World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 255
Was alarmed by this in hill inside person, comes out to examine in abundance. Shen Xiang rushed to the summit, in trees that sees only the front piece of collapse, ran out of one, only then the great wolves of three heads, the whole body black superficial knowledge, in the mouth are having the gigantic fang, the build is similar to an elephant, is flushing toward the hill, probably is knows that some people hide in the hill. Feels that intermittent Devil Qi that on these three wolves emits, knows that this everybody is fierce. Three wolves still in the distant place, open the mouth on suddenly, sees only in suddenly to gush out black Qi, a threatening pressure wells up, Shen Xiang hastily shouted: Hides completely, opens large formation!” The people also know that three wolves are intrepid, three Zhang full is the big mouth of sharp tooth to the hill, in the mouth black Qi crazily is welling up, baleful aura that soars to the heavens makes the people feel very panic-stricken. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, when three wolves appear, has prepared to open large formation, seeing three wolves to attack, immediately opened large formation, the people hides into the hill at this time. Is very strong, Peak Realm strength!” The Shen Xiang complexion said dignifiedly. „Do we collaborate not to hit?” The Yun Xiaodao startled sound asked that he knew Shen Xiang's to be fierce, previous time he witnessed Shen Xiang to kill to the bang that True Martial Realm 9th Stage elder. Shen Xiang shakes the head: Devil Beast and humanity are different, let alone Devil Beast, said ordinary Profound Beast! Is very powerful, Peak Realm humanity is also so, disparity between True Martial Realm 9th Stage and Peak Realm, but the difference of heaven and earth.” Is equal is called Spirit Beast to the human True Martial Realm strength, Peak Realm on name Profound Beast, it is said Profound Beast can speak human language, can practice some human martial arts rare beasts, similarly is very formidable. At present that Devil Beast is equal to the strength of Profound Beast rank, and has terror Devil Qi, is turned into Devil Beast by the antique strange species three wolves. It seems like only then socialized with this fellow!” Shen Xiang heaved a deep sigh, if did not compel to have no other choice, he does not want to make the people flee in all directions, because that must face in Southern Wasteland the unclear bad risk, although the altar was destroyed, but in the Southern Wasteland deep place has anything, he does not know, nobody knows. In brief, the altar was destroyed, does not mean that Southern Wasteland was safe, clashes three wolves that to see from the present, in this is still hiding massive terror Devil Beast.

Bang, bang, bang! Sound suddenly of three acoustic shock person tympana blows out, but the hill slightly has also swayed, that is because large formation is protecting, but the large formation above energy sooner or later will consume. „The attack of this fellow is very strong, one made the large formation energy vanish half......” Xue Xianxian just saying that bang the sound resounded once more one after another, scope of hill vibration compared with a moment ago also big. Shen Xiang fierce shouted: Hurries tunnel, I stop this fellow......” The attack raids once more, is three bangs, the mountain top of hill vanished, the small hall that the people are was also opened a very big roof louvre window, only missed to fall to attack them. People systematic fast of enters tunnel, Shen Xiang releases Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, flees fiercely the upper air, is brandishing Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, to that in the three wolves of distant place on a blade, azure glow glittering, is bringing intense Qi Energy together, this is urges to send through Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the impulse also has several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg). Brother Xiao Xiang!” Brother!” Big Brother Shen!” „......” Following suddenly transmits yelling of many people, they know that Shen Xiang must constrain that three wolves. Rubbish, you hurry you, I cope! Walks quickly!” Shen Xiang shouted, that blade that he wielded a moment ago has hit three wolves, but outside the bodies of three wolves suddenly presents black fog, has resisted directly strongly his strikes.

stronger of these three wolves in the Shen Xiang imagination were bigger, consecutively nine strike breaking large formation, originally arrangement time, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan have said that this can resist the moment attack of Peak Realm. Walks quickly!” Shen Xiang explodes to drink, in the sound is having the anger. Although Xue Xianxian and the others does not hope, but sees the Shen Xiang that life Qi/angry appearance, they can only clench teeth to plunge into one to enter deeply the passage hole. All people are sad, they know that three wolves are very formidable, they are worried about Shen Xiang , if not enter Southern Wasteland, many people have the misunderstanding to Shen Xiang, but they actually hold in high esteem to Shen Xiang at this time, to Shen Xiang some are only the deep respect! Said that Shen Xiang is the hero is not overrated, Shen Xiang all that comes here to make, for entire Chenwu Mainland. Meanwhile, the three giant mouths of that three wolf grow up, condense leaves three groups to be full of the destruction the black energy ball, two spurt to that is rumbled to fall the mountain top the hill, another spurts to Shen Xiang. That speed such as the light is common, although Shen Xiang in the air, but the speed is very quick, the fierce landing, avoided that to fill baleful aura black light ball. After that hill black light ball hits, but has swayed, what second strikes, actually already vanish from sight! That large formation was rumbled to extinguish facing the terrifying attack continuously repeatedly, obviously that large formation is very powerful, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan this strength can arrange this formation, was good. Shen Xiang just evaded that black sphere, even that strength terror, if he, he definitely will be finished a moment ago slowly, he can affirm, even if True Martial Realm 9th Stage was hit, must vanish instantaneously, at present these three great wolves were really too terrifying. Long Xueyi felt that with Divine Sense all people in that passage of deep place, told Shen Xiang, this makes Shen Xiang relax immediately. This fellow comes to you probably!” Long Xueyi said. „But why does he want to attack hill?” Shen Xiang asked: We go into hiding well, how does this fellow look?”

Long Xueyi has not answered, hears distant place to hear the fierce laughter: Shen Xiang, do not think that you hide us not to know here, you destroyed our good deed, we must make you die completely here!” This thing, but the antique time lets Devil Beast that the person is panic at the news, came from Devil World! The strength you had experienced a moment ago.” Heard this saying, Shen Xiang understood immediately, these three wolf some people put intentionally, moreover was directed by these devil disciple, he was worried, if this type of thing were many, their very danger(ous)? You cannot run away! You underestimated us, Ha Ha......” that person grinned fiendishly was saying that then entered in the forest. That tunnel digs, passes over in the forest of distant place, now Shen Xiang must lead away that three wolves, in order to avoid three wolves attack their people from the distant place, regarding Xue Xianxian their strengths, he was not worried very much that they work with concerted efforts, the imperial enemy, is very formidable. That three wolves are moving tail, six gigantic red eyes are waiting for Shen Xiang, that black tongue extends to lick these giant buckteeth once for a while. Sees tongue suddenly extends, Shen Xiang fierce brandishing a sword, divided ten to come the blade, the wind to project ten instantaneously to come the Dao Qi vigor, on black energy shield that one after another impact in that three wolves released. That ten Dao Qi vigor are almost the same time attack, erupted the continual impulse, unexpectedly has broken through that energy shield, making two Dao Qi vigor stroke on the middle head. These three wolves call out one immediately, three mouth fierce opening, quick leaves three groups of black spheres on condense, sprays toward Shen Xiang.