World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 254
The storm comes quickly, goes quickly, Shen Xiang currently has a big section of body to be buried in the soil, only reveals the chest above place, he also somewhat dizzy. Young fool, wakes up quickly, Ha Ha...... Dawn.” The Long Xueyi happy tenderness smiles. Southern Wasteland is dim one piece, but actually resembles calm after the storm such now, can see positive, can see that deep blue sky that in fiercely the sky is hanging, above also flutters white clouds, the air of delicate fragrance is emerging in this Southern Wasteland immediately, after Shen Xiang opens the eye, cannot help but yelled one. Where is my this?” His body shakes, struggles from soil, he only sees himself to stand on a very high mountain, this is the mountain that just formed. He has eaten up some True Elemental Dan, rapidly is restoring consumption True Qi, more than double-hour pass by, he restored 80%, he emits Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, recognized the direction, the flutter wing rapid flight got up. Southern Wasteland changed external appearances only, Shen Xiang does not recognize the road. The forest does not exist, but, will grow, that altar completely vanish from sight. Devil Qi did not have that many, entire Southern Wasteland originally by seal, but was delivered from oppression now, that covered Southern Wasteland Devil Qi along with the altar destruction vanished instantaneously, in this most devils died. Quick, before Shen Xiang had found them, that hill that arranges, here is a surrounding, is quite far from the altar, therefore here had not been destroyed. Shen Xiang in the air sees on the small summit to have several people, one is Hao Dongqing, one is Yao Haisheng, other three people are also the disciples of other sect's True Martial Realm 4th Stage strengths. Shen Xiang lowers from the upper air, falls on that summit, said while loudly laughing: „The matter of altar has handled, then we can feel relieved.” Your brat was too strong, made that big move to come, I think that entire Southern Wasteland can not have!” Hao Dongqing said with a smile.

Shen Xiang went to hill inside hall, the people here, that sound so was huge before, they already the suspicion was Shen Xiang did, that strength was equal to Nirvana Realm in their opinion, but before Shen Xiang, True Martial Realm 5th Stage. Hehe, was in that altar energy was too strong, will therefore have that big sound.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Xue Xianxian took silk handkerchief to clean the dust on his face, the Shen Xiang whole body was the soil, looked like the person who came out from the mire is the same. Brother, then said that we temporarily do not have no danger(ous) now is right? These Devil Beast Human Devil did not have!” Leng Youlan said. Is indefinite! You are honest stay here.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Snort, Devil Path that crowd of turtle eggs, know that hides the cloudy person, when arrives at us to go them to look, kills their wiped out to the last man, making them know that our righteous path sects is not good to bully. unexpectedly such plans us, unexpectedly wants to make the great-aunt I go, when the sacrificial offering......” Leng Youlan more said is hotter, if knows where these Devil Path disciples hid, already took her to clash the great sword. Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian smile, the Leng Youlan's disposition is that fiery, although she is the Icewind Valley's disciple. I also think that after that altar kills, we can exit, but has not seen the outlet now!” Zhu Rong sighed, the place that they were, approached that canyon, but the canyon has not appeared now. The people are also so, because after the altar was ruined, in this turned into the earth-shaking change, this makes many people think that immediately had to exit. Time that Shen Xiang flies has not seen that canyon, he knows in this Southern Wasteland also formation, moreover this formation was being controlled by these Devil Path Big Shot.

Destroys that brat of altar, we will remember your!” In the sky suddenly broadcasts together the sound, straight transmission to Shen Xiang their solid hills. Devil God Decree initiated, you are waiting to us!” That sound conveys once more, this makes the people feel somewhat worried that Shen Xiang destroys that altar, except many devils, now what speaks is who? Shen Xiang shook the head to the people, expressed that does not know who that sound is sends out. These days do not exit , to continue stay here, here has large formation, will be safer.” Shen Xiang said. Shen Xiang must rest the period of time, for serveral days he rushed about too tired. That sound should a moment ago from Devil World's, only then blasphemed Devil God, will initiate Devil God Decree, was the Devil God's follower initiates, the Devil God's follower were many, middle many strength powerful devils, you actually do not need to be worried now, because the Devil World's person could not come, once the three realms connection, your danger(ous), the Devil God's followers are one group of lunatics.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang nodded, closes the eye to start to rest, he is a person is in the stone chamber, other people in he is very tired, does not disturb him, spunks up to pay attention to all around sound. Since the altar was destroyed, in this is tranquil, but time also one month of being away from, Shen Xiang guessed that these devil disciple also hid like them, when the time comes exited to compete the population again.

Although devil disciple early three years ago some people come, but exits they cannot replace the person who these died, person portrait that because registers, for has this situation. After Shen Xiang devour Beast Martial Sect and True Qi of Proud Sword Sect these disciples, well has not practiced, behind also devour Devil Spirit, now he calms the mind to practice for many days in the secret room, he must build the solid foundation, in order to avoid later presents the hidden danger, will be very when the time comes troublesome. After entering into True Martial Realm 5th Stage, he knows, must lighten these true element grains may not have to be so easy, must reduce the True Qi quantity more than many times the past toward true element grains, but depends upon True Elemental Dan is incorrect, but Building Foundation Dan, although has very good effect, but goes to some waste, 2nd Stage 3rd Stage time with also passable, now his True Martial Realm 5th Stage, has been using on some waste, if takes to some Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, perhaps can also train some True Martial Realm. Shen Xiang decides, after going back, Building Foundation Dan sells, received exchange for the massive wealth, collects other herbs that Five Elements True Elemental Dan needs again, only then depends upon Five Elements True Elemental Dan, he can promote the strength rapidly! He now is True Martial Realm 5th Stage, walks all of a sudden that quickly is not the good deed, he decided that exits well to promote other aspects, he wants to make a token of 5th Stage alchemy master, then studies refiner, knows very well spirit pattern. After having studied that Divine Ability, he knows that spirit pattern formidable place, he already had the spirit pattern seal in the pills above idea, but he is not skilled to spirit pattern, therefore this need time studies. Roar......” suddenly, deafening roared to transmit, shakes the entire hill to sway, the Shen Xiang complexion changed, he knows that had the fierce thing to come.