World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 257
After killing these three wolves, Long Xueyi's strength withdrew from his body, his whole body locates respectively a suddenly pain, almost soft to ground, a strength does not have. This is the serious results that to rely on too many Long Xueyi's strength cause, he knows that this harms the matter of body, therefore is not as a last resort, he is unuseful, cannot be too frequent, otherwise has destroyed his body. Also is gawking doing, goes to cut away the belly of that fellow quickly, takes inside Devil Elemental Nuclei!” Long Xueyi hastily shouted shouted. Shen Xiang cannot raise the blade now, let alone goes to open the bellies of three wolves. I cannot move!” Shen Xiang said weak. Fool, your magic power?” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said. Shen Xiang shakes the head the forced smile, he has truly forgotten, although his body is sore to be incapable, but his Divine Sense still, can release magic power. He revolves Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, turns into magic power Divine Sense, making magic power flow in his body various places, such one, he can control the body through magic power. He has eaten up one box of White Jade Powder first, then swallows grain of True Elemental Dan, flutters toward that three wolves, at this time his strength also restored, puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, vigorously a stroke on that huge body. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is sharp, has started out big hole on the abdomen of that three wolf very much with ease, in inside these disgusting things are thin crash-bang to well up, Shen Xiang he is reduced to luckily quickly, otherwise by these things submerging. Shen Xiang saw a that person of high black rod-like crystal quickly, although is the black, but is actually lending very pure energy aura, this is the beasts inherent practice talent the condense energy, is mostly the same except for minor differences with True Qi of humanity. This huge Devil Yuan beast core comes out, after the sunlight shines, outside unexpectedly split open, falls next black hard shell, but inside is actually the white.

In the crystal is the white ray, the energy of implication is huge, and pure incomparable. Receives quickly, hurries to leave here, the corpse of this fellow does not have what use, Devil Qi is too heavy.” Long Xueyi urged. After Shen Xiang that huge Devil Yuan beast core receives, then the place of fast departure, runs swiftly, while is swallowing pills. „Is that thing use big?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally big, that is equal to Profound Beast beast core, did you say? That is the energy roots of three wolves, had this thing, can make you promote the True Qi speed to be quicker!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang hides in a forest, has rested one all day, after seeing oneself almost restore, then leaves the forest, returns to that hill. Shen Xiang guessed that before, had devil path sects these Dean to come here, fudged on that three wolves, therefore these devil disciple can control these three wolves. Should be this, these fellows do not dare to grasp too strong Devil Beast, otherwise these devil disciple on the control, that three wolves should be the limits of devil disciple control!” Bai Youyou said. This Southern Wasteland from, on the other hand, was a treasure house, in this also had certainly many that fierce Devil Beast!” Shen Xiang sighed, if each had that Devil Elemental Nuclei, obtained completely, that can send one absolutely greatly. Shen Xiang flies in the air, seeing on a piece of spacious plain to have a troop person, is his companion. „It is not good!”

Shen Xiang sees many people injured, at this time they one after another are swooping the attack by Devil Beast and Human Devil, almost approaches 100 devil disciple to wrap surround them, is controlling large quantities of Devil Beast and Human Devil attack. Injured was encircled in the middle, majority are injuries of True Martial Realm 1st Stage 2nd Stage, Devil Beast and Human Devil that the attack that other people go all out these are not swooping awfully, on everyone have fully occupied the black blood, everyone kills to get angry, similarly is exhausted. Around them has piled up with the corpse, became stale, but the surroundings have many Human Devil and Devil Beast, they know the words that is continuing, will certainly be exhausted strength. Leng Youlan that white hair holds many black blood, she wields unceasingly is dividing the great sword in hand, is a blade cuts to kill several. The Shen Xiang brow wrinkles tightly, he can see in the distant place, these Human Devil and Devil Beast are quite powerful, the quantity results in much cannot count, a piece of plain is, they encircles solid Xue Xianxian. Kills fiercely, is Leng Youlan, Xue Xianxian and people of Hao Dongqing Yun Xiaodao these comparison violence, especially Xue Xianxian, usually looks like very gentle, looks like does not eat the world smoke and fire the fairy maiden, but she kills these Devil Beast to come now, actually likely is female Slaughter God, is the same with Leng Youlan, the eye does not wink, looks like elegantly beautiful incomparable. Lei Xionglin, Lei Zhong and Lian Mingdong these just entered into True Martial Realm shortly, has been injured, Wu Qianqian releases her fierce flame, forms giant flame, compels to draw back Devil Beast that these are wanting to encircle. These Human Devil wears the black clothed, wears the mask, with devil disciple same dressing up, although hides in the crowd, which some but Shen Xiang can actually see is, unexpectedly has more than 90 people. Shen Xiang sneered, fierce from airborne crashes, although he receiving Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, but behind also braves the flame, looks like looks like a meteorite of dropping from the clouds, pounds to fall maliciously. He steps in a shoulder of devil disciple, that huge impulse suddenly lowers, making that devil disciple not respond that was stepped on one group of meat patties by Shen Xiang, falls into the ground. Shen Xiang has gotten sucked in several thousand Devil Beast and Human Devil, other devil disciple have also discovered Shen Xiang, they are extremely shocked, illuminate them look like, Shen Xiang should still be chased down by that three wolves, but actually comes back now.

Xue Xianxian and the others sees Shen Xiang safe and sound coming back, loose a big tone, excited, this makes their striking power immediately cut-throat, hits Devil Beast and Human Devil that again and again retreat all around these must encircle. Shen Xiang lands on the ground, body fierce blows out flame, the flame spreads immediately, shakes these Human Devil and Devil Beast draws back several steps, does not dare to move his flame, will otherwise be burnt. Behind him presents one pair has been dozens zhang (3.33 m) Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, said with a smile ferociously: Devil Path mixed wools, tries father's new move!” Saying, his zero forward velocity operation, huge fire wings revolving, the current events turn into dragon volume wind is so common, but this is belt fire Tornado, moreover these flame are terrorist, is Heavenly Sun Fire, that is in the fire the king. During Shen Xiang crazy revolving, fire wings becomes greatly is longer, this makes his Fire Tornado greatly, is only the short instance, several hundred Devil Beast and Human Devil were involved, burns to build up in inside, but Shen Xiang also crazily releases Vermilion Bird True Qi of his within the body. The people see that gigantic fire Tornado suddenly to appear, cannot help but has been shocked, they recognize that are the Shen Xiang's flame, but Shen Xiang this move was really too terrifying, unexpectedly so savage and magnificent sight. Junior Brother Shen this fellow was too abnormal! Arrived killed that many!” Zhu Rong exclaims. After Xue Xianxian surprised, hastily drinks: Strength slightly bad protection wounded person, kills a road, a bit faster leaves here!” The people know that this also to facilitate the Shen Xiang one breath is involved in here demon that giant fire Tornado completely, can destroy these demon.