World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 258
If Shen Xiang does not enter into True Martial Realm 5th Stage, has so vigorous True Qi, does not dare such to face these Devil Beast and Human Devil. He releases complete True Qi, can endure ratio True Martial Realm 7th Stage martial artist, these devil disciple most are only True Martial Realm 5th Stage, is the person of that Weihong Dao this rank, but that had been cut to kill by him. Because Shen Xiang's suddenly appears, these devil disciple are thrown into confusion, they have no time to pay attention to Xue Xianxian they, is only thinking how to run away. Because they felt that a strong suction, is separated from same place them, inhales fully that is flame huge Tornado. Shen Xiang cultivates Divine Dao, moreover Divine Soul was in the adolescence stage, Divine Sense is formidable, he has locked these devil disciple with Divine Sense, releases invisible colorless Universe True Qi, ties down these people, does not make them run away. Quick, Xue Xianxian they have been far away from this plain, although several devil disciple control Devil Beast and Human Devil attacks them, but just swooped, was given suction by a formidable suction, finally was involved in that Fire Tornado. Sees the people to walk away, Shen Xiang loudly shouted, releases Azure Dragon True Qi, this is wood attribute True Qi, has the wind and thunder strength, this causing made the Tornado wind power bigger, moreover inside also exploded is dodging true lightning, was involved in inside Human Devil and Devil Beast, while by flame ignition, will also be struck by lightning to hit crazily. This looks like Purgatory, Shen Xiang also gives a name this move is Purgatory Tornado! This Tornado is getting bigger and bigger, reaches as high as thousand zhang (3.33 m), is similar to a great mountain, this is Shen Xiang the result that his Azure Dragon True Qi and Vermilion Bird True Qi release crazily, must know that he released this move also to sense according to Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art some main point, especially that suction, was intrepid. On that piece of plain is corpses everywhere, but these corpses now suction by that Purgatory Tornado, after these devil disciple that suction locks, strength in within the body becomes is chaotic, keeping them from hitting strength, body slowly retreat, they by that Purgatory Tornado little pulls. Xue Xianxian they watch in the distant place, grew up the mouth saying that the words did not come, the Shen Xiang's strength must be above their imagination, although that True Qi degree has not achieved Peak Realm, the might that terror martial arts that but Shen Xiang displayed, erupts, made them feel to shock. Better martial arts, more can display incisively True Qi strength, moreover can let surpass the limit, making True Qi more formidable.

Leng Youlan implored the one breath lightly, said: Brother is really fierce, I must become am better!” Xue Xianxian nodded: We cannot drag his retreat, if no him, we already became the sacrificial offerings!” The people also again and again sigh with emotion, if no Shen Xiang, they do not dare to imagine oneself present become what kind, possibly came in shortly after to be seized. Especially Shen Xiang's these friends, the pressure is very big, they have used Shen Xiang as the range pole, but discovered now one and Shen Xiang's disparity is getting bigger and bigger, this makes them set firm resolve, after going back, certainly diligently practice , to promote own strength. Zhu Rong this type of lazy goods have this idea, other people let alone. Hears every other a period of time, righteous path sects will hold a grand meeting! When the time comes major sect will gather the together competition, probably also has a period of time to say!” Leng Youlan grips tightly the jade fist, said. Zhu Rong said with a smile: Right, it is said won the first person, will have very rich reward, that is hundred years a time grand meeting.” I must compete in that grand meeting and brother!” Leng Youlan firm saying. Yun Xiaodao touches the nose, said: Big Brother Shen has your this younger sister, does not know that is the luck or the calamity!” Xue Xianxian looks at that magnificent fire Tornado, beautiful eyes flash, said with a smile tenderly: I must with the Brother Xiao Xiang competition, but has exempted now, at is not a rank!”

At this time the people were stimulated, secretly is driving itself, must blossom in radiant splendor at that grand meeting. On the plain emptied, but in that fire Tornado actually transmits intermittent wicked roaring, Shen Xiang crazily is still releasing Azure Dragon True Qi and Vermilion Bird True Qi...... The small moment passed by. Was finished completely! Ha Ha...... We won!” Shen Xiang is laughing, that Fire Tornado also vanish from sight, actually many white powder descend, these Human Devil Devil Beast and devil disciple were fired the ash. Looks that in the upper air that flutter huge fire wings man exudes the true heroic laughter, the people are excited, overran, sends out one to cheer and yell intermittently! Shen Xiang lands on the ground, seeing people not to have what to obstruct greatly, relaxed, but Xue Xianxian has also jumped into his arms, tight is hugging with him, before she saw Shen Xiang to take risk to direct that three wolves, the worry, she cannot lose Shen Xiang. Xianxian, you slaughter, but frightened me!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, traces the Xue Xianxian's cheeks, he knows certainly that Xue Xianxian cares about him very much. Xue Xianxian wipes the tears that fell, reveals smiling face that the beautiful woman has caused the downfall of the nation. danger(ous) passed, the people thought that at this time a relaxedness, the existing person cannot help but face upwards to lie down in the ground, the big mouth is breathing the fresh air of floating. On Shen Xiang both hands releases water vapor, is stroking the black bloodstain on Leng Youlan white hair , helping dirt that she cleans above these to be an eyesore.

Xue Xianxian also very likes Leng Youlan that beautiful white hair, is helping the clean, this makes Leng Youlan think in the heart warm. little rascal Yun, you, if so is also good to my younger sister, my this is the elder brother felt relieved!” Zhu Rong despised looked at Yun Xiaodao one. Yun Xiaodao bah: How you did not call your younger sister to be gentler to me, the woman was a tigress, looked in you are her elder brother, the father being disinclined bird she.” Zhu Rong sighed lightly: You had been finished, I will give my younger sister passing on that your words do not omit a single word, however, you usually always boasted one are fierce, but has not thought that you fear the woman unexpectedly, is really a coward, Ha Ha......” The people hear, laughs, must know that Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao are the disciples of Extreme Martial Province four respected families, is young True Martial Realm, this status is also prominent on Chenwu Mainland, therefore their fame are not small. As an intermittent frank laughter transmits, long time comes that to cover the haze in their heart remove to vanish, the altar has destroyed, devil disciple was killed completely, massive Devil Beast and Human Devil turned into white ash, so long as the deep place fierce thing has not come out, they here are very safe. But to provide against contingencies, Shen Xiang from newly has chosen a place with the people, establishes protection point that may attack to defend to run away, if the previous time is not they prepares sufficiently, perhaps was already destroyed completely by that three wolves. After constructing, passed for several days, these injured people also restored, besides some people of standing sentry, other people hides in a mountain inside stone chamber is practicing, after that matter, they know that own insufficient, at this time becomes exceptionally diligent.