huge fire wings vanished, his whole body is the sweat, even if he, has to feel flame that own one breath releases how burning hot, but front is still burning the billowing flame, that crowd in the flame is struggling toward Devil Beast that he clashes, front seems the disaster in Hell. Shen Xiang ate up restored True Qi pills, grasped Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, entered in sea of fire, these fires resembled intelligential to be the same, has avoided him, has not burnt down him. Enters sea of fire, Shen Xiang, so long as sees these are struggling Devil Beast, will brandish a sword cutting to kill, was burnt down was so long, but can also undying Devil Beast, the strength be unusual. These are some quite big black wolves and red wolves, compared with before him these stronger that sees, Shen Xiang guessed after these wolves turn into Devil Beast, still has the ability of reproduction, moreover is very strong, will otherwise not have that many. Shen Xiang transmits the roar biggest direction to walk toward one, sees only a build such as the alike black great wolf to struggle, tumble and is calling out during the disaster, that four powerful foot little was being burnt down by the flame incinerator, keeping it from standing up. It seems like my flame along with my cultivation base promotion, but strengthens large scale, unexpectedly can give the burn this big fellow.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, brandishes a sword chops, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade bursts out together azure Qi Energy, this gigantic wolf cutting two halves. In sea of fire, Shen Xiang does not know one cut to kill the multi- discount wolf, only knows that he was unable to satisfy Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in hand now, although he was gripping tightly the hilt, but the knife actually still sent out shivering slightly, Shen Xiang through with this that potential surface relation between blades, can feel this blade that soaring fighting intent.

Fierce fellow nearby this!” Long Xueyi said: In sky is also covering a very evil aura, fills to be wild and bloody, it seems like that the fierce fellows are waiting for you, after that should be you enter this open land, runs into the strongest fellow.” Shen Xiang looks serious, had to swallow True Elemental Dan, was adjusting the condition, he must go with the best condition facing that forthcoming formidable enemy. Across sea of fire, between Heaven and Earth was peaceful immediately, before that pitiful wolf went into hiding howlingly, because these wolves 11 were not cut to kill by Shen Xiang, was given to burn by the flame, but that is burning fiercely the forest still braves the billowing thick smoke, the flame is exceedingly high, illuminates the sky well-illuminated, but this Southern Wasteland not only does not have the heat, but also became colder, the cold wind was more crowded, Devil Qi was more tyrannical, was very strange. The Shen Xiang shoulder chops a gigantic great blade, on the knife that making threatening gestures Azure Dragon is sparkling the chilly solemn and respectful ray, one type is full of the dignified imposing manner unceasing overflows from above, he seems probably is the Evil Devil end matter is common. Shen Xiang has anchored the footsteps, his slightly took a deep breath, because he sees front suddenly to walk a person, a stature is thin, on the whole body hands and feet is entangling the person of plain white cloth. His face is very black, is very cold, seems like the deceased person is ordinary, but his pair braves the eye of red light to make people feel strange, he is grasping a very long bone spear, on the snow white bone spear also winds around the trace that unexpectedly the azure black is mixed, seems like good weapon. Feels strong Devil Qi that this person spout, Shen Xiang concluded that this person is Human Devil, moreover is very fierce, has the spirit wisdom. „Do you go to the altar to do?” That person asked that the sound was stiff and ice-cold, does not have the sentiment, appalling. Facing such a person, normal person's response generally is vigilant and panic-stricken, but Shen Xiang hee hee said with a smile: What matter do I go to the altar to close your? However you want to know that I told you, I want to go to there to urinate!”

The Shen Xiang's words make that person of stiff face twitch, that red eye explodes lightens blood same red light, making Shen Xiang smell thick death Qi and smell of blood in an instant. I am the protector in altar! Also is the priest, you are blaspheming our sacred altars, I will give to Devil God with your blood and your heart.” Although this person of sound is stiff, but can actually hear him to be excited, said the Devil God's time, in his resounding sound full was respects and humble. This makes Shen Xiang look but actually somewhat extraordinarily, his said with a sneer: I must have a look at you to have any skill but actually to prevent me.” The words finish, he only sees red glow to dodge, the instance of electric light spark, his fierce side shunts, sees only his a handful hair to scatter, that inscribes many spirit pattern white bone lances near his cheeks, feels the cold air that the bone spear spout, the Shen Xiang back sends to be cool slightly.