World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 261
Shen Xiang they relaxed several days later, Extreme Martial Sect's gathers bell sound to resound, but this is the True Disciple set, is the disciple above True Martial Realm. Hundred people gather in a Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm yard, Gu Dongchen praised Shen Xiang first their heroics, then personally issues the reward to them, this is also the most exciting moment, especially regarding Zhu Rong. Million crystal stones, 500 grains of True Elemental Dan, the bronze medal disciple and silver medal warrior, do not need to inspect can directly enter King Martial Courtyard, this makes many True Disciple look covets incomparably. Gu Dongchen is also intentionally convenes these disciples, makes them be jealous maliciously, making them regret. After set conclusion, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen have led into Shen Xiang a secret room. Young Martial Uncle, you let my massive hemorrhage one time, that Heavenly Heart Flame was I collected very long thing.” Gu Dongchen complained. Shen Xiang curls the lip, said: Your this crowd of rice buckets, were been almost cloudy by Devil Path, but also makes us bring death, if not Martial Uncle my critical time breakthrough bottleneck, you cannot now such leisurely and carefree stay here.” Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen do not speak, if did not have Shen Xiang this freak in inside, during they may fall into to struggle hard now, they knew in Southern Wasteland the fellow of seal strong. Young Martial Uncle, you did not say that you do have Building Foundation Dan? Can few point sell to my some?” Gu Dongchen asked. Shen Xiang purses the lips, curls upwards Lao tall: crystal stones are many, five hundred thousand grains, love if wanted !” Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, has the strengths of Nirvana Realm seven tribulations, Shen Xiang did not fear that he does not have crystal stones, runs into this person, originally on this maliciously slaughters 12 blades, but looks is in the Martial Nephew share, he has also given a very just price.

Building Foundation Dan takes away the auction, if meets urgently needed, the price can sell high, not only five hundred thousand crystal stones. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming somewhat are speechless, but does not have the means now. How many do you have?” Wu Kaiming asked. 40 grains, can only one time buy these many, otherwise I do not sell.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Perhaps Young Martial Uncle, Zhu Rong that Little fatty does not have you such black...... Ok, we wanted.” The Wu Kaiming forced smile said. „Do you want crystal stones or True Elemental Dan?” Gu Dongchen asked. True Elemental Dan.” Because some bidding blocks only receive True Elemental Dan, when the time comes must receive in exchange for True Elemental Dan, will be very definitely troublesome. This is two ten millions crystal stones, changes into True Elemental Dan is 4000 grains, before Elder Dan was the one breath has also put out many True Elemental Dan, now Gu Dongchen is also, obviously True Elemental Dan has massively in these sect Big Shot hands, but they made people think intentionally scarce, then took little. pills can preserve long time, these eternal Big Shot for many years affirmed that accumulated were more, after all this was also maintains a sect development the capital stock. Shen Xiang returns to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he had not found Elder Dan, his medicine garden also nobody looks, this makes him somewhat have doubts, Elder Dan highly cares about his small medicine garden, but actually places one side now, no matter, but this will not have other influences, but the growth rate will slow down.

Shen Xiang is knocking the Wu Qianqian's door, after Wu Qianqian since coming back, becomes very diligent, Shen Xiang several times look for her, she in alchemy, now is also same. Qianqian, do you have to see Elder Dan?” Shen Xiang asked. No, I am also looking for her, but she had said not being able to find words, did not need to look, she might close up very much.” Wu Qianqian said that her whole body fragrant perspiration is dripping, the light clothes were soaked, are sticking to that attractive tender body, looks like very conspicuous. Shen Xiang once for a while is glancing others chests, this makes Wu Qianqian hastily block from, spat one lightly: I wanted alchemy, I want a bit faster a furnace to build up four grains, then earned True Elemental Dan from your hand.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: That tries harder, your strength has calculated well, but waits for enhancing, leaves always in the alchemy aspect, evenly.” Wu Qianqian nodded, Shen Xiang returns to medicine garden, condense golden dragon saliva in Southern Wasteland dilutes him to the water, is watering medicine garden inside strange flowers different grass. Sister Meiyao, you said that White Jade Lotus Seed can plant Lotus Flower to come?” Shen Xiang suddenly has thought this, asked excitedly. Does not know, but can try, but this White Jade Lotus Flower grows in the water probably, that Lotus Island in marine.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang hastily has made a small pool in small medicine garden, said: How can this water?” He is the first time waters herbs that in the hand grows, drips into the water directly is incorrect, that will integrate in the water.

Is very simple, you use Divine Sense to wrap these golden dragon saliva, then controls is submerging in the water, integrated that White Jade Lotus Seed that's alright.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang braved the white light bead to put in the water that put out vial golden dragon saliva, dripped into the water at the same time, wrapped with his powerful Divine Sense, making outside golden dragon saliva produce invisible protective shield, isolated with the water, such one, can seep in White Jade Lotus Seed. If White Jade Lotus Seed can absorb, generally can plant, if you have this type of thing, you later want dead difficultly.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly. Although in water, but Shen Xiang can actually induce to that golden dragon saliva situation, can by that White Jade Lotus Seed absorption, this make him very excited, although Hell Spirit Grass is also therapy saint medicine, but is not good to plant, because of that need death Qi, but this White Jade Lotus Seed effect be better than Hell Spirit Grass, moreover can plant, such one, even if later were his Hell Spirit Grass has used up, he did not need to worry that therapy saint medicine. Shen Xiang 100 grains of Building Foundation Dan, now how he temporarily has not known uses, to train the person he not to find the candidate, Yun Xiaodao they eats too has met the foundation not to be steady, he ate the effect very not to be obvious, will only waste. It seems like I must go to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to look for Sister Meng'er, sells a point to her.” Shen Xiang thinks one can maliciously black Liu Meng'er, in the heart secretly is crisp, he not only need look for Liu Meng'er, but must go to Danxiang Taoyuan, but he must have a look at that White Jade Lotus Seed to be able now to plant, now is not good to determine. He did not determine when now that White Jade Lotus Seed will have the sound, moreover his golden dragon saliva also used similarly, but must condense some. Looks at that several Azure Profound Fruit Tree, Shen Xiang decides the first non- accelerate ripening, now he does not need Building Foundation Dan, moreover is deficient can make him promote cultivation base pills rapidly. For example Five Elements True Elemental Dan, he in the collection material, he believes that now will not use too for a long time, he can the collection uneven material, when the time comes he want stable good cultivation base, can promote immediately!