World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 262
King Martial Courtyard, in Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, although is somewhat small, but Yun Xiaodao they have not actually thought anything, instead is excited. In their opinion, can enter this King Martial Courtyard is an honor. Shen Xiang their ten people gather now here, he arrived here to see the chest of Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong is hanging two small signs, that is the proof of bronze medal disciple and silver medal warrior. Shen Xiang cannot help laughing: Here probably only then your such high-sounding talk.” He looked at other people, other people not like them. This has anything, this is we go to Southern Wasteland like mad to obtain, this is our honors.” Yun Xiaodao said unconcernedly that throws out the chest. Zhu Rong also proudly said: I have these two signs, walks on the road others looked that my look is different!” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles: When you can get so far as the golden casting the sign to show off again, understood at a glance that you are the lazy goods, if frequently the practice person, such will hang the sign definitely to discard.” Yun Xiaodao low snort|hum said: „It is not first one day King Martial Courtyard, I hang up?” Gu Dongchen came, he is this King Martial Courtyard Dean, Shen Xiang they do not know in this King Martial Courtyard to have any special place, but is taught martial arts by Dean personally, looks like in the Shen Xiang eye not anything, however in other disciple eyes is actually one type to the high treatment. The people went to Southern Wasteland before time all day was being trained by Gu Dongchen, now will not feel that has any cautious, looks like the junior is the same in front of the elders, can be merry. Three months when teaches especially, our Elder Courtyard to your merits and weakness has analyzed, now I will also act according to this aspect to arrange your practice content, teaches martial arts to give you.” Gu Dongchen said. In the people heart is excited immediately, before three months taught to let them survive especially in Southern Wasteland, moreover at that time they somewhat worried that cannot come back from Southern Wasteland, but is now different, he in King Martial Courtyard, at least three years can be directed by Gu Dongchen.

Here has three alchemy masters, for does not make you affect the alchemy aspect, will therefore also arrange the time to you.” Gu Dongchen looks at Shen Xiang, lightly smiled: Shen Xiang, your present strength compared with other nine stronger many, my time is not many, therefore you must sacrifice, I personally did not instruct you, has saved the time, placed the bodies of other disciples.” Shen Xiang shrugs, not mattering of face, the inheritance that but his Master Huang Jintian, obtains makes Gu Dongchen envy, moreover Gu Dongchen does not have anything to instruct his. Gu Dongchen starts to speak some practice contents, Shen Xiang was not interested, after having hit a yawn, walked, this made Yun Xiaodao they feel somewhat regrettably, because Shen Xiang cannot be under the instruction of Dean. Shen Xiang went out of Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, he knows , may see little Yun Xiaodao they, he heard some plans of Gu Dongchen a moment ago, in the heart secretly titter, especially Zhu Rong, his time was filled, will be definitely laborious. All day stays in Extreme Dan King Courtyard also makes him feel very stuffy, he walks in Extreme Martial Sect's each one Martial Courtyard, is strolling in all directions, has a look to have any good seedling. „Do you also here do? Hurries to register!” The guy's to walking one crowd of person shouted on road. Report what?” A person asked. „Don't you know? 30 years ago missing that talent three [lineage/vein] martial artist came back . Moreover the strength is also increased to True Martial Realm 7th Stage! He must gather some people now and he exits informed and experienced anything, but needs through his inspection.” The guy said. That group of people are got old, knows that who that missing person is, after hearing, immediately the great happiness, hastily followed that guy. Has been missing 30 years of talent!” Shen Xiang feels the chin, hastily followed, who he wants to have a look at this person is.

Three [lineage/vein], can practice three True Qi on the representative, but that need very good cultivation technique is good, otherwise is hard adolescence to get up, the process of practice is also very complex, like Shen Xiang, but if can control well, then the strength was needless to say. That person outside Extreme Martial Sect, he also saw unexpectedly all the way after many people learn of the news, hastily hurries, if were selected, they will obtain many pills, this is quite attractive. Shen Senior Brother, do you also want to go?” A person sees Shen Xiang to follow people, immediately asked. The Shen Xiang nod smiles: Joins in the fun.” That person said: Best not to go, but this fellow the Elder Lu disciple, is a Lu Family high-level adopted son.” Shen Xiang brow micro wrinkle, Lu Family already migrated, left Extreme Martial Province, the Extreme Martial Sect's high level also knows that Lu Family and Devil Path colluded, but could not produce the evidence, therefore cannot be what kind, Lu Family could not pose the threat to Extreme Martial Sect, no matter Extreme Martial Sect, moreover Lu Family did not have what important person in Extreme Martial Sect. What does not have, I have not offended him, what matter moreover Lu Family has handled to me, who doesn't know? I handle the matter that the normal person can handle.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying that although he said that but had the protection to that person, at this time also good to have a look at that person of details. 30 years ago, that person truly is a talent, although does not compare Shen Xiang, but in Extreme Martial Sect knows his name at that time. Lu Jie, he has been missing for 30 years, where went to?” In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts, is walking leisurely, he somewhat suspected that Lu Family had colluded with Devil Path long ago, if Lu Jie went to these devil path sects, now comes back, then may be the devil path sects plot. If early a period of time, or late a period of time comes back, Shen Xiang will not have this suspicion, but actually comes back after the plan fail of Devil Path Southern Wasteland now, has no alternative but to be doubtable.

Su Meiyao suddenly said: You be careful to wonderfully, devil path sects loses seriously in Southern Wasteland, if that called the Lu Jie fellow is devil path sects calls, might come in view of you very much, you destroyed the person who they planned.” Shen Xiang thinks certainly, but this is outside Extreme Martial Sect, Shen Xiang does not have what good worry. That is in a hotel, in three buildings, at this time outside the hotel is the person, they are lining up to wait for the interview, some people come out from inside unceasingly, is a face loses. Is True Martial Realm 7th Stage, True Qi in within the body separately is the fire, [gold/metal] these three attribute, is very pure very overbearing True Qi.” Long Xueyi determined all of a sudden. Shen Xiang now is True Martial Realm 5th Stage, let alone is three [lineage/vein] martial artist, is single [lineage/vein] he not necessarily is victorious, top has been tie, although his True Qi is also very vigorous, but True Martial Realm more arrives at behind, said that needs condense True Qi is many, the degree of compression is very high. Looks from True Qi likely is not Devil Path, but does not discharge him to understand Devil Path martial arts, like you, you pure vigorous True Qi, can use fierce devil art.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang has not stepped into the hotel, but turns around to depart, he thought it is necessary to look for Wu Kaiming, making him pay attention this Lu Jie. Just turned around in him, light has an arrogant sound to transmit together: Since came, why can walk?” The sound does not know where transmits, is not very big, but everyone thought that resounds in the ear, this is the Lu Jie sound.