World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 259
Shen Xiang is also every day stays in the stone chamber cultivates, but once for a while coming out chats with the people, he must make the best use of the time to consolidate his foundation, because in this Southern Wasteland, strength, but advanced by leaps and bounds, too quick is not the good matter. Time unconscious passed, all are very tranquil, but occasionally will have intermittent cold wind to blow from the deep place, today, everyone is the same with the past, standing sentry of standing sentry, practice of practice, but is used along with a strange aura, the people were alarmed by this. Looks quickly!” Stands in summit person shouted, comes out the person who to look from several caves immediately to a great mountain. This Southern Wasteland gathered round by direct access to the highest authorities common great hills, even if Shen Xiang cannot fly, but at this time actually the great mountains, gradually become transparent. Two months passed by!” Zhu Rong shouted, his stay here quick insanely fell excitedly, now finally can exit. The canyon that great mountain vanish from sight, they had come before appears again, the people are encouraged, exude intermittent cheers. Finally can leave this damned place.” Yun Xiaodao laughs, jumped down directly. At this time the people concentrate together, even if to the present, they still vigilant incomparable, habit that this also for serveral days they formed, comes this Southern Wasteland person, each one has very big progress, especially in fight. People on the alert all around, walks toward that canyon. Across the canyon, what happened, but is actually standing in front of the canyon mouth more than ten individuals, these are in Chenwu Mainland demon sect's Big Shot. Sees also to come out that many people, these Big Shot cannot help but are surprised, although they have not entered inside, the sound that but they outside, passed on for serveral days from inside makes them fearful and apprehensive, they think that sound is not these people can make. Person who coming out has 40 Righteous Path disciples, Beast Martial Sect's old man hastily asks: Our disciples? Do you have to see!”

Proud Sword Sect's Dean also asked: Said quickly why our Proud Sword Sect's disciple has not come out!” These two expressions are not good, making Shen Xiang they very repugnant, see only Shen Xiang indifferently said: Died, was killed by father!” Shen Xiang such remarks, these Big Shot shock, these demon gate Dean are also so. Liu Meng'er knits the brows to look at Shen Xiang, in the look is having the blame, but was also very worried that Hua Xiangyue is also so, although they do not make noise, but actually very worried to this matter. You said anything!” A Proud Sword Sect's Dean palm lifted. Time that must pat, Gu Dongchen drinks one coldly: Yue Jianglin, you dare to move him, I extinguished your Proud Sword Sect!” During the speeches, Gu Dongchen entire body glittering [gold/metal], is seeming probably is common that the yellow golden eagle casts, but that boundless imposing manner also presses Shen Xiang their scant of breath. Other sect's Big Shot the whole face is shocking immediately, astonished looks at that golden general Gu Dongchen, these demon gate Dean are looks frightened. This crossed Nirvana Realm Seventh Tribulation Perishing Golden Body, has not thought that Extreme Martial Sect's Dean was so formidable, arrived at this stage!” Su Meiyao exclaims in surprise one. That Proud Sword Sect's Dean Yue Jianglin receives immediately hand, he knows that he is not the Gu Dongchen match. Gu Dongchen restored the original design, coldly said: I had already reminded you, if your which sect's disciples dare to move Shen Xiang, I extinguished your sect, do you also want to ask now?” Although Yue Jianglin in the heart chokes with rage, but has not actually lost the reason, he knows that at this time must have the reason, may is the hand that their Proud Sword Sect's disciple moves first.

If asked again, Shen Xiang definitely will say that is Proud Sword Sect and Beast Martial Sect's disciple to the hand that he moves first, when the time comes Gu Dongchen to keep the promise, definitely will go to Proud Sword Sect and Beast Martial Sect destroys completely, knows after Gu Dongchen true strength, they fear, let alone Extreme Martial Sect entire Elder Courtyard, Gu Dongchen can tidy up them. Yue Jianglin and a Beast Martial Sect's elder turned around to fly away immediately, they do not want to look that their sect was eliminated in own hand. Your other haughty, our people have not come out!” Big Shot of demon gate said that demon gate altogether five sect, come is also five people, in their hearts has doubts, according to their plans, in the ambush of inside prepare, the righteous path sects disciple should unable to come out, will open the altar, with the Devil World's Spiritual God communication...... Did not need to wait, they were massacred by me completely!” Shen Xiang suddenly has put out more than ten heads, still in underground, his voice suddenly becomes ice-cold, then starts to narrate comes across the matter that in inside, with the Devil Path that Heaven-shaking plot. Other disciples also in abundance nod, those who proved Shen Xiang to say was real, but Righteous Path these Big Shot more were listens, the complexion was ugly, was ice-cold, if that planned successfully, the consequence could be imagined! That big storm has not approached, this Chenwu Mainland perhaps changed among turn into a human Purgatory. You also had any words to say!” The Gu Dongchen complexion is ugly, other Dean are also so, because they believed devil path sects wrong, almost killed oneself sect's disciple. These demon gate Dean suddenly blow out black smoke, is full of the odor. Virulent!” Hua Xiangyue hastily shouted, the jade palm strokes gently, cool breeze blows, is fragrant with a medicine, injects in the nose of people. These fellows ran!” In the Liu Meng'er hand has been grasping that Kiss of the Jade Dragon. golden light that Gu Dongchen coldly snorted, the body just braved also vanished: I will ask for!”

Shen Xiang glanced Hua Xiangyue one, he discovered that this charming spirit strength is not simple, at least is also Nirvana Realm, will otherwise not be calm a moment ago, must know she faces, but Devil Path Big Shot. These Big Shot know that is Shen Xiang strives to turn the tide, after destroying that plan, surprised incomparable, Shen Xiang has rendered meritorious service, that has saved entire Chenwu Mainland. This matter does not want the to divulge to an outsider finally, so as to avoid being used inside strength by some people of not having one's heart in right place.” Gu Dongchen said. Hua Xiangyue nodded, arrives at side Shen Xiang, traces the Shen Xiang handsome cheeks with the white hands of that gentle and charming characterless, caresses flatters smiles: You make our Danxiang Taoyuan's disciple escape death by a hair's breadth, how should I thank you?” Saw the Hua Xiangyue so action, Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian and in the Leng Youlan heart immediately tenderly to spit one. This, I give you 1000 grains of True Elemental Dan!” Hua Xiangyue beautiful smile, then gives Shen Xiang storage pouch. Shen Xiang result that storage pouch, face earnest saying: Senior, please pay attention to a point, person who I have the wife, moreover in side, do not make this ambiguous action to me casually, in order to avoid makes the person misunderstand.” The people heard Shen Xiang saying that immediately was shocked, but Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue were actually criticizing Shen Xiang in heart, unexpectedly so was not concerned about face, they may be sexually harassed by Shen Xiang, especially Liu Meng'er, was occupied completely convenient by Shen Xiang. Xue Xianxian was only the chuckle one. Hua Xiangyue lightly snorted, if not here person are too many, she definitely will satirize several Shen Xiang's.