World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 256
Shen Xiang descended the ground, seeing that three black ball to spray, he moves immediately high-speed, vanishes in instantaneously same place, avoided that three to have he equally high black ball. That three black energy balls probably are the meteorite general terrors, pastes the tread perpendicular incidence distant place, delimited three deep ditches in the ground. that was close!” The Shen Xiang heart said that the attack of that three wolf is terrorist . Moreover the speed is quick, he somewhat worried that he could whether have avoided. He dashes immediately in a direction, he had hit that three wolf blades a moment ago, has angered three wolves, three wolves saw Shen Xiang to rush to the distant place instantaneously, immediately was stepping that four great leg, spun. Speed unexpectedly that such a big fellow runs is not slow, but also shakes the ground to make shivering and billowing sound slightly, but he is too after all big, although the speed is fast, actually cannot compare Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang saw three wolves to know that in the distant place attack a moment ago this thing the speed will not be fast, now really guesses with him is the same. In an instant, Shen Xiang crossed a mountain, making Shen Xiang feel what is speechless, that three wolves are disinclined to climb up, rumbles directly under the mountain passage. During the chase, three wolves attack Shen Xiang many times, but had been hidden by him, for all that but after Shen Xiang evades each time, will have a lingering fear, because wanted him slowly a point, will vanish into thin air. „Does this fellow pursue that deadly? Also can induce me!” Shen Xiang low snort|hum said that he enters a cover the woods, and has restrained the aura, but that three wolves actually in the distant place, where may discover him, pursued directly, settles on the distance, black ball that the blowout three that types are having the powerful destructive power. This is not the means that this thing is clinging to for dear life me, words that gets down again, I sooner or later must be hit! You help me try to find the solution quickly.” Although he can bring here these three wolves, but stubbornly were actually being chased down, the situation is also the bad risk.

We have been thinking that you insist again!” Su Meiyao said that the sound is also very serious. „After this fellow releases that black energy ball, strength will also weaken, but its within the body is storing up massive Devil Qi, to make it consume, at least must consume him one all day.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang is running swiftly in the forest, is taking the curving route, can not be hit by that three wolves easily. One all day?” In the Shen Xiang heart complained of hardship secretly. dragon brat, lends me your strength! Sufficient?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not know that the words of attempt have certain risk! The attack of this fellow probably only then sprays these black energy balls, the defense is black energy shield, you approach its words, perhaps he will not attack you with that black ball, because that will also affect it.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang also thinks of this, he was considering that if wanted attempts. Can try, the weakness of this fellow is the heart, as well as that [say / way] controls the consciousness of its soul! In Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut does not have Breaking Soul Cut, special attack soul? You break consciousness in its soul first, at that time it can the pain a while, when the time comes you again with seven kill to cut Heart Rending Strike to attack fiercely its heart.” Bai Youyou said. Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Your to rely on my strength, uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade time will be stronger! Should be able to make you kill this fellow smoothly!” Shen Xiang has felt on the arm to transmit a warm heat flow, Long Xueyi starts to lend Shen Xiang her strength, flows in his within the body, enters in his dantian, melts a body with that five elements of True Qi.

Long Xueyi's True Qi is very mysterious, Shen Xiang does not ravel that is any strength, can fuse together with his five elements of True Qi very much with ease, making him flexibly utilize, resembles that strength is he is the same. pills that Long Xueyi eats are also many, is in itself a dragon, her adolescence condition Shen Xiang does not know, but actually knows that her good thing to be many, previous time his to rely on Long Xueyi's strength also in an instant, but is actually Long Xueyi completely instills into strength to his within the body now, this makes him feel itself formidable incomparable. Shen Xiang exploded roars, the body has shaken, the clothes of upper body disrupted immediately, have revealed the strong muscle, has a white dragon in the place of his left shoulder, glittering a white light, was looking like very strange. At this time was three black balls spout, although Shen Xiang obtained formidable strength, but he has not actually greeted, but was jump, flew high turns, avoids that three attacked his black ball at the same time, arrived at the sky of three wolves. Three wolves look at Shen Xiang in upper air, unexpectedly have not attacked, in the six gigantic eyes of three heads revealed a fear, because it felt very intense Dragon Qi, only then within the body leaves leeway dragon blood to have this imposing manner, this was also the thing that many beasts feared. Sees the following three wolves not to attack, Shen Xiang seizes the opportunity, is gripping tightly the hilt, revolution cultivation technique, his Divine Sense emerges in the knife immediately, then to under is dividing a blade fiercely. Although is away from is very far, but Shen Xiang goes to feel one unusual Qi Energy that becomes by Divine Sense condense to fly to shoot from blade edge, has hit that three wolves instantaneously, can very relaxed putting on escape three wolves to carve to protect its black energy shield at that time. Only hears three wolves simultaneously to exude one to roar, afterward is sad and shrill calling out, three mouths are long very greatly, roaring at the same time, but also spout the genuine black strong winds, sweeps its front big tree completely. Shen Xiang lands on the ground, transfers major part True Qi, condense in the knife, Breaking Soul Cut was an attack soul, but Heart Rending Strike that now he uses attacked the heart. In Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, these two cut is quietly, when not like other these attacks will erupt very big sound.

If no Long Xueyi to lend his strength, perhaps his Breaking Soul Cut is unable to penetrate that matter black energy shield, even if penetrated, is unable to attack the souls of these three wolves. Shen Xiang stands in the body side of that three wolf, he closed the eye, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade has been absorbing his strength crazily, presents three were beating the thing in him at present, that was the three hearts of three wolves, was connected together, moreover was also winding around outside black mist. In Shen Xiang heart one startled, he has not thought that his Divine Sense meets suddenly to be so formidable, can be direct seeing the situations in three wolf within the body, is quick he to discover that this is because of the Long Xueyi these strength reasons, he exclaims to Long Xueyi's Divine Sense now, unexpectedly can arrive at this situation, he understands the thing that now why Long Xueyi can induce so will be precise. Shen Xiang not only sees that three gigantic heart, but can also see in three wolf huge statures to have black but giant crystal, that deposits the energy the carrier, the crystal is bigger, the energy of depositing are more, but humanity deposits True Qi generally produces a transparent sphere in the dantian, compresses True Qi toward inside unceasingly. Hurry up!” Long Xueyi shouted: „After you this fellow kills, takes its Devil Elemental Nuclei, turns into a bird to fly away!” On Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade has poured into many strength, but that three wolves crazily were still roaring, it was bearing the pain of soul. A blade cuts, silent, is very tranquil, this is the Heart Rending Strike magical thing. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he heard that three wolf within the body to transmit a dull thumping sound at this time, three wolves stopped roaring, poured has struggled in the ground, then did not have the sound.