World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 250
The snow white bone spear was braving blood same red light, probably was suddenly bleeds was the same, was very strange, did not puncture, the priest has not punctured again the second time, he received the bone spear, retreat several steps, both hands have been grasping the bone spear, lifted up high in the day, has drunk one greatly, saw only his sky to present a huge black vortex, entire Southern Wasteland Devil Qi suddenly welled up in his top of the head. Prevents this fellow quickly, although does not know why he can be able suddenly to gather this strength, but if were prevailed by him, you troubled.” Su Meiyao hastily shouted. This fellow can communicate with Devil World probably, in his mouth was reciting the incantation was the one classical Chinese literature of Devil World antique time, only then the small number of people meeting, it seems like he was really a priest.” Bai Youyou said. The Shen Xiang dantian sinks, Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram revolves crazily, five beast image inside True Qi fierce wells up, collects to fuse together in the dantian, turns into Universe True Qi. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was poured into by so vigorous True Qi, the weight is promoting crazily, but Shen Xiang actually could not feel that has the slight change, but he thought that he as if can cut off knife handle in society all with this. Regarding that priest anything, Shen Xiang did not understand that he knows at present this fellow is handling very matter awfully, if makes him succeed, then Chenwu Mainland on danger(ous). Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that has shivered, now tranquil, Shen Xiang loudly exclaimed: Your this Evil Devil bad idea, get lost to Hell goes!” Saying, the great blade was dodging suddenly, a noble exploded to dodge along with azure light, filled dignified dragon roar to resound through the four directions, reverberated in entire Southern Wasteland. Shen Xiang also feels in Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to have formidable strength at this time, he already knows one are few understanding of blade to this, strength that inside hides is big, now one, he knew this unexpectedly in the blade has one type strength that is full of the healthy tendency, this is to Demon and Devil Evil Path most fatal inside.

Shen Xiang flies to jump over, is treadonning the step such as Dragon Ruhu, violent incomparable, can increase many strength to him, he brandishes a sword cuts horizontally to the bone spear of that straight chrysanthemum to day, the broadsword flies chopped past at the same time, the dragon roar eight sides, the noble breaks through in the upper air that black vortex, the earth as if has a dragon to regain consciousness generally, was shivering violently along with that melodious resounding dragon roar. The explosive of bang, in upper air glittering the innumerable azure lightnings with the red lightning, among that thick dark clouds were also having immediately a crack, probably is the day when that is two strength bumps into is produced Qi Energy that breaks out is broken out was the same, is very magnificent. The huge black vortex on priest top of the head disappears, some are only lightning that the green lake is complicated, Southern Wasteland reverberates various sounds that was resounding a moment ago, earth slowly is tranquil, after the echo vanishes, Southern Wasteland falls into dead once more general silence. Shen Xiang behind that piece of sea of fire was also blown to vanish by that shock-wave, their in all directions, is smooth one piece, must know that actually has some hills and trees! Shen Xiang's somewhat tingles with numbness, he has not thought that on that bone spear unexpectedly has so intense strength, he not only cannot cut off that bone spear, but also had been instead shaken by that strength, shakes his five main internal organs (entrails) to reduce together, but he has prevented that priest to make any danger(ous) matter. Priest very angry looks at Shen Xiang, in his mouth also overflowed the black blood, in the eye of that pair of red light glittering spout black Qi, on his white bone spear is winding around a red lightning, his anger turns into Devil Qi, spews out from the body. Your unexpectedly has this strength to prevent me to accept Devil God to keep here strength! You made me miss Devil God to my only opportunity, I will make you live to might as well die.” Priest voice ice-cold, is full of hatred, as if came from Hell Evil Devil. In Shen Xiang heart secret one startled, accepts Devil God to leave his strength? Does that obtain this Southern Wasteland majority of Devil Qi? That is very terrifying.

Sister Youyou, does this fellow come? In his hand that thing is very fierce, my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade such, was unable to cut off that thing.” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Too the Ancient Devil god is in Devil World the strongest person, three realms great war time, he leaves leeway this place in each world, has left behind the altar, leaves behind one with the priest who Devil Qi breeds. Once defeats, so long as the priest and altar still , may also return to Devil World through the altar, or obtains Devil God's to instruct from Devil World that in brief after that is can let big piece of demon died , the method of rebirth, naturally, the after altars of many world were discovered generally, will be destroyed, but some the people of world do not know, but most antique battlefields got up by the seal, what will therefore not have matter to occur.” Bai Youyou said on and on. In the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing these Devil Path fellows, unexpectedly knows this that danger(ous) matter, but also the plan plans to make here demon be delivered from oppression. devil path sects should obtain some records, the record that but they obtain is not very comprehensive, perhaps they do not know here accurate matter.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang suddenly suspected that Bai Youyou is the person in Devil World, otherwise she is impossible to know that exhaustive thing, these Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao do not know. In his hand that thing is the good thing, your blade cannot cut off that thing, must take, although some evil auras.” Long Xueyi said. She just said that priest has sent out strange roaring, with the bone spear fierce thorn to Shen Xiang, the bone spear has not come out, that swift and fierce Qi Energy makes noise on xiū xiū, is similar to the invisible arrow strikes together from out of the blue, Shen Xiang responded that Qi Energy have not left behind a bloodstain on the cheeks slowly, but has actually avoided that bone spear. That bone spear in attack, although the sound is not big, but Shen Xiang can feel that strength that in contains, if by stabbing, the consequence were been inconceivable, moreover that priest punctures his head specially, thinks to make him feel thrilling.

That bone spear is not only stiff incomparable, but also very special effects, can in instantaneously massive strength condense in that sharpest place, once stabs, strength then erupts from that sharp place, but the weak thorn, strength will immediately not return to the human body , can consume small. Shen Xiang was attacked twice, twice he is paying attention to bone spear inside strength flowing, therefore he can guess that this truly is good weapon. He had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but were many fierce weapon to be also good, although that bone spear did not look like like the Righteous Path thing. This fellow has strength spatially, but only understood that punctures you with that thing, perhaps does not have no devil art.” Long Xueyi said. She just said that knows one have misread, because of that priest five fingers one, turns into huge white bone claw instantaneously, whisks off toward Shen Xiang, the blood red ray pasts on that claw, cold and gloomy Devil Qi four shoot, if were grasped, the Shen Xiang's head definitely meeting has not fallen half. That only white bone same claw caught Shen Xiang, but grasped the past time, Shen Xiang actually turned into mist. That is the virtual image that mist turns into, but Shen Xiang actually in that priest, both hands are grasping the hilt, pours into vigorous True Qi, being quietly to the back of that priest, is being an overhead blade.